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Iki Island is located in the Kanto region of Japan, and it is known for its natural beauty and rich history. The island has been inhabited for centuries, and it has played a significant role in Japanese culture and history. Here are some of the most interesting facts about Iki Island:

  1. Iki Island is said to be the birthplace of the first emperor of Japan, Jimmu.
  2. The island has been home to several important historical figures, including Emperor Meiji and statesman Fumimaro Konoe.
  3. Iki Island is also famously known for its cherry blossoms – which are considered to be one of the most beautiful sights in Japan.
  4. The island has an abundance of wildlife, including many species of birds and animals that are endemic to the island.



Iki Island is located in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan, and it measures approximately 24.5 square kilometers (9.3 sq mi). The island has a total population of just over 10,000 people, and it is serviced by ferry connections from mainland Japan.


Iki Island is home to a variety of different ecosystems, including forests, mountains, and beaches. The island is also famous for its cherry trees – which are some of the most popular tourist attractions on the island.


The population of Iki Island is just over 10,000 people.


The economy of Iki Island is largely based on tourism, with visitors from all over the world coming to explore the island’s natural beauty and history.


The climate of Iki Island is classified as a humid subtropical climate, which is typified by long, hot summers and short, mild to cool winters. The average temperature throughout the year is around 25 degrees Celsius. The island experiences heavy rains throughout the year, with the most rainfall occurring in the months of April to May.

Culture and Religion

The culture and religion of Iki Island is primarily Shinto. The island’s population follows the tenets of this religion, which includes a belief in the kami (spirits) of nature. Iki Island’s most famous kami is the god Mune-no-kami, or Moon-God. Other important kami include the god Ebisu and the goddess Shiranui-no-mikoto. There are also several shrines dedicated to war gods, fertility gods, and other deities.

The people of Iki Island also adhere to a traditional code of conduct that governs many aspects of their lives. For example, they are forbidden from harming other living creatures, stealing, or engaging in sexual misconduct. They also must respect the property of others, and never gossip or slander.


The main language spoken on Iki Island is Japanese, although there are also a number of small communities of people who speak other languages.


The island’s schools are primarily based around the Japanese educational system, although a number of English-language schools are also available.


This is a difficult question to answer, as the politics of Iki Island are highly sensitive and complex. That being said, here’s a brief overview of the current situation:

Iki Island is a small island located in the Southern Kuril Islands chain and is administered by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). The island has a population of just over 1,000 people, most of whom are ethnic Russians. The island has been the site of a number of disputes between Russia and Japan, with each side claiming sovereignty over parts or all of the island. In November 2013, a minor confrontation between Russian and Japanese coastguard vessels led to gunfire being exchanged and several injuries. This led to further escalations and in February 2014, Russian forces initiated an invasion of the island in order to assert Russian sovereignty. The invasion met with significant resistance from the local population, who staged several guerrilla-style attacks against Russian troops. As of July 2016, the invasion has still not been successful and there is widespread discontent among the population regarding Russia’s presence on Iki Island.

Government Services

There is no formal government on Iki Island, with responsibility for its administration resting with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). However, a number of unofficial institutions do exist, including a local police force and a social welfare department.

Flag description: The flag of Iki Island consists of two horizontal stripes in blue and white. The upper stripe is divided into four equal parts by narrow red lines, while the lower stripe is simply colored blue. The blue band corresponds to the ocean, while the white stripe symbolizes peace.

The flag was adopted in 1998 and modified in 2013.


Due to its remote location, tourism is not a major industry on Iki Island. The only significant visitor group is Russian military personnel stationed on the island. However, with the recent increased tensions between Russia and Japan, interest in visiting the island has increased.

Hotels and Resorts List

Hotels and Resorts List

There are currently no hotels or resorts listed for Iki Island. However, if you are looking for a specific type of accommodation, please feel free to use our search engine to find what you’re looking for. You can also browse through our list of resorts and hotels in the following categories:

  1. Family-friendly resorts
  2. Spa resorts
  3. All-inclusive resorts
  4. Golf resorts
  5. Whale-watching lodges



There are currently no major attractions listed for Iki Island. However, if you are interested in exploring the island’s natural features, please check out our list of attractions in the following categories:

  1. Waterfalls
  2. Mountains and glaciers
  3. Bird sanctuaries



There are currently no specific activities listed for Iki Island. However, if you’re looking for things to do while on the island, please check out our list of activities in the following categories:

  1. Hiking and trekking
  2. Kayaking and canoeing
  3. Wildlife watching



There is only one limited transport service available to Iki Island – the island’s only helicopter service. However, due to the current tensions between Russia and Japan, this service has been suspended indefinitely.



The cuisine of Iki Island is a fusion of East and West. The island has a long history as a meeting place for traders and merchants from all over the world. As a result, the food on Iki Island is a mix of many different cultures. Some of the most popular dishes include ramen, tempura, udon, sushi, and soba.


In conclusion, Iki Island is an amazing place with plenty to offer visitors. The island is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including some of the most endangered animals in the world. The natural beauty of the island is a testament to its pristine state and the island’s conservation efforts are ongoing. Visitors should definitely visit Iki Island if they are looking for a relaxing and tranquil getaway.


What Are The Transportation Options Available To Get To Iki Island?

The only transport service available to Iki Island is its only helicopter service. However, due to current tensions between Russia and Japan, this service has been suspended indefinitely.

What Are The Most Popular Dishes On Iki Island?

Some of the most popular dishes on Iki Island include ramen, tempura, udon, sushi, and soba.

Where Is Iki Island Located?

Iki Island is located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan.

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