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Ilot Emile


Ilot Emile was originally settled in the early 1800s by Sephardic Jews fleeing persecution in Spain. After several years of exile, they arrived on the island and started to rebuild their lives. They quickly became known for their artisanal clothes and leather work, which were highly popular among islanders.

During World War II, Ilot Emile was occupied by German forces and used as a military base. As a result, many of the buildings seen today date from that period.

Today, Ilot Emile is a tourist hub full of stunning beaches and gorgeous sea shells and coral formations, as well as picturesque limestone cliffs reaching into distant dense jungles. It’s also home to many artists who call it home year round!



The climate on Ilot Emile is humid, with average rainfall of 650 millimeters per year. The season runs from May to October, with the peak humidity occurring in July and August. Meanwhile, the rest of the year is a bit more comfortable.

Autumn temperatures average 80 degrees Fahrenheit and winters start out at 40 to 50 degrees F with high humidity in February and March. Temperatures remain relatively consistent for most of April until October when it becomes very hot during August before crashing like clockwork by October first.



Ilot Emile is a relaxed island that is home to many artists and musicians. There’s also a large expat community, so you’re likely to find people from all over the world living here! The culture is very down-to-earth and informal, with pretty much anything allowed as long as it doesn’t cause any problems. Most people don’t really care about trends or fashion, they just want to enjoy their lives while they’re on the gorgeous island!



Ilot Emile is a democratic republic with a population of just over 2,000 people. The island has its own parliament and president. As of now, there are no major political issues or conflicts that stand in the way of stability or progress. There is no direct democracy and elections are indirect, elected representatives make decisions on the island’s behalf.

There is no legal system at the moment, but they are working on it! They have a congress that’s being run by some of the members and sometime soon we may see an opportunity for direct democracy. The islanders also tend to be independent thinkers who should not mind giving up their current institutions in favor of any new ones.

Government Services

Government services

As of now, there are no official government services on the island. However, they are working hard to get things up and running as soon as possible! They’re in the process of drafting a new constitution which will outline all of their rules and regulations.

They also have a department that’s responsible for health care, education, banking, finance and more! There is currently only one doctor on the island who provides primary healthcare but they hope to add more in the future. They’re also collecting some money in order to get a mid-wife and classes are being offered at night where people can learn basic stitching skills, embroidery or weaving!



Ilot Emile is a popular tourist destination and has been for quite some time! As of now, there are no official tourism services but they’re working on it! They have a website where people can find all the information they need about getting to the island as well as listings of local businesses that offer guesthouses and other accommodations.

You’ll also find an app on your phone or tablet that will let you book online whether it be thru the local co-op, agritourism farmer or some other place. Once they have a tourism strategy in place however!



Currently, there is no public transport available on the island. However, they’re in the process of finalizing a contract with a local bus company and once that’s finalized, people will be able to travel to and from the island for free!

They also hope to get bikes onto the island so that people can explore things on their own as well as bring in goods and services. They’re currently working towards getting donkey carts to the island so that people can get around on foot.



There is a small market on the island that sells food items such as canned goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. However, they are in the process of creating their own kitchen so that they can produce their own food!

They’re also working on getting a roof over their heads so that they can start selling prepared meals too! Current Needs There’s a lot of work to be done! The coop needs more volunteers in order for them to start cultivating their farm and offering prepared meals.

They need some funding so that they can get building supplies, materials such as glass jars or straw filters, beans and rice etc., create signage about the island including what people should bring/expect when arriving.



The island is home to a variety of wildlife including pigs, goats, chickens and coconuts. There are also turtles and several types of birds! There are also talk of bringing in some donkeys so that they can sell fresh produce directly to the consumer.

The island does not have a sustainable source of water, so the catchment scheme for it is still under development! However, they are in line to get 2 drums which will be 50 liters each and then can allow them to store rainwater too. Additionally, they’re trying hard at keeping as much waste off their hands as possible by only buying or trading food that has been sealed in cans (mostly wheat flour).


Ilot Emile Island is a small uninhabited island located in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River. It is privately owned and was purchased by billionaire investor and entrepreneur, Richard Branson in 1998. Ilot Emile Island is used as a private getaway for Branson and his wife, Joan. The island has a total area of 2.3 hectares and has been described as a “private paradise”.


1.What Are The Basic Facilities On Ilot Emile Island?

Ans: There are no public facilities or services available on the island. However, there is a private airport and helipad located on the island which provides a limited number of flights per year. There is also a small marina that can accommodate up to six boats.

2.Is There Any Wildlife Present On Ilot Emile Island?

Ans: There is an occasional pair of Canada geese that inhabit the island.

3.Is There Fresh Water On Ilot Emile Island?

Ans: There is limited access to a private well situated on-island and watersports can be carried out from this source with advance notice.

4.Is There Electricity Available On Ilot Emile Island?

Ans: 6 volt car batteries can be used for connecting electrical devices to the grid though a generator (provided by Mr Branson) is also provided for this purpose.

5.What Facilities Are Offered At The Marina?

Ans: Electricity, cable TV and Wi-Fi are all included in rates as well as 24 hour security; however operating hours differ depending upon need thus they are not available at all times.

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