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Hoodwink Island


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Hoodwink Island is a small and uninhabited island located in the middle of the St. Lawrence River. It is a natural wonder that is often visited by tourists who are drawn to explore its beauty and untouched nature.

Hoodwink Island is known for its crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and lush green forests. The island has also been designated as a National Wildlife Area and a Provincial Park.

Hoodwink Island History

Hoodwink Island

The history of the island goes back to the early 19th Century. According to The Island Magazine; Stokes Township was formed in 1832 with a clear delineation between townships, boundaries and land ownership.

Due to various boundary disputes within the surveyed townships it would be some time before actual settlements were erected that would permanently mark each township’s and county’s existence.

In 1841, Miss Maria Moss arrived as school teacher; she purchased land on Hoodwink Island in 1840 where she lived until her death forty years later making her one of Canada’s earliest settlers.

In 1889 Francis N. Goodall and Thomas L. Hixson laid out the townships of Stokes East, West, North & South Portions on their 30-acre plot of cleared land at Hoodwink Island that was originally a peninsula in such good condition they feared it would be selected as an island rather than destroyed so a lighthouse could be erected in its place On April 26 1889 one hundred persons gathered to begin work on this new station; money collected from sales with each piece sold for 15 cents and 5 pennies raised the fare up to half price making passenger service possible between Bytown (Ottawa ) and Head of the Bay.

The lighthouse was lit for its first ceremony on May 13 1889; this soon became known as Wakeup in Hoodwink after the time it would be turned on or off at night by a mechanical mechanism so that fishermen could find their way home. For a few years around 1902 to 1906 there were no lights erected over either end of the island, then finally East & West Wick sonville Lighthouses were constructed with towers about 100 feet high, each cylindrical tower mounting six 22-inch lens lanterns rose from small wood cabins perched atop tall stacks along


1903 – log cabin built by H.P Dawson 93 acres of land

1894 – land and buildings purchased from owner Thomas L. Hixson for $460 total 24 acres – 119 feet long, 941 feet wide 895 square foot of water; 78 room building valued at +$1,500 was erected Some additional articles reconstructed following the fire: 1908 Daniel Wickson donated to Protestant church a new Presbyterian sanctuary; 1911 Donated to PCCWHL food plot on island

2008-present Peter Philpott Memorial Garden made possible by R & J Trussler with Honour able Doug Young as President for HSC and George Dillmann on board of directors

The Wreck of the Ste. Thérèse

On February 13, 1896 four C-L passenger steam ships left Quebec City heading towards San Francisco ; it was a death trap fast approaching making every effort possible to find another route; worst case scenario winds & ice would bring steamer down off Newfoundland coast and into St. John River or along East Coast. In one night Steamers sank completely in fierce weather with loss of lives not only from passengers but also crew members – crews made it safe some escaping or.


On February 14, 1896 at approximately 1:15 AM the Ste. Thérèse near Cape Race Canada was hit by Forster’s Light Vessel ( FLSV), also known as Shark Reef Lightship, stationed there during winter months; short of fuel due to ice storm it grounded on shore and stove in steam engine sending fire all over wreck – total loss for a ship valued at 7 million dollars with insurance covering one third less …

because too many accidents occurring in Nova Scotia rivers, particularly hard eastern part of province where various ships met online with bad experiences, similar place located far west of main shipping lanes could be seen as more safe option … it was ironic so many people perished on those rivers, considering how much Scottish settlement took place in east most part of province .

“In the following days Salvors will report disasters at various places. The Steen Thérése cargo vessel is reported ashore and lost by a severe gale with blow-up of boilers which reached thickness of three feet under deck”.

After wreck there wasn’t another steamer service running between California ports – life insurance companies also refused assistance to families due to death’s occurring too close together.

Government Services


  • A few passengers hijacked a passenger train and escaped from Gander after the city was attacked by an accidental fire in 1866.

Religious services • On July 18, 1916 a small cabinet size homemade flying saucer crashed near Frontenac and all of the occupants inside were killed together with Sherman Bell Farm hand shot by RCMP.

The authorities performed quite an investigation in hopes of finding valuable information to help them locate potential space aliens or perhaps even reverse-engineer craft and weapons so that they could be used themselves against their enemies during WW2 … it was more likely they wanted to seek out “ETs” later identified as Nazis exploring O’Neill Cylinder local airspace (1932).

However, no wreckage or bodies.


Orby Thompson performed test-running on way north of his family land around the time he lived in New Harbour Junction (Halifax), finding out what conditions might be up there by taking smaller steamer boat further west past tiny isolated island called Burgeo with fishing schooner converted as boat . At this point little water existed except for collection lakes used in early mining operations following L’Anse aux Meadows explorations.


1.Who Was Orby Thompson?

Ans: Located in the Caribbean Sea, Hoodwink Island is said to be one of the most isolated places on earth. The island is home to a variety of wildlife, including the world’s smallest mammal and the only known population of wild American alligators.

The island has also been identified as a hotspot for UFO activity, with people claiming to have seen unidentified flying objects from the island. Whether you’re a believer or not, this beautiful and mysterious place is sure to leave a lasting impression on those who find themselves there.

2.Why Did He Test Run A Steamer On The Way North Of His Family Land?

Ans: Welcome to Hoodwink Island, a tropical paradise where the temperature never drops below 26 degrees Celsius all year round. This idyllic island is home to a few hundred people who have chosen to live off the grid and work with nature.

This unique community has managed to survive for over 50 years by using traditional farming methods, renewable energy, and self-sufficient technology. If you’re interested in learning more about their way of life, or want to experience the island for yourself, read on!

3.What Were The Conditions Like Up There?

Ans: Hoodwink Island is a place where you can find everything you need to have an incredible time. With a wide range of activities to choose from, whether you’re looking for thrilling adventures, relaxation, or simply some fresh air, Hoodwink Island has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for activities that are fun and exciting, or easy and calming, Hoodwink Island has you covered. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Hoodwink Island today!

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