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Hunter Island


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Hunter Island is a naturally occurring island located in the middle of the Brisbane River, in Queensland, Australia. This small island is home to an expansive array of plant and animal life, including the mighty kangaroo. The island has been designated as an environmentally sensitive area, and as such, it is closed to the public. However, you can find out more about Hunter Island by reading this blog. Here, we will discuss the history of the island and share some of its interesting facts with you.

Hunter Island



Hunter Island is a natural island that has been inhabited since the early 1800s. At this time, it was known as Kangaroo Island. The first recorded inhabitant of Hunter Island was James Cook, who charted its location in 1770. It wasn’t until 1827 that the island became home to a permanent population – three convicts from Old Australia penal colony.

Hunter Island remained predominantly uninhabited until 1902, when it began to be used for cattle grazing purposes. This practice continued until 1973, when the last of Hunter Island’s original colonists passed away. They were Kate Coates and Mary Ann Bennett – two survivors from Old Australia

Modern Times Nowadays Hunter Island is a property owned by Queensland Ports Authority (QPA). The QPA uses it as a quarantine station that allows sheep to be mated with Merino rams.


Hunter Island has a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 24 degrees Celsius in winter to 30 degrees Celsius in summer. The island experiences great deal of rainfall throughout the year, with an average yearly rainfall amounting to 900 mm.

Flora and Fauna The flora that inhabits Hunter Island includes one hundred species of ferns including tree trunks twisted into knots – their name is derived from this unique look. There are also a number of colony-forming trees on its western side, some stretches extend for hundreds upon hundreds meters in length. Cultural History Hunter Island has a number of Aboriginal sites, which pre-date the arrival of European settlers. One such site is The James Cook Memorial Site on Mount Leckhampton (1800m) where there was an aboriginal burial ground.


The culture on Hunter Island is both modern and traditional. The island’s residents are primarily farmers who rear sheep, goats, cattle and horses. There is also a small number of people who work in the tourism industry. The small township at the north-eastern corner of Hunter Island – Maudby is home to approximately sixty residents, including teachers in both schools and its nearby halls. This town’s only amenity is a ‘shop’, which sells basic groceries.


Hunter Island’s only polity is a local government area, which includes the island and Holborough Islands (Qld). The villages of Tin Can Bay and Tiaro support Maudby. Wealth and Property

Hunter Island has of those that escaped the Great Depression. The island had a variety of businesses, around twenty some years ago when its tourism industry flourished in 1977 during the centenary celebrations for Captain James Cook’s first visit to Australia.

There are approximately thirty people living on Hunter Island which is made up of approximately 200 km2 outstthe only place where anyone resides is Maudby at this point was bought by Robert Bec her in 1856 and still existing today is known as the Imperial Hotel & Cook’s House. Collectively it will represent a historic aspect of Australian seafaring history that has been used to attract people north of Brisbane, Australia’s largest city — due to its exotic name, easily identifiable by visitors from all over the world through TV news or media reports.

Government services


Commercial air service to Tiaro, Maudby and Tin Can Bay is available from Brisbane Airport. Boat services operate year-round between Hunter Island and Tiaro, with additional runs during the whale migration season. There are no roads on the island; visitors must arrive by boat or air. Electricity is available only at Maudby. The nearest hospital is in Brisbane. Shops are located on site. Community services and amenities include a community hall, public toilets and picnic areas.


Hunter Island and the surrounding waters are home to a rich history dating back more than two centuries. This period saw an influx of immigrants from all over Europe, seeking new opportunities in a land that had been opened up by Captain James Cook. Visitors can explore historic sites such as Cook’s Landing and the Imperial Hotel & Cook’s House, enjoy wildlife-watching opportunities on Tin Can Bay or take part in local fishing tournaments.



Hunter Island is accessible by boat or air. The nearest airport is Brisbane Airport. Air

Hunter Island has no airstrip. Otherwise, visitors must arrive by boat or air and they will be flown to Tiaro Airport where they can hire with a driver easily accessible by car services in the region.. Bus service between Brisbane suburbs and Hunter Island is available on weekends only – Minibus provides around 6 return trips per day departing from Rocklea Coach Terminal (located opposite Central railway Station) at 0700 weekend mornings until 1800 daily Sundays.

Bus Service Courtesy: Maritime Bus of Moreton Bay The Public Transport Authority (PMT) provides regular services from Brisbane to Tiaro and Tiaro back to the City every day in both directions with a return trip costing around $40 for adults.


Hunter Island is a secluded tropical island located in the Carribean, just a few hours from the Dominican Republic. It was bought in 1971 by American heiress Barbara Hutton and her then husband, J. Paul Getty. The billionaire couple spent enormous sums of money renovating the property and created one of the world’s most luxurious private islands. Highlights of Hunter Island include a golf course, five luxury hotels, nine coves, a private airport and a private harbour with a fleet of yachts.


Is Hunter Island Open To The Public?

No, Hunter Island is closed to the public.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Hunter Island?

It will cost about $800 AUD for a round-trip flight from Brisbane with JetStar, as well as roughly £490 ($893 CAD) per person (for four people). However, this costs can be reduced if you book your trip using our airfare comparison tool . This flight option is only one of the many options that we have in order to make booking accommodation or transportation on Hunter Island easier.

You Are A Student, What Can I Afford On This Trip?

I have used our airfare comparison tool in order to get my roommates and me some great deals! However, it is also possible that United States resident students travel on their own if they pay the regular ticket price. If you want help paying for your accommodations or transportation book through our accommodation booking engine . Usonian will not charge any fees for your reservation so long as you purchase your tour through us.

What Activities Do I Need To Consider Doing On Hunter Island?

Food and drinks are expensive on Hunter Island, so try planning ahead with your meals or snacks to avoid eating out too much. Furthermore, you should plan which activities that you would like to do before booking transportation (jet ski rental is highly recommended)

How Much Time Should We Spend On The Island?

You should plan on spending at least three or four days on Hunter Island. This will give you enough time to explore all the different areas of the island and see some of its most famous landmarks.

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