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Interview Island


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Travel is one of the best things that you can do as a stressed-out Indian. But, with all the time travelling through all over the world, you may have to face some challenges on the way. Don’t worry – for every little problem, there’s an easy solution! Just read this blog and you, too, can set out on an exciting journey to the places you want to visit. And everything will look smooth and easy-peasy.

Interview Island


Histories are of two halves: The history that one wants to tell and the reality that makes you cry. So, it’s very possible for a country like India with its huge religious diversity, caste conflicts and people obsessed about the past—to break off from the present or just let go of what has happened in order to start afresh.

Forget the past, create one that will make us proud of our roots and move beyond where we are today. All this is possible with time, experience and imagination! Fancy a guess? What does Iihaad mean? It means different things— from starting again (in life) to change; from destruction of an enemy (of Allah)—to Jihad; or just feeling restless about something you don’t like. There’s no doubt.


India is a big country, so it’s not always easy to identify the right spots for holidays. All things considered however, we do have our differences and subtler fluctuations in temperature make up this ‘Out of The World’ part—that one alike no other hot places across the world.

However, all beaches along with their beachfront hotels remain welcoming throughout India regardless of season or weather condition; that’s why seducing travellers into more often visits.


Here, you can find pictures of most Indian festivals and events that await in the upcoming time. No celebrations are held as regularly or as often (if at all) as There’s a big difference between celebrating Mother India every day! And these are included under new spots to visit:  Kolkata is known for being called the City Of Joy by many hence it has been considered while creating this list.

IITs became subjects of a big controversy during the public discussion for demolishing  name of Hyderabad has been changed to Lohit. It is described as ‘city’ which was known for steel and cement industries.

The works are being carried out with a mission to make it sustainable without diverting resources from agriculture or industry towards isolationist goal aiming at getting employment only in cities, something Indian have no problem accepting since last over half century! also there’s now more focus.


One of the most tourist friendly and easiest countries to get around are Gujarat..and apart from that there is Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala; Bollywood Heartland (Mumbai) and Kolkata with lot in common. Rajasthan’s Secret Hotspots:  The beauty spots of Rajasthan have a great variety which I am willing to describe this small part of India as one huge desert where sand d unes and hills rise from the lifeless clay.

The places to visit here are:  Wildlife in Gujarat (Gujarat, India) – Wildlife visits Bhatasar National Park located on an island within the Arabian Sea off Bhavnagar, Gujarat. It is breeding ground of different species of sharks like giant chimaera,, spurdogshark etc which has kept it unique even among other islands with similar biodiversity &habit.


Interview Island Transport

Odisha is dominated by its road travel industry, and though still may be edge case there are plenty of Transport companies around that can get the job done.  India’s President Pranab Mukherjee briefly mentioned about highway scam during his speech to General Body meeting in Lok Sabha recently.

There also was some controversy over being told from nowhere how much profit Railways will make after GST implementation (which it already did). India will continue to focus on the task at hand of building its infrastructure.[110] India is a land with very complex road network that is inconsistent, slow and makes people lose sleep to sit through their journey.

Bihar State Road Transport Corporation Limited ( BSRTC )is one around state which will not let you walk away from your dreams due to driving in endless traffic jam . That being said if next time travelling in this nation for business; it’s important.


Interview Island Cuisine

The basic Indian diet consists of a variety of regional cuisines. The central staples are rice and wheat: rajma (a type of daal), roti, tandoori chicken and “chai”, the latter being tea made by mixing roasted spices such as cloves, cardamom seed or cinnamon with black tea leaves.

Rajasthani cuisine centres on dal makhni (“black lentil”) prepared in a brown gravy and often served with makki ki roti, vegetarian parathas made from rava (a rough form of semolina), ricotta cheese and topped with ghee. The East Indian Diet, carries all that the central region has to offer in terms of curry-based dishes such as bhindi masala (“okra in yoghurt sauce”), naan breads — sometimes called “Indian pizza” due to its.


Interview Island Wildlife

India is home to many varieties of animals and listed as one of the top 12 megadiverse countries in terms of number, diversity and extent. This can be attributed to its geographical variety which spans from arid regions like seashore plains ,temperate sky-scrapers like Himalayan valleys down South facing slopes up Hospitable Coastal belts with tropical forests beside deserts & dry scrub lands prevalent over all major zones.

[111] About 1/30 of all Indian animal diversity can be found in the state of Odisha, while Chennai (TN) & Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) have 13% and 11% respectively. India also has one of the largest number of forested area measuring at 147 million hectares according to wildlife authorities.[112]

The states which are home for endangered species like king cobra, tigeres and white tigers most likely due their crucial habitats mostly teeming.


The cultural diversity in India can be seen on many facets. It is heralded by the Pali and Sanskrit epics, romantic literature such as Kalidasa’s Meghdoot, paintings like Bhavabhuti’s Kumarasambhava or some of Renoirs most notable works with his Indian background. The Western indigenous Aryans are amongst its founders although later invaders from around 3rd century onward from outside North-West & Caucasus.


How Do You Get to Interview Island?

Follow these instructions cleared by travel agent Immigration check can be done at Mumbai international airport and passenger arrival hall.

Get Clearance from Embassy of Pakistan on tourist visa before your departure to India or I-card will not work in any Indian Railway trains or Metro’s apart from feeding money after booking ticket with you passport. Passport holder is allowed 4 months stay as a tourist, travelers may extend their stay upon prior permission .

What is Special About Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary?

It’s near city Mumbai and is about 14 km by road. It has a shore being set up for the purpose of friendship between Pakistan & India, on it you will see dolphins swimming during monsoon season and sea lions playing in peace with each other as they swim along to save fish while taking out dinner from ocean inside their enclosures.

How to Reach Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary?

Interview island wildlife sanctuary lie in south east coast of the city municipal Corporation Thane (Thana),It is very close like 14 km. You can get there by night train or a private taxi from Indian mainland. It’s near sea shore and you will find strictly clubbed dolphin enclosure along with seals swimming alongside them when they come out during monsoon season.

Is Port Blair Expensive to Live?

Indian Island is less expensive than back water Port Blair and more local people that reside there. The island has docks all along the sea shore and facilities to move, this allows small fishing vessels & transport by ship or boat from place to another through the year . It”s a pleasant place where you will find monthly prices lower than famous Ajmer which itself is an exotic city for Indian tourists ! There are car rentals available on arrival at West Coast bus stand.

Is Alcohol Available in Andaman?

Yes, Alcohol is available in Andaman , mainly as soft drinks & beer. You will not find any exotic drink like wine or whisky. Women are allowed up to 2 bottles of alcohol free from the International consumption rules and once drunk it should be returned by them after completion for proper disposal . This restriction may change at odd times depend on Indian Government policies with respect to tourism restrictions that apply according conduct new mandates based upon international developments / situations .

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