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Ilot Déder


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Looking for a getaway that will allow you to disconnect from the hectic city life? Ilot Déder Island is the perfect place for you!

This lush and picturesque island is situated off the coast of Haiti and offers a number of activities that will keep you entertained all day long. From hiking to biking, swimming to surfing, there’s something for everyone on this island paradise!

Make sure to take advantage of the many activities and relax in the sunsets while enjoying the soothing sounds of the waves.

Ilot Déder



Ilot Déder Island is a small and isolated island located off the coast of Haiti. The island has been used as a refuge for fishermen from both indigenous Haitians and African slaves since the 16th century. In 1805, colonists from Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) settled on the island and began to cultivate sugarcane plantations.

The plantation industry was very successful until economically ruinous hurricanes struck in 1896,1907 and 1915. After the hurricane of 1935, Port-Au-Prince (the capital city) began the process to transferring ownership and land for resettlement purposes in order for Haitians living near Blaquer Bridge (which connects Haiti with Trinidad and Tobago).



The climate on Ilot Déder is tropical with mild temperatures year-round. The island experiences a hot and humid summer season, with occasional rain showers, and a cool winter season. The island is sheltered by the Atlantic oscillation, which sustains a reasonable level of precipitation year-round.

Ilot Déder Island provides information on cultural and recreation activities in Haiti . It also has history and trivia about Ilot Déder including quotes from famous people who have visited the island.



Traditional Haitian dance, music and food are some of the many things that make this island unique. The people on Ilot Déder Island also enjoy gaming, swimming, fishing and spending time with family and friends. They also take advantage of the warm and sunny weather to relax, walk on beaches, look at the ocean and enjoy nature.


Ilot Déder Island is located off the coast of Haiti which explains why it has been a refuge for Haitians as well as an exporter’s paradise during times when sugarcane plantations thrived. In 1805, European colonists from Saint-Domingue (present day Haiti) came to Il ot Déder to escape the atrocities of slavery.

They took advantage of this new tropical haven in order to create sugar plantations and quickly begin to develop an economy. The island’s first settlers named it Ilot des Taureaux (the horses’ bay).



The island is currently a part of the Republic of Haiti. However, because it is located so close to the Dominican Republic, it has been the site of many disputes between these two nations in recent years. Ilot Déder Island is a significant tourist attraction in Haiti, attracting people from all over the world.

However, because it was recently designated as an autonomous region of Haiti and operates under that status, many long-term visitors to the island have been denied access to both planes and boats taking them off-island on charter cruises for much of 2011 until 2012.

Government Services

Government services

The island is serviced by a small police force, no hospital and few other formal governmental services. Residents rely on private businesses to provide essential goods and services such as food and water. Visitors to the island receive all the same services of residents even though they do not reside on pro-Haitian territory.

The people in Ilot Déder Island have spoken out and protested against issues that impact them by: hunger, lack of government assistance, economic exploitation, high rates of unemployment.


Tourism On The Island

The tourism industry is the main economic driver in Ilot Déder Island. The local government has made efforts to improve infrastructure and create more attractive tourist destinations. There are a number of small hotels that offer basic facilities and usually sell tour packages that include transportation, accommodation, meals and other activities on the island.

These packages allow tourists to sample a genuine Haitian, Caribbean experience. Other tourist attractions are considered as part of the infrastructure and include some traditional handicraft centres that sell typical souvenirs and endemic food items such as coconut or conch fritters (traditional fried balls).


Pullen Island Transport

There is no regular public transport on the island. Visitors are limited to travelling by charter boats that take them off-island or by flying into Les Cayes and then taking a taxi or motorbike onto the island. However, charter services are usually limited to the main shopping and dining districts. Water

When the water supply on Ilot Déder Island fails, customers have a choice of using goats or llamas to draw water from wells. The local people are extremely proud of this system as they consider it an example showing that even in modern times humans can find solutions to their problems adapted over time and with dignity.


Ellesmere Cuisine

Ilot Déder Island is known for its fiery cuisine. Locals recommend dishes such as “papo wap”, a dish made from rice and chicken cooked in a spicy sauce, or the island’s famous “pirogue soup” which contains clam chowder and Haitian-style sausage. A specialty from the island is made of chicken, peanuts and milk. This dish is cooked in a savory sauce and served hot with boiled potatoes.


Milman Islet

The island is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including toucans, monkeys and iguanas. Turtles, crocodiles, bushbabies and iguanas live in the mangroves. The island has a large variety of fish including tuna and conch which are considered as exceptional dishes for tourists to eat.

The local people on Ilot Déder Island make excellent use of traditional methods for fishing by making canoes out of bamboo or fibres from palm trees that they cut with bowie knives. They also make good use their expertise in making salt from seawater which is still a very important and valuable business for the island’s local economy.


If you’re in the mood for some island-hopping this summer, Ilot Déder might just be the spot for you! This stunning destination is located in the south of France, and is known for its clear waters, white sand beaches, lush vegetation, and crystal-clear skies. Whether you’re looking to explore the island by foot, bike, or car, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So why not make your vacation dreams a reality and start planning your trip today?


1.Is There A Hotel On The Island?

Ans. There is not a single hotel on Ilot Déder Island, but you can find various villas and cottages that offer accommodation. The most popular option for visitors is to rent a villa or cottage from one of the local owners, who will be more than happy to show you around their property and provide tips about what to see and do on the island.

2.How Far Does It From Le Marin To Ilot Déder?

Ans. It is about a 2-hour boat ride from the port of St Tropez and there are several tour operators that run regular trips between both locations. You can also travel with bus services operated by Alsa for (€12).

3.How Big Is The Island?

Ans. The surface area of Ilot Déder should be about 5 km2, which makes it one of the smallest cities in France.

4.What Do The Locals Eat?

Ans. There are about 20 restaurants and several seaside cafés that offer a wide range of typical French cuisine. In winter, the traditional ‘Galas fins’ (fisherman meals) are very popular over here, as there is always fresh seafood available from many different local villages.

5.Do Seafood Lovers Have Everything That They Need At This Resort?

Ans. Within one mile of the town, there are over 50 restaurants where you can sample local cuisine.

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