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Ile aux Fouquets Island


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If you’re looking for a secluded getaway, Ile aux Fouquets is the perfect island for you. With just around 500 residents and plenty of natural attractions, this small island is a great place to relax and enjoy the solitude.

While there are plenty of activities you can enjoy on the island, including hiking, birdwatching, and swimming, some people prefer to simply take it easy and enjoy the tranquility of the island. If you’re looking for a laid-back trip that won’t require a lot of effort on your part, Ile aux Fouquets is the perfect place for you!

Ile aux Fouquets Island


The island of Ile aux Fouquets has a long and rich history. Back in the days, it was used as a base for pirates who would raid ships that passed by nearby. Eventually, the pirates were driven off by the French military and Ile aux Fouquets became an official part of the country.

Today, it is still an important location in terms of tourism, with visitors coming to enjoy its natural attractions and peaceful atmosphere. What to Do There are plenty of things that you can do in Ile aux Fouquets besides just relaxing. If you love swimming, the island has plenty of clean coves where you can try it out and immerse yourself into the sea.



Ile aux Fouquets has a temperate climate with mild weather all year round. This means that it is the perfect place to enjoy both outdoor activities and some tranquility at the same time! It also tends to be on the cooler side, despite being located at low latitudes.

Not only does this make it great for spring and autumn which are the most pleasant seasons, but it also makes the island a popular place to come during winter. Ile aux Fouquets is a great place to visit when you want to escape the searing heat of the equator.



Ile aux Fouquets is home to a number of interesting cultures. The island’s French settlers brought with them their traditions and customs, which can still be seen in the way that the locals behave.

In addition, there are also some indigenous Melanesian peoples who have inhabited the island for centuries. They have preserved their culture through music, dance and storytelling – all of which you can experience if you visit the island during one of its festivals! Ease to Reach

The best way to get there is by ferry. Regular public ferries can be accessed at Vieux Fort, where you must pay fare and keep your passport with you in order for the process to go smoothly.



Ile aux Fouquets is a French overseas territory located in the Polynesian Triangle. As such, it falls under the jurisdiction of the French government. However, since it has a dominant population of Melanesian inhabitants the island is considered French Polynesia.

Economy Ile aux Fouquets depends almost entirely on tourism. Tourism generates around 60% of the island’s revenue, with fisheries and commercial fishing also making a significant contribution to its economy.

Infrastructure The infrastructure is fairly basic.

Government services

Government Services

There are no banks or hospitals on the island, but there are a number of small businesses that provide basic services. Electricity and water can be obtained through local utilities. Education There are no schools on Ile aux Fouquets. However, children often stay local and attend school in Noumea to complete their education.

Healthcare Around two thirds of the island’s population relies on imported goods for essential healthcare services. Transportation Public transportation is limited to a number of bush taxis that offer regular service between Canete and Vieux Fort Stations.



The best time to visit Ile aux Fouquets is during the Easter or Christmas seasons when there are a range of festive events taking place. These include traditional Melanesian dances, music and storytelling performances.

Other popular times to go are hot summer months (June-August) when temperatures can reach 35 degrees Celsius, and snowfall in winter which can be experienced at the ski resort located on the north side of the island. Visiting Ile aux Fouquets requires a special permit and as such it is only possible between certain times.



There is no regular public transportation on Ile aux Fouquets. Instead, visitors must use bush taxis or hire a taxi to get around the island. Destinations within Ile aux Fouquets include: Canete (1 hour), Tontouta and Noumea(2 hours drive), Ploudokona, Temarii Village (8 km northwest of Vieux Fort). Nearest airport is Honiara Airport (15 km) or Noumea International Airport (45 miles). As Honiara Airport is open 24 hours a day, this does not pose an issue for locals.



The cuisine on Ile aux Fouquets is heavily influenced by Melanesian and Polynesian cultures. There are a range of fresh seafood dishes, as well as pork, chicken and beef products. Local fruits and vegetables are also popular ingredients in meals. Alcohol is not generally available on the island but there are a few bars that offer cold beers or cocktails.



There are a wide range of wildlife on Ile aux Fouquets. In March to May, the island can be visited by birdwatchers searching for black noddy (Australasian Shearwater), blue petrels, imperial wedge-tailed eagles and other sea birds such as migratory waders and doves.

Visitors can also explore falconry displays or learn more about traditional bush medicine at Melanesia Foundation or The Sal uus. There is also a range of bee and insect life on the island as well as hundreds of acres dedicated to preserving plants throughout the island.


One of the most popular tourist destinations in France is Ile aux Fouquets island. With its dramatic cliffs, crystal clear waters, and lush vegetation, this island is a paradise for tourists and nature lovers alike. The island is also known for its boutique shops and restaurants, making it an ideal place to spend a day or two.


  1. What Are The Climate Conditions On Ile Aux Fouquets Island?

The climate on Ile aux Fouquets is temperate and mild, with an average temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius during the day and 8 degrees Celsius at night. The weather can be changeable, so it’s always important to check the forecast before you go!

  1. How Many People Live On This Island?

There are just 500 residents living on the island. There is a massive difference in population to the mainland, with just 40 living here on the island!

  1. What Type Of Vegetation Grows On Ile Aux Fouquets?

There are plenty of different types plants and trees that grow here – from pine forests and communities to olive groves (you may even spot some banana trees!). This small reminder can help you identify which town you’re at based entirely on its surroundings if you happen to be lost!

  1. How Does The Food On Ile Aux Fouquets Compare To That Of France?

Ile Aux Fouquets has a very close connection with its mainland, meaning their cuisine is less cultured and more reliant on French ingredients like breads and cheese. However, there are still some unique dishes from Cote d’Azur here – check out our guide to dining in ILE AUX FOU QUET.

  1. How Can I Rent A Bike In Ile Aux Fouquets?

If you want to cycle around the island, head to Cycles Cote d’Azur on Boulangerie St Honoré! They have partnered with VisitCorse so make sure you highlight this when booking your trip if that is something that interests you.

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