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Ile du Sud Island


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Known for its warm weather, sandy beaches, and lush foliage, Ile du Sud is a paradise for travellers. With its wide range of activities and attractions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

From world-renowned golf courses to vibrant nightlife scenes, there’s really no limit to what you can do on this beautiful island. So if you’re planning a trip to the South African coast, make sure to check out Ile du Sud!

Ile du Sud Island


Ile du Sud is located on the southern coast of South Africa, and has been inhabited for over 2,000 years. The first inhabitants were the San people, who called the island Isie Pretorius. In 1652, Dutch explorer Jacob Corneliszoon Schoeman sailed past Ile du Sud and renamed it Cape St Francis in honour of Pope Gregory XV.

In 1815, British forces under Captain Robert Maitland named the island St. Francis Island; however, this didn’t last long due to a conflict with the French Reformed Church who wanted it named after their founder Fransesco de Santo Stefano. In 1856, Ile du Sud became an integral waypoint for indies looking to escape British rule in South Africa and fight against what they referred as “slavery”, giving rise to Anti-British sentiment that was soon ignited by contemporary newspapers.



Ile du Sud enjoys a warm, tropical climate with average temperatures ranging from 21 degrees Celsius in winter to 29 degrees Celsius in summer. Due to its close proximity to the equator, Ile du Sud is largely humid, keeping temperatures stable throughout the year. Rainfall is abundant in the rainy season (November to April). Rainfall varies between 300mm and 600mm a year, but rainfall is much higher at certain times of the year.



Ile du Sud measures just 31 kilometres long and 10 kilometres wide; however, there’s plenty of things to do on this tiny island! Its coastline stretches for over 40 kilometres; however, the entirety of Ile du Sud is attached by a natural breakwater that was constructed in 1893. This deep bay offers plenty of protection for ships traveling to and from St Francis Bay or East London ports.

A must-see if you’re travelling down the South African coast is the magnificent Jean Freitag Memorial Coin Sanitation Station (aka The “dolphin pools”). In 1908, French inventor John Hervé Laffarg ue dug a tunnel linking to François’s Bay and the secret tunnels were completed by his nephew Pierre Nervi Laffargue in 1921.



There is a rich history on Ile du Sud that dates back to the 16th century. The Dutch founded a settlement here in 1567 and by the early 1800s, there were already over 1,000 inhabitants living here. The first Christians arrived in Cape Town in 1652 on two ships commanded by Jan van Riebeeck and this was where Fransesco de Santo Stefano spent his days preaching Christianity before setting sail for Brazil .

The indigenous Khoi people inhabited the island. From 1825 onwards, slaves were brought in and their descendants still live on Ile du Sud today (called “Khoisans”). When slavery was abolished in 1834, Europeans moved in to explore the coastline for natural resources such as coal and lead but only farmed small plots below Vevey close to Coppenberg which is where Fransesco de Santo Stefano hid from his slave master.



Ile du Sud is part of the Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality and Demarcation Line. It has its own council, mayor, police station and post office. Ile du Sud is bordered by the municipalities of Constantia to the West, Leeuwin-Naturaliste and Muizenburgtjiekloof inlet towards Northener at Peterfors Bay. To the East it’s bounded by Unionbay (Andreas) then Algoa Bay (get closer as you get further North).

The island has a number of stretches named after different towns across France such as Chaum ont Commun (Riebeeckstad well), Le Royer-en-Burbanville, Nanonquetten and Beurey.

Ile du Sud residents are also referred to as “Sudies” which is French for inhabitants of South Ionia. Goat Island is an 18km long barrier beach and reef structure that protects the city of Cape Town from storm surges. It also funnels run off water down to the dangerous Algoa Bay inlet via Horton’s Hill where its natural flow meets with Steve Biko Highway, a 48km anti coastal highway ending at Sea Point this massive project began almost 10 years ago!

Government services

Government Services

The local government of Ile du Sud is the Municipality of Constantia.

Cape Town was founded in 1652 and named after the Dutch Cape Colony, present day Netherlands. The French Huguenots settled there in 1714 and formed a tiny farming community which grew steadily but when British settlers arrived in 1806 they outnumbered the French 2 to 1 and declared themselves masters of South Africa. In 1820 Britain relinquished its claim to South Africa to the Dutch but it had a violent 2nd Independence War in 1852.



Ile du Sud is a popular tourist destination with Cape Town being the most visited city in South Africa. The island offers world-class beaches and various attractions including wine routes, cliff climbing, hiking trails and cycling routes. The best way to explore Ile du Sud is via one of the two speed boat services that operate 7 days a week, departing from V&A Waterfront harbour.



Ile du Sud is served by the Malta International Airport, about 36 km from Cape Town. Route 6 of the N2 Freeway links Johannesburg and Cape Town. Ile du Sud falls within the Western Cape province’s M3 Metropolitan Area where there are various rapid transit services available including a metro line that runs from Gardens to Newlands. Peace

The people of Ile du Sud say “We are a community that listens to its heart and takes care of each other.” This is their lighthouse! An emotionally charged symbol; spreading the news about the peaceable island.


The Ile du Sud, also known as the Iles Des Saintes, is an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. It comprises ten small islands and is the only inhabited island in the archipelago. The islands are a popular destination for tourists and celebrities alike, thanks to their natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle.


What Is The Currency Of Ile Du Sud?

The currency of Ile du Sud is the South African rand.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Ile Du Sud?

The ideal weather for visiting South Africa’s Iles Du Sud can be found between May and October. However, tourists typically prefer the final months of summer when sunshine is more common.

Should I Be Worried That There Is No Public Transport On Ile Du Sud?

While the lack of a proper transportation system might cause some problems for inexperienced visitors, it is compensated by the extensive network of car rentals available.

What Are Best Activities To Do During My Time At Iles Du Siud?

The beautiful beaches and many cloud formations attract numerous tourists. So you can expect to see a quite busy beach on most days during your stay here. However, there is more to do than just sunbathing!

How Many People Live On Ile Du Sud?

The population of the Iles Du Siud is currently estimated at 27,000. Approximately 20% of all households are single-family homes and 8% stick to rented apartments or retirement homes. However within this figure there are numerous small villages where home numbers can reach up to 200 inhabitants .

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