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Ile du Nord Island, located in the Gulf of St Lawrence, is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Quebec. With crystal-clear waters, lush forests, and picturesque villages, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages.

The island is also known for its lively arts scene, with renowned artists such as Yann Praillard and the local group Les Sœurs Grises living and working on the island. Ille du Nord Island is an ideal destination for a relaxing day trip or a longer stay.

Ile du Nord


The island was first settled by the Innu people in the early 18th century. The French explorer La Salle sailed past the island in 1687, naming it Ile du Nord after his home country of France. In 1763, Nouvelle-France was ceded to Great Britain and Ille du Nord Island became part of Halifax County.

During World War II, Canadian troops occupied the island for several months as a strategic location to guard the Gulf of St.

Lawrence against possible invasion by German forces. After World War II, one half of the island was returned to Canada and became part of Cape Breton County while Ille du Nord Island belonged to Côte-Nord Regional County Municipality which also included Îles de la Madeleine, Iles de la Madeleine et Petit-Prince (no longer a separate territory).



The island has a humid continental climate, with cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers. There is abundant precipitation throughout the year. The highest monthly precipitation total is 14.8 1/2 inches (37 centimetres) in June. The month with the fewest clear days has only 2 or 3, and the absolute minimum temperature recorded was -23 °C (-10 °F).

Temperatures range from a maximum of 30o Celsius to an average low of −21o C (−6° F). Average daily highs are around 15 ºC / 60º Fahrenheit during winter and 25 ºC / 77° F during the summer. The first frost of the year is usually in late January or early February, but can occur as late as May.



The Innu people of Ile du Nord Island are the descendants of the original inhabitants. Today, there is a small population of about 60 who still speak the Innu language. Visitors can visit remote areas where traditional activities such as hunting and fishing take place. There are also many kilometers of hiking trails available for exploring nature on this beautiful island! Exploring one of the many trails or beaches.



Ile du Nord Island belongs to Canada. Government

Ile du Nord Island belongs to Canada. The Mayor of the Regional Municipality is : Gilles Lehouillier . In 2014, Louis Turcotte was appointed by newly elected President of North America for a 5 year term on Ile-du-Nord as His Excellency’s Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary. Prior to his appointment in late 2008 after long service with NORAD. Government

Ile du Nord Island belongs to Canada. English is an official language of Ile-du-Nord Island, as per the Official Languages Act . All census data are in both French and English; however some federal documents do only use one or the other (usually Spanish).

EducationIn 2008 there were no primary schools that taught exclusively in Innu or Johnny Baker Inuit languages nor any secondary school on this island but many students who completed the Junior Secondary and Senior Levels of the education system in Quebec, attended First Nations University’s Iqaluit campus.

Government services

Government Services

Police services are provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. There is one hospital on Ile-du-Nord, the Regional Hospital of Nord (CHNI). The CHNI also operates a number of health clinics throughout the community.

The primary economic activity on Ile du Nord Island is tourism; however there are many other small businesses that provide goods and services to visitors. The largest employer is the Viking Chateau hotel, which provides accommodations to guests.

Other major employers are hotels, a church and other institutions of cultural heritage (Société de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Innu-aimun – SAIAPHI) government offices, schools and charitable associations located on Ile Interdite. Each year thousands visit from across Canada for visits and summer camps.



Ile-du-Nord has had a steady growth in tourism as more and more people become aware of the opportunities this island offers. The most popular activities are hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, cycling and fishing. Most visitors come during the summer months but there is also winter leisure activity available including cross country skiing and ice fishing. The Viking Chateau Hotel (Ile du Nord)

A chalet-style hotel was started in Iqaluit on the waterfront at the site of King Haakon VII’s town. The original name of this establishment was Le Canada and it opened for trade about 1941 as a service to visiting fishermen who used surf boats during fishing season taking fish from behind Frobisher Bay, across McLeod Channel, MacKenzie In let and into Foxe Channel. Their departures time was 8 pm allowing sleeper fishermen another three hours fishing before returning to Iqaluit for the day.



Ile du Nord is best accessed by air and it has a commercial airport. The only way to get to the island unless you are on one of the float planes which land occasionally for supplies or emergencies is by boat from either Iqaluit or Dorset, Greenland. All transportation between Ile-du-Nord and Montreal must stop at Uquatish Bay where passengers can disembark for visits ashore before continuing with their journey to Montreal via Iles d’Orleans.



Traditional Inuit food is based on seals, whales, fish and caribou. Dishes include narwhal tusk soup, whale blubber with cabbage and potatoes (known as dish kuaqtuq), seal meat pudding (kuugaaruk), halibut with pickled onions (aarniatik) and walrus steak served rare or well done (arpitaat). The national dish (also known as Ikunnguaq) is a black pudding made of intestines and blood cured with caribou, seal or whale skin.



Ile-du-Nord is home to a large number of animals including caribou, bears, wolves, foxes and eagles.


The Ile du Nord is a small island located in the Saint Lawrence River, in Quebec City. The island is a part of the Saint Lawrence Islands National Park and is made up of limestone cliffs and cliffs of shale. The Ile du Nord is known for its archaeological interest, including traces of the Champlain Society’s fur trade period.


1.What Are The Transport Options Available To Get To Ille Du Nord?

Ans. The island is accessible by ferry from Quebec City.

2.What Are The Advantages Of Visiting Ille Du Nord?

Ans. Ille du Nord is an ideal place for birdwatchers, with numerous different species inhabiting the island. It’s also a good place to go on hikes or fishing in beautiful surroundings.

3.What Are The Sights To See On Ile Du Nord Island?

Ans. An interesting visit to the Paléontological Reserve includes seeing everyday fossils of plants, such as an ancient violet from 200 million years ago. The small museum displays dinosaur bones that were found during a field trip to the island in 1969.

4.What Are The General Rules Of Conduct In Ille Du Nord?

Ans. Please respect the natural environment and take care not to damage any of the fragile sites.

5.Where Can I Find Information About Local Attractions, Such As Hotels?

Ans. We recommend visiting the Quebec City Tourism website. You will be able to book tours and accommodations.

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