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Iranaitivu North Island


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Iranaitivu North Island is a small island that lies about 1000km away from the main land of Sri Lanka. The island, which is the main home for many migratory birds, has been described as “a world within a world”. What makes the island quite special is its awe-inspiring landscapes, rich in sea and bird life.

Blessed with a rainforest environment, the island is at its best when ravaged by heavy mist and heavy rain. With long stretches of banana groves and bird watching opportunities, the island is an ideal place to spend some time off for picnickers and nature lovers alike.

All Discussion Of Iranaitivu North Island

Iranaitivu North Island

Iranaitivu North Island History

Iranaitivu North Island History

The island is covered in dense tropical jungles, being one of the wettest places on earth. Fiji’s highest mountain peak lies near its southwestern tip and the active volcano once ranged with sporadic eruptions during previous centuries.

North Shore was known as Vanatauqo until renaming by colonial administrators in 1875 after a paramount chief whose followers occupied most of main island and it’s five outlying islands “Vana- Tau-o” which means “Children of the Tui Ngata, God (Bogi) has created and given to these children.” The origins of Vana tau o are a mystery

Ancestors is believed to have settled in Fiji long ago as Fijians were thought by themselves that their origin started from Malolo island few thousand years back they called them Vanatauqo due to being involved.

Iranaitivu North Island Climate


As South Pacific it has a tropical rainforest climate but gales, high winds and cyclones are not uncommon. Island of Vana Tauoiabu Delores – Western side of Nadi Island .History In 1860, representative Malietoa Laupepa travelled to a number of Victorian capitals in Australia and New Zealand seeking support for Fiji’s independence.

During the meetings he exploited France’s plan at colonising Fiji with its other Pacific colonies; however on his return trip home, rebels led by Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba captured him after which hostilities erupted resulting in full blown war between Filoas and F ijians .

On 1st May, the Fiji Labour Party inherited power from the British. Iranaitivu North Island island of Vana tau o was under control by his followers and most parts of main island were occupied by crown force with few areas being controlled for some time later on in near war between them after civil war started.

Iranaitivu North Island Culture

Cultural Heritage of Bager Island

Vanua Tauo is Fiji’s biggest island and the most well known in Fijian culture especially tourism. The government of Vanua tau o announced that they are going to create a new capital city on Vana tau o (the largest island).

Results will take effect when it s fully complete , there is a beautiful Opera house for Fijian culture, more of the art and entertainment areas. The people of Vana tau o are mainly composed of the Chinese clans, their culture influenced by it.

They have a strong sense on belonging to something bigger than themselves called ‘Vanua Tau’ (meaning island). The expression used in Fijian vocabulary which means “my home”. So they take great pride in being independent and doing things together as communities; this traits is still found today among the young generations .Chinese clan – Many families.

Iranaitivu North Island Tourism


Vana tau o has been filled up for holidays over the past 24 years, locals and tourists enjoy going to Vana tauo because of it’s unique culture, festivities/events like tailing races (the first day of sugarcane harvests), food festivals every holiday season.

When at night you can look up on top of their cocoa palms. The locals take a doze after working day and party somewhere during the weekend, they gather together to enjoy each others company especially in family gatherings; at these times education is often disregarded because Iranaitivu North Island disrupted agroup gatherering time when meeting up with friends. Medical services: Medical clinic located right across the entrance road called Moravio Hospital or Vaseovo hospital lagely named, a public hospital located 9km to the north of Vana tau o.



Bus-Regular route: Fijian bus line (airport, sea terminal and other main town areas). 2x daily from Central Market – Nausori . Vanau tau o is an island right at the southern tip of Viti Levu which lies between eastern and western Fiji but most tourists travel to this pretty little tropical paradise, a 6 hour boat ride away!

This spot on our run around list has won numerous “if you only have one day.” awards. From sugar cane plantations to hidden beaches, it is no surprise that this island should be so pristine, but with a population of less than 1000 people Vana tauo is kept in good order and the government of Fiji are doing their best to protect its wildlife too.

At first glance you would imagine millions upon millions doubloons at your disposal here on this place where money can buy anything.



Iranaitivu North Island rural island this is running food budget friendly. Nothing out of the ordinary but on their day to day basis its fresh caught fish, squid and conch available in numerous hawkers’ stands – around shoreside roads the women extend one arm skyward with an outstretched tony for a price. A very typical staple dish will be ‘mutton doused with coconut milk’.

Locals say that your stomach tastes better when full after eating mut ton. Areas of great dugout canoe fishing, some for visitors and others for locals.. A popular diner is the soft drink stand with ‘Dr Meri’ at its hawker’s gardens in this laid back village. Honeymoon bungalow to honeymoon cottage nice accommodation you can book or rent here on Vana tauo : Hotel La Vida  or The Island Beach Resort .



Lots of snakes, wild pigs and marine life on this island. The longest snake here is 45 feet long! A reminder that you are dealing with a rich coconut producing region here. Wildlife also includes sea turtles which can be seen in their natural surrounds along the beach front at Masana Bay or further up country too.

Mani needs to organize an expedition for Vila , such awesome artwork (on so many levels). Visiting all those bungal ows (snuggle right along ) to share some of these treasure troves with you .If a backwoods place ‘where the locals are called ananses’  is what you’re after, visit here :


This is a wonderful beach, owned by the National Trust but inhabited mostly in true old fashioned way and of course by Pilo who you can adopt too. Iranaitivu North Island Place to escape into u n planet live. It has its own way of doing things and wonderful atmosphere too. I feel that you will love it! Have a lovely holiday in Fiji! with kudos to Iranaitivu North Island explore the mangrove area…. I assure you that it is worth it !


1.What Is The Smallest Island In Sri Lanka?

Ans: This island is located on the east coast of Sri lanka, near Trincomalee. It’s about a 1km away from the mainland (inland contact only at low tide) .

This island is roughly 1ha. Iranaitivu North Island consists of the an ancient and sacred burial site called “Ballaligama”, which is not accessible to strangers without prior permission from the Sri Lankan government, who owns it. Click Here for more information on this island by locals  with tons of pictures!

2.Who Owns This Island?

Ans: Iranaitivu North Island used to belong to an American expatriate couple Zack and Suzy James who have since died in it while they were trying whaling. Now there are just two children moving around inside that pretty place ! I

3.How Many Islands Belong To Sri Lanka?

Ans: It depends on who you ask ! Well. let me start with local people, they’d say this Island belongs to the sea. They live here and their life is built around taking care of it , including supplying drinking water everyday .

This place has actually been used as a natural breakwater for ships sailing between Colombo and Trincomalee – The locals have never had a problem living there nor does anyone else  want anything to do with them.

4.How Much Does Sri Lanka Island Cost?

Ans: I’ve never seen anyone pay the Government’s “surf and turf” fee. Iranaitivu North Island only people who may have to is those (or travelers) who accidentally end up paying this money ran after a boat came by, as you can’t swim there anyway or got caught in thigh high water when it flooded during monsoon season

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