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Ile Du Milieu

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If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, Ile du Milieu Island is the perfect spot for you. With its serene landscapes and unspoiled beaches, this tropical island is a paradise for nature lovers. But that’s not all: Ile du Milieu Island also has plenty of things to offer those who enjoy the arts and culture.

From its lively nightlife to its numerous museums and galleries, there’s something for everyone on this enchanting island. So whether you’re in the mood for nature or culture, Ile du Milieu Island is the perfect place to visit.

Ile Du Milieu


Ile du Milieu Island has a long and illustrious history. As the location of one of the most important military bases in French Polynesia, it has been the site of many battles and skirmishes over the years. But despite its tumultuous past, Ile du Milieu Island is now a peaceful retreat for nature lovers and artists alike.

Ile du Milieu Island is hugely popular with visiting poets and writers. Many use the island as a setting for parts of their novels, particularly during part one; in fact, Ile du Milieu has several archeological sites that are very important to colonial history.


Ile Du Milieu Climate

The climate on Ile du Milieu Island is tropical, with a hot and humid climate all year round. The island experiences two main seasons: the wet season, which runs from December to March, and the dry season, which runs from April to November. During the wet season, Ile du Milieu Island is lush with exotic plants and trees.

Many of these are native to this region of French Polynesia: coconut palms can be seen on the beaches at Bourail Bay and Le Moïson; passion vines cover many parts of Ile du Milieu; while various other flora including Nile lilies, giant reeds, a variety Crape Myrtles exist in abundance here.


Ile du Milieu Island is the home of many traditional arts and crafts. One of these traditions is the making of pirogues, or canoes. These are often used to navigate through the waterways around Ile du Milieu, both for local recreational purposes and as a means of transportation between villages on the island.

Another important art form on Ile du Milieu is sculpture. Much of this work revolves around representations of marine life , both traditional Polynesian ones like coconut crabs and turtle-like turtles, as well more conventional themes.


Lastly, Ile du Milieu Island is home to a large number of artists who use traditional methods to create contemporary art. Many of these are based in the villages on the island, and work with local materials such as wood and stone. All but two of the small Ile du Milieu islands are distinct geological formations: the two that are not, Ile de Pâques and L’Ile Longue, comprise a single appendage called the Séquoia They also both have large mangrove swamps on which they sit.

Government Services

Ile du Milieu Island is located in the commune of Bourail, in the administrative region of Taravao-Taveuni. The island is governed by a communal council made up of six members who were elected in December 2004.

The community radio station Radio Ile du Milieu provides local news and information about events on the island, as well as cultural programmes. The first permanent inhabitants of the island were Austronesian migrants, that is to say people from Southeast Asia or Indonesia. These are thought to have arrived at around 800 CE, bringing with them pottery crafts and root crops such as yams.


In recent years, Ile du Milieu has become a popular tourist destination, principally because of its natural beauty and the fact that there is little development on the island. The majority of visitors come to kayak or cycle around its many lakes and waterways, or to explore the art galleries, shops and restaurants that have been set up in villages like Mitiaroa and Va’alea. The island has become a major producer of spectacular water lilies, which are grown on extensive plantations along the banks of most waterways.

Tourism on Ile du Milieu shares many traits with Polynesian culture in general, as well as Micronesia’s more recent textile and wood craft traditions.


The only means of transport on the island is by boat or cycle. There are no roads, and there is no airstrip. The commune of Bourail has its own port, which hosts a small number of boats that ferry visitors around the islands. Visitors can also hire bicycles to explore the island’s villages and waterways.

The boat that brings passengers from Bourail to Ile de Pâques stops at Va’alea on its way back to Bourail. Passengers from the port of Va’alea can continue their travels by bus or van, which run at least once a day between June and September; passengers need to book tickets in advance for these services.


The cuisine on Ile du Milieu is based around fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, meagre poultry and pork. Local root crops such as yams are also eaten in moderate quantities. cakes, biscuits and other sweet treats can be found all over the island, made from coconut milk or pandanus sap. The typical Ile du Milieu meal, which takes about 2-3 hours to prepare for each guest, begins with a breakfast of yams that are roasted in the embers.


The island is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including humpback whales, dolphins, pandas and sunbirds. The surrounding waters are rich in coral reef and birdlife; divers can witness turtles swimming around the reefs or pelicans fishing in the water. The island has been recognised for its diverse ecosystem, which includes a number of indigenous plants.

Commoncombes (Cyrtosia), miro, bodigroot and kaval are included alongside more than 500 invertebrate species that have found their home on the islands such as gastropods and corals. The surrounding waters also host a number of richly coloured fish and shrimps. Some species are thought to have been influenced by human activities such as poaching for sport, pollution or introduction due to the islands’ central location in French Polynesia’s migratory route used by migrating birds.


If you are looking for a relaxing getaway, Ile du Milieu Island is definitely the place for you! Sitting in the heart of the Saint Lawrence River, this small island is perfect for nature lovers and history buffs alike. With its lush forests, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque villages, Ile du Milieu Island is a perfect place to spend a laid-back vacation.


What Is The Currency In Ile Du Milieu?

The currency in Ile du Milieu is Canadian dollars.

What Are The Dialing Codes For Ile Du Milieu?

The country code for Ile du Milieu is 1 .

What Is The Current Population Of Ile Du Milieu Island?

The current estimated number of residents in Ile du Milieu is around 9,000. Ile du Milieu Island is also an official region of Canada.

What Can I Buy In Ile Du Milieu?

A variety of food and supplies can be purchased at various grocery stores, pharmacies, and other venues on the island.

Where Can I Stay On Ile Du Milieu Island?

Since the island hasn’t yet built any hotels or other lodging options, you’ll be forced to rough it during your visit. There are three bed & breakfasts that visitors may use.

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