Ishigaki Island-Everything You Need to Know!



Ishigaki Island-Everything You Need to Know!


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Ishigaki Island is a volcanic island located in the Seto Inland Sea, off the east coast of Honshu, Japan. Ishigaki is the fifth-largest of the island group and has an area of 553.2 km2 (217.5 sq mi), making it the fourth-largest of Japan’s islands by area.

It has a population of about 10,000 people. Ishigaki is also known for its hot springs and its beaches which are popular with tourists from nearby cities.

Ishigaki Island-Everything You Need to Know!



The island of Ishigaki was first settled in the early 8th century AD by the fishermen and farmers of Okinawa Island. The Okinawan language is still spoken on Ishigaki today.

In 1477, during the Sengoku period (warring states period) an alliance between Ogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Ryukyuan Kingdom led to a series of military campaigns against mainland Japan by forces from Okinawa which culminated in victory at Sek igahara in 1600.

As a result, the island came under the nominal control of the Tokugawa shogunate and Ishigaki was designated as one of Okinawa’s six “han” (provincial) governed by governors with their headquarters at Naha on Okinawa Island. The island became a popular place for exiled criminals to serve their sentences because there were no prisons on Ishigaki at that time.

In 1945 after World War II ended and Japanese rule ended, Ishigaki came under the administration of the newly formed Japanese government. In 1951 it became an island Prefecture and in 1956 a full-fledged city which is now known as Ishigaki City.



Ishigaki Island, located on the western sideGeography of Okinawa Island, is a small island that has a population of about 3,000. The island is famous for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

The island has a rich history dating back to the Edo period when it served as the base for the Shimazu clan government and was an important port town. Ishigaki Island is also known for its many Buddhist temples, including the Ishigaki Taisha (Ishigaki Grand Shrine) and the Tsuboya-Ji Temple.


Ishigaki Island is a coral atoll with rich wildlife including numerous types of seabirds, dolphins, sea snakes, and many different kinds of fish. Ishigaki also has several nature reserves which are home to many rare plants and animals.


Ishigaki City has a population of about 52,000. The city is home to many different types of businesses and organizations including the Ishigaki International Airport, which is the main airport on the island.


The main industries on Ishigaki Island include tourism, fishing, and agricultural production.


The climate of Ishigaki Island is typically classified as subtropical. The island experiences a long warm season from May to November, and a short cool season in December to April.

Daytime temperatures typically range from around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, while nighttime temperatures are cooler at around 18-20 degrees Celsius. The island also experiences occasional typhoons during the year.

Culture and Religion

Ishigaki Island is home to a variety of different cultures and religions. The main religions on the island are Buddhism and Shintoism, which are both heavily practiced. There are also a number of Christian churches on the island.


Ishigaki Island is home to a number of different languages. The main languages spoken on the island are Japanese, Taiwanese, and English.


Ishigaki Island is home to a number of different types of schools. The main type of school on the island is private high schools, which are typically affiliated with universities in Japan or Taiwan.


Ishigaki Island is a small and remote island in the Okinawa Prefecture of Japan. It is known for its contentious politics, which has seen a number of violent incidents occur in recent years. Here is a brief overview of the politics of Ishigaki Island:

Ishigaki Island is part of the Ryukyu Islands, which were once part of the Austronesian Kingdom. After the kingdom was dissolved, Ishigaki Island became a part of Okinawa Prefecture in 1879. The island’s politics have been associated with those of Okinawa Prefecture ever since.

The island has been involved in numerous political disputes over the years. The most recent incident occurred in 2014 when anti-government protesters clashed with police officers. There have also been reports of violence and assassination attempts against politicians and government officials on Ishigaki Island.

Government Services

Ishigaki Island is not connected to the rest of Japan by road or rail. Instead, it is only accessible by air. There are a number of government services available on Ishigaki Island, but they are relatively limited in scope. These services include a hospital, police department, and jail facility.



Ishigaki Island is a popular tourist destination in Japan. The island is home to a number of beautiful beaches and stunning coral reefs. There are also a number of historical sites, including the Ishigaki Tower (which was once the tallest tower on Okinawa) and Ishigaki Castle.

Hotels and Resorts List

Hotels and Resorts List

Here is a list of hotels and resorts on Ishigaki Island.

  1. Ishigaki Island Resort
  2. Ishigaki Island Beach Lodge
  3. Ishigaki Kokusai Hotel
  4. Ishigaki Marine Hotel & Casino
  5. Morinaga Resort Naha
  6. Amano Beach Resort
  7. Sunrise Ishigaki Resort



Here is a list of attractions located on Ishigaki Island.

  1. Ishigaki Tower
  2. Ishigaki Castle
  3. Kotobuki Park
  4. Kadena Air Base Museum



Here is a list of activities that can be enjoyed on Ishigaki Island.

  1. Scuba diving
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Kayaking
  4. Climbing


There are a number of transport options available on Ishigaki Island. These include buses, vans, and taxis.



Ishigaki Island is known for its delicious seafood. The island also has a variety of restaurants that serve international cuisine.


In conclusion, Ishigaki Island is a great place to visit if you’re looking for some quality relaxation and outdoor activities. The island is well-connected to other parts of Japan, making it easy to get around. The weather is usually mild, so you can enjoy the sunshine without having to worry about excessive heat or cold.

And, of course, the island’s many attractions (including the famous beaches and aquariums) will keep you entertained for hours on end. So if you’re looking for a fun and relaxing escape from the everyday grind, Ishigaki Island is definitely worth a visit!


Are There Any Discounts Available For Visitors?

Yes, Ishigaki Island Resort offers a 10% discount on all stays for tourists. Additionally, many of the other hotels and resorts offer similar discounts.

Can I Bring My Pet?

Ishigaki Island is dog-friendly, but please note that there are some restrictions (for example, dogs must be on a leash and not allowed in pools). Please contact the relevant property regarding their specific policies.

What Is The Currency In Ishigaki Island?

The official currency in Ishigaki Island is the yen. However, some of the accommodation establishments may also accept USD and other foreign currencies.

Can I Work While I’m On The Island?

Residents of Ishigaki Island are not allowed to work in their own businesses, without prior written authorization from the Governor. This restriction does not apply to non-residents who have a business permit and are registered with the Prefectural Government.

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