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Into The Wild


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The movie Into The Wild is a story about Chris McCandless, a college dropout and vagabond who travels to Alaska in search of meaning. In his journey, he meets various people and creatures, including other people, wild animals, the police, and the natives of Alaska. In this article, we will discuss what the movie Into The Wild means and explain its ending.

Into The Wild Movie Meaning And Ending Explanation

Movie Meaning

The meaning of Into the Wild

Into The Wild movie is a love story. It’s about the love between a man and a woman and the sacrifices they had to make for their relationship. For example, we see that in a scene where Chris’s mother is dying. Chris’ father feels that his son has given up on life and needs to be brought home. At this point, Chris runs away from home, leaving his mother behind.

The Beginning

19 April 1992. Chris McCandless, a college dropout and vagabond, sets out from Seattle to walk across America to achieve self-realization and find himself. After arriving in Alaska, he befriends nature guide Pete Warburton and the two men set out into the Alaskan wilderness on a physical and spiritual enlightenment journey.

Although they are initially successful, McCandless’s idealism clashes with the harsh realities of life in the wilderness; lack of food, disease, and physical challenges take their toll on him psychologically and physically. Warburton eventually breaks off the relationship, believing that McCandless has become too dependent on him.

McCandless wanders into a remote section of the Alaskan wilderness, where he abandons his equipment and begins living off what he can hunt and find in the environment. On 30 July 1996, fishermen found McCandless despite having little food or water remaining. He dies from injuries sustained in a fall from a high mountain peak.

Into The Wild represents Chris’ search for meaning and his journey towards self-realization. In the movie, we see that Chris is not just searching for himself, but he’s also searching for a spiritual connection. For example, in the scene where Chris’ father comes home and finds his son gone, upon seeing the empty bed and knowing that his son has run away to follow his dreams, it’s clear that Chris is looking for something more than what this world can offer him.

Chris interacting

Likewise, throughout the movie, we see Chris interacting with nature. He enjoys observing and learning from the animals he encounters and appreciating their beauty. This reflects Chris’s belief that humans are part of nature and that everything is interconnected. Ultimately, this journey helps Christopher find inner peace and understanding.

Chris’ idealism is what ultimately causes his downfall. His desire to escape the mundane life and pursue pure, spiritual existence clashes with the harsh realities of life in the wild. For example, when he first arrives in Alaska, he has grandiose plans to live off-the-grid and explore endless wilderness trails.

However, basic needs like food and water become difficult to come by within a few weeks. At this point, Chris begins feeling disheartened and hopeless due to the physical challenges and his lack of success fulfilling his unrealistic dreams. This leads him into a downward spiral, culminating in his death from a fall of a high mountain peak.

Although Chris’ journey ultimately leads to his death, it is still important because it demonstrates the dangers of pursuing unrealistic goals and ideals. It also emphasizes the importance of finding balance in our lives, whether adjusting our expectations or working towards real-world achievements.

Overall, The Revenant is an enchanting and heartfelt story that explores the dangers of pursuing a lofty idealistic dream. It is perfect for fans of adventure movies looking for emotionally powerful storytelling that will leave them feeling inspired.

The Morning

As he walks out the door, Chris looks back at his father, who is sleeping soundly. In an instant, Chris realizes that by leaving home and traveling into the wilderness, he has given himself a chance to redefine himself and find a new sense of purpose in life, something that was lacking in his childhood. Meanwhile, back at the news station, the reporters discuss Chris’s disappearance.

They speculate that he has gone into the wilderness to start a new life, and they show a clip of Chris telling his father that he is going on an adventure. This snippet symbolizes how much Chris has changed since leaving home- no longer content with simply following conventional paths in life.

Into The Wild (Ending Explained)

Ending Explained

As the clip ends, Chris is out in the wilderness, embarking on his adventure. He has set off determined to find new challenges and stretch himself beyond what he was comfortable with before. However, this is not an easy journey; as he starts to struggle with extreme weather conditions and physical challenges, Chris begins to doubt whether this truly is what he wants for himself.

Eventually, though, Chris finds a newfound sense of purpose in his journey- something that was lacking in his previous life – and manages to reach the summit of a high mountain peak. As he stands there looking out over the beautiful landscape, Chris finally understands that this is what he was always meant to do. This is his true calling, and he is happy to have found it. The ending of “Into The Wild” leaves the audience with a sense of hope.

Chris has experienced a transformation during his adventure, and he is now happier and more fulfilled than he ever was before. This message reinforces the idea that anything is possible if you are willing to set out on an adventure and do what’s necessary to achieve your goals.


The main message of “Into The Wild” is that anything is possible if you are willing to set out on an adventure and do what’s necessary to achieve your goals. Chris’ story highlights the importance of self-discovery and shows how a change in perspective can lead to a greater sense of fulfillment in life.

With its positive messages about self-confidence, determination, and perseverance, Into The Wild has been praised by many as an inspirational movie that will encourage viewers to chase their dreams no matter what obstacles they may face along the way.

Into The Wild has been extremely well-received by both audiences and critics. Rotten Tomatoes has a 95% rating based on reviews from 20 critics consensus. Metacritic gives the film 86 out of 100 based on reviews from 14 critics, indicating “universal acclaim.”


Q1. What Inspired Jon Krakauer to Write Into the Wild?

Ans: Krakauer was originally interested in exploring the story of Christopher McCandless, but he eventually decided that his own story would be more interesting and compelling. He began writing the book in 1990, and it was published in 1996.

Q2.What Is the Main Message of Into the Wild?

Ans: The main message of Into The Wild is that anything is possible if you are willing to set out on an adventure and do what’s necessary to achieve your goals. Chris’ story highlights the importance of self-discovery and shows how a change in perspective can lead to a greater sense of fulfillment in life.

Q3. What Is the Meaning of Into the Wild?

Ans: The movie Into The Wild is generally interpreted to mean “into the wild” in both its literal and metaphorical senses. In the book, Krakauer writes about his journey into the Alaska wilderness as an attempt to find meaning and significance in his own life.

Q4. Is Into the Wild Worth Watching?

Ans: If you love adventure movies and want to see truly inspiring ones, Into the Wild should be on your list. The story of Chris McCandless’ journey into the Alaskan wilderness is incredibly compelling and offers valuable life lessons for all of us. If you’re looking for a movie that will make you cry or angry, this may not be the right one for you.

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