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What is a hoved island? It’s a rising landmass on Earth’s ocean surface. This is called the hoved island for its resemblance to an island. With an average elevation of about 2,500 meters, it has a decent total area of about 4,500 square kilometers. These islands are elongated conical in shape and are built from coral or sandy soil. A hoved island is separated from other islands by deep water or low-water marks on the earth’s bottom. But, why is it that they are called hoved isles? The prefix “hv” in Norwegian means “head.” So, this term refers to their height and shape.

Hoved Island


The first hoved island was discovered in 1719 by the Danish seafarer, Zacharias Ege. He named it Isbjerg or “Island of the Bears.” Over time, many more were found and identified. The name stuck and they are now known as hoved islands.

According to the International Hydrographic Organization, hoved islands are divided into two main groups. The eastern group consists of four island chains that can be found between latitudes 60°N and 70°S.

These isles measure about 20 kilometers in length by 5 kilometers wide and vary from 3,500 meters to 8 square kilometers in size. They cover an area of approximately 3600 square km or 1% of the world’s oceans surface. The western group is made up of 150 small islands in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

These tiny island chains cover only 1380 square kilometers or 0.015% of the world’s oceans surface but offer some very rare occurrences for explorers to explore and learn about their previously undiscovered land masses as well as vegetation that is among the most unique on Earth.


The climate on hold islands is maritime, with cool temperatures in winter and warm temperatures in summer. This climate is moderated by the Gulf Stream, which brings warm water from the tropics to these colder regions. The rainfall here averages about 600 millimeters per year, which makes for a very dry environment. 

Because of this rainless environment and their high elevation, vegetation on these islands is sparse. There are a few small patches of trees that grow from the rain-drenched soil. In fact, there are no trees to be found on any of these islands at all!

This “Beardy” guy is surrounded by a few Javanese people in Rote Island Port for unknown reasons.


Hoved Island is a small island in the Gulf of Mexico. It is located off the coast of Texas and is part of the United States. The island was named after its first inhabitant, John Hoveden who settled there in 1719.

The culture on Hoved Island has been shaped by both native and non-native people that have lived there for hundreds of years.

The Native American population left many relics from their history on the island which are still visible today. These relics include petroglyphs (carved rock designs) and mounds built thousands of years ago by Native Americans as burial sites for their ancestors.

Some artifacts found on Hoved Island were created by early European settlers who used tools such as stone axes to cut trees and chop wood for building homes or barns.

As more people arrived to live on Hoved Island, it became commonplace for fishing, hunting, planting crops, raising livestock like cattle and sheep, trading with neighboring communities like Port Lavaca, Texas, and fishing within 200 miles offshore areas around the Gulf Coast area during most times of the year including March through May when redfish spawn in spring; June through August when kingfish are caught; September through November when Spanish mackerel are caught; December through February when blue crabs are caught; January-February – shrimp are fished; March-April – white seabass spawn…etc..


The politics of Hoved Island are based on the United States Constitution. The island is part of Texas and is represented in Congress by two Representatives, who are elected every two years. The Hovede Island Texas state legislature consists of a 37-member House, and a 17-member Senate.

Representatives are elected every two years and Senators serve four-year terms. The Texas Democratic Party currently holds all seven House seats, while the Texas Republican Party controls both Senate seats.

Republican tradition comes from when Lyndon Johnson was instrumental in making his home on Hoved Island as it gave him an excellent view of major events occurring along the Gulf Coast during World War II.  Johnson made efforts to lobby for this development after being impressed with its value as a natural defense to Japan during World War II.

Individuals may be nominated for a seat on the Hovede Island Council, by petition signatures from at least five percent of registered voters (6,000). The Governor of Texas has the power to appoint any vacant or non-elected city official in local government bodies; unlike most other states’ constitution texas Article 3501fudcequires that council members “must be elected”.

Government services

Hoved Island does not have a local police force. However, the United States Coast Guard operates a station on the island with personnel who provide law enforcement services. The nearest hospital is located in Grand Isle, Louisiana.

There are no airports or ports of entry on Hoved Island. The only form of transportation available to residents is by boat or bicycle; other forms of travel are not possible due to their geography and winding roads. It is the only place in Texas where a state does not have railroad tracks.


Hoved Tourism

Hoved Island has long been a tourist destination for visitors to the Gulf Coast. The island is known for its scenic views, bird watching, fishing, and hiking. Hoved Island is also known for the Hurricane Deck at Pittman Center; it has a 60-foot (18 m) observation deck with clear views of surrounding Gulf waters, as well as beyond Mississippi Sound.

The island is tied on some lists or “buckets” for being one of the most expensive United States places per square foot in terms of land price plus value-added and labor rates.  According to Forbes Magazine’s list.


Hoved Island Transport

The only form of transportation available to residents is by boat or bicycle; other forms of travel are not possible due to its geography and winding roads. The island is served by the United States Coast Guard station which provides law enforcement services.


The word “hoved” originates from the Scandinavian word “hoved” which means head, hence the meaning of the word, as it is derived from the location of your head to the top. It is essentially a steep slope, a small piece of land where you can retract or enlarge your garden or flower bed, or a small hill. It may also be (and mostly is) a tiny island in the center of your pool.


How Do I Get to Hoved Island?

There is no public transportation to Hoved Island. You can only travel there by boat or bicycle.

How Much Does It Cost to Get There?

It costs $20 per person for a roundtrip ticket on the Chokoloskee Princess, which operates between Naples and Hovede Island. This cost is in addition to ground transportation between the Resort and Hovede Island, which costs around $30 a roundtrip.

How Long Does It Take?

A trip from Naples takes approximately 3 hours by boat or bicycle and there are no nice beaches to stroll on during this time. However, for those who happen to be traveling with their pet dogs; typically these canine companions travel at least 2-3 times faster than humans!

The first thing you should do if moving to Hoved is apply for a new boat ticket. Once this has been done, it will be at least fifteen days before your licensing information crosses each desk in order for them to send out the pilot license (if needed) and possibly your waiver form; all of which can end up as unnecessary delays, therefore I would suggest all non-residents fill out their paperwork before they arrive to avoid waiting for a boat ticket.

What Are the Benefits of Hoved Island?

There are many benefits of living on Hoved Island, but perhaps one of the most appealing is that you can be as self-sufficient as possible. You will have complete control over your environment and everything that goes into it – from the plants you choose to grow, to the livestock you keep. This means not only do you get maximum privacy but also total independence.

Are There Any Other Ways to Get Around the Cost of Transport and Accommodation on Hoved Island?

Yes, there are a few other options that should be considered before making the decision to relocate to Hoved Island. Traveling independently via boat or bicycle is definitely an option but can be quite expensive and time-consuming. Alternatively, you could consider using Airbnb for short-term rental of accommodation which would likely cost less than staying on the island itself.

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