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Ile Madge Island


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If you’re looking for an unspoiled getaway, Ile Madge Island is the perfect spot. This small, uninhabited island has plenty to offer visitors, whether they’re interested in exploring its natural wonders, soaking up the sun on its white-sand beaches, or simply relaxing in the company of nature. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Ile Madge Island is the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Ile Madge Island


Ile Madge Island first came into being about 10,000 years ago as part of a string of small islands that formed a barrier between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean. Over time, however, natural events – including storms and erosion – have caused the island to grow larger. Today Ile Madge is only 8 miles long by 1-1/2 miles wide and has a total area of just over 3 square miles (.8 km2).

Natural Wonders

Ile Madge Island is home to a number of natural wonders, including two noteworthy coves – Anse St. Pierre and Anse au Foulon – both of which offer crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and lush vegetation. If you’re looking for a challenging hike or bike ride, towering cliffs line the island’s eastern coast.

Finally, in addition to its stunning natural beauty, Ile Madge is also rich in history. The island was the birthplace of Sir Wilfred Laurier, Canada’s seventh Prime Minister, and it served as a stronghold for Canadian patriots during the American Revolution.

Aside from its natural attractions, Ile Madge Island is also unique for its history and culture. Its residents are known for their independence and strong sense of community pride, which has led to Ile Madge’s tradition being referred to as the “Island of a Thousand Kings.”


Ile Madge Island is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, approximately 25 miles southeast of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The island is accessible by boat or airplane and has a population of around 350 people.


Ile Madge Island’s ecosystems are dominated by natural resources such as water, land, and vegetation. The island is best known for its coves – Anse St. Pierre and Anse au Foulon – which provide shelter from storms and a fertile breeding ground for fish, seabirds, and marine mammals. The surrounding ocean provides the island with plentiful seafood resources.


Ile Madge Island’s population is primarily composed of French- and Inuit-speaking residents.


The main economic activity on Ile Madge Island is tourism. The island’s well-maintained natural amenities and French cultural heritage have made it a popular tourist destination for visitors from around the world.


Ile Madge’s climate is temperate and moderately humid. The winters are long, with temperatures trading between the low twenties degrees Fahrenheit and high forties degrees Fahrenheit, while the summers are short but very warm with temperatures often surpassing eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

Culture And Religion

Ile Madge’s culture and religion is influenced by the French, Inuit, and Celtic cultures that have been resident on the island for centuries. The predominant religion is Christianity, although there are also a number of traditional Inuit beliefs and ceremonies operating on Ile Madge Island.


The island’s residents speak both French and Inuktitut, the Innuit language.


The island has a limited number of educational institutions, including a preschool, elementary school, and secondary school.


The island is a part of the Canadian province of New Brunswick. It is represented in the Parliament of Canada by two Members of Parliament: Scott Reid (Conservative) and Peter Goldring (Liberal).

Government Services

Ile Madge Island is served by the Ile-du-Prince-Édouard Regional County Municipality, which provides a limited number of government services to residents.


The major sectors of the island’s tourism industry are fishing, hunting, and sightseeing.

Hotels And Resorts List

Ile Madge offers numerous accommodations, from affordable family-run inns to luxurious five-star resorts. Here is a list of some of the island’s most popular tourist destinations:

Grand Manan National Park

The Grand Manan National Park is located on Ile Madge Island and covers an area of 49 square kilometers. It was designated as a national park in 1988 and includes rugged coastline, dramatic cliffs, white sand beaches , and freshwater lakes.

The park is best known for its angling opportunities, with a wide variety of fishspecies available including Atlantic salmon, trout, black bass, and rainbow trout.

Binglay Bay Provincial Park

Binglay Bay Provincial Park is located on Ile Madge Island and offers stunning views of the Gulf of St Lawrence. The park features several hiking trails that lead through mixed forests to quiet bays or ponds.

The park is also home to a variety of wildlife, including moose, black bear, and beaver.

Ile-du-Prince-Édouard Regional County Municipality

The Ile du Prince Édouard Regional County Municipality provides a wide range of government services to residents on Ile Madge Island. Services include public health and social assistance programs, policing and fire protection services, garbage collection and disposal, and public works.

The municipality also operates a seasonal ferry service that connects Ile Madge with mainland Nova Scotia.


The most popular attractions on Ile Madge Island are the beaches. Grand Manan National Park is home to some of the best white sand beaches in Nova Scotia, while Binglay Bay Provincial Park features stunning views of the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Other attractions include Mount Allison University , which offers a range of academic programs; Les Cheneaux Golf and Country Club , a one-of-a-kind golf course that stretches over 100 hectares; and the Ile-du-Prince-Édouard Wildlife Park , which features more than 60 animal species, including moose, black bear, and beaver.


The municipality offers a wide variety of activities, including golfing , kayaking , snowmobiling , and cycling .


The municipality operates a seasonal ferry service that connects Ile Madge with mainland Nova Scotia.


The cuisine of Ile Madge is based on local ingredients and traditional recipes. Typical dishes include wild rice and salmon cooked in a broth made with red thyme, Kurobuta pork belly , lobster bisque , broiled clams with garlic, and honeycomb ice cream .


Ile Madge Island is a paradise for nature enthusiasts who are looking for secluded and natural surroundings. The uninhabited island is made up of stunning limestone cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and lush rainforest. It’s easy to see why this island is a popular getaway for those who love the outdoors and want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors can enjoy white-water rafting, fishing, and hikes on the island’s trails.


Where Did People Come From Originally To Live On Ile Madge Island?

The island’s original inhabitants were the Mi’kmaq people.

What Are Some Of The Problems That Have Been Solved By Living On Ile Madge Island?

The municipality has been successful in solving problems such as providing regular ferry service to the mainland, maintaining roads and infrastructure, and keeping crime rates low.

Why Do People Live On The Island?

People live on the island for a variety of reasons, including the natural beauty of the island and its peaceful atmosphere.

How Does The Island Work?

The island is governed by a municipal council and operated as a seasonal resort.

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