Isla Alejandro Selkirk Island



Isla Alejandro Selkirk Island


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Isla Alejandro Selkirk is one of the Galapagos Islands located in the Pacific Ocean. It is named after Scottish explorer and navigator, Alexander Selkirk, who was marooned there in 1789. Selkirk was a soldier and a sailor before his expedition, and he was first to explore the east coast of South America. Selkirk’s attempt to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean from the Pacific coast of South America was unsuccessful. He became stranded on Isla Alejandro Selkirk with only a few men and some animals for more than four years.

Isla Alejandro Selkirk Island



Isla Alejandro Selkirk was first explored by Scottish explorer and navigator, Alexander Selkirk, in 1789. Selkirk was a soldier and a sailor before his expedition, and he was the first to explore the east coast of South America. His attempt to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean from the Pacific coast of South America was unsuccessful.

Selkrik’s group became stranded on Isla Alejandro Selkie after his ship, HMS Beagle , wrecked on rocks near Guayaquil in Ecuador while en route home from Tierra del Fuego. He was one of the 52 survivors, but most died from starvation and disease. Selkirk had to eke out an existence for four years among the island’s birds, gannets, blue-footed boobies, penguins and Galapagos tortoises until he found a boat taking up provisions in 1792. It is said mating would occur only by common consent between two mates so that harsh competition over females contributed towards keeping males away from visitors who might disrupt their further breeding cycle; while study at this time also appears to have been rarer there than on other islands owing mainly Selkirk and his party stayed there for four years.

Selkie island was a place of where some people used to live, fish eagles, sharks eels as pets, lives well with an armed group via the president because this island is close enough from Ecuador’s capital city called Quito ( Quechua ,altitude: about 3000 mts above sea level), which could be reached with only one time flight. They would collect wood – guano – in order to sell it on both islands; brazilwood xeroplantalluralia canariasde cucaracha and mercurius vulgricans eel eels are the people who were fond of these species.



The island, although permanently inhabited, has a markedly different climate to the mainland: it is cool and wet in winter, moderately warm and dry in summer. The average annual temperature ranges from 12 °C (54 °F) in January to 24 °C (75 °F) in July.

The island supports a flora and fauna which are distinctly different from those found on the mainland. Selkies can survive for long periods of time without any food or water other than that which they extract from sea spray; their small size allows them to eke out an existence among the seabirds while they are inactive, although in the summer months, when seabirds rise to feed on their breeding colonies there may be a scarcity of eels on the island.

Selkies can grow up to 30 feet without reproducing and thus have no natural predators other than humans which kill them for food or sport; eels taken from Selkie Island often suffer for some time after being removed from water due to desaturation but return healthy and vigorous shortly afterwards.



The Selkies have a culture unique to the island, which includes carved and painted objects, some of which are very old. The Selkies also make use of medicinal plants found on the island. The island’s culture is essentially a reflection on the nation of Selkie, which consists of six states (Anhö and Mikaki at one time were united with Goavio to form Anhö Suodru). There are no historical records as none exist from before contact with Europe.

Selkies have always been fiercely independent; however, they made some alliances in their own defense against other island nations such as “Fecliclímne”: within Feclirimine there are three different clans each named for a tree: Awingee, Üuleyehle , and Cervio, each with its own special abilities; they worked closely to create new weapons of war.

However, “Feclimine” has always been under a curse: the island people would bleed from their mouth when attacked or just before giving birth (and eels are an important resource for food) – this problem was eventually solved by Selkies developing knives as substitutes for teeth in order to open wounds at such times (making them similar but not exactly like ordinary eel blades).



The Selkies have a matriarchal society, with inheritance tracing through the mother. Governance is by consensus, and disputes are resolved through council or delegated decision-making bodies. Selkies live in egalitarian family units of around 12 people.

Marriage within the clan is almost obligatory – once someone marries they may not marry again outside their clan. Children take on their parent’s gender identity, but typically do not change it throughout adulthood; exceptions to this include transgender individuals who may elect to undergo surgery to physically transition into their preferred gender (and vice versa for those born female who want to become male ).

Government services

Government services

The Selkies maintain a small military to protect their island and engage in minor trading. They have no currency, relying instead on bartering or gift-giving.

Selkies are mostly self-sufficient, growing most of the food they need. However, occasional trade with other island nations is necessary for obtaining rare resources such as eels or wood from long-extinct trees.



The Selkies are relatively new to tourism, and have not developed a comprehensive system for handling visitors. As such, tourists often experience problems with unclear directions, linguistic barriers, and overcrowding.

The Selkie culture is highly ceremonialized; nearly everything they do has a specific purpose or meaning. Their island home is a sacred place, and traditional ceremonies are frequently held in honor of their ancestors or to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays or weddings.


Isla Alejandro Selkirk is an uninhabited island located in the southwestern Gulf of Fonseca, Panama. The island is named after Alexander Selkirk, a naval officer and privateer who was shipwrecked there in 1704. After spending some time on the island, Selkirk became the first Europeans to live continuously on an uninhabited landmass since the Vikings over 1,000 years earlier.


1 .Is There A Airport On The Island?

There is no permanent airport on Isla Alejandro Selkirk, but there are several small airstrips that can be used for landing and take-off. These airstrips can only be accessed by boat or helicopter.

2.What Is The Currency Of Isla Alejandro Selkirk?

The currency of Isla Alejandro Selkirk is Panamanian Colon (PNC).

3.What Phone Services Are Available On The Island?

There are no fixed landline or cellular telephone service available in any part of the island, instead, all communications from Isla Alejandro Selkirk are done through satellite phone or radio. All incoming and outgoing calls must be prepaid and in accordance with unusual prefixes for international calls made on the island.

4 . What Type Of Transportation Services Are Available?

There is no public transportation provided to and from Isla Alejandro Selkirk by a company except via plane or boat service but there is some water taxis that can transport people between Baltra Island (and other locations around) and Porto Bello Island in cruise trips or private tours

5 . Can A Visit To The Island Be Done By Non-Residents?

Of course, but only under authorization from the government of Panama. In order for visitors to get permission they need to apply through their local Panamanian consulate.

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