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Isla Bermejo Island


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Isla Bermejo Island is an un spoilt gem that offers visitors a range of activities and experiences including hiking, swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing.

The island is also a great place to relax and rejuvenate thanks to its many options for activities and its lovely surroundings. With so much to offer, Isla Bermejo is a great place to visit whether you’re looking for a day out or a relaxing getaway.

Isla Bermejo Island History

Isla Bermejo Island

Isla Bermejo Island is located in the Los Roques Archipelago, which is a group of islands that are located off the coast of Venezuela. The island was first discovered by Spanish explorers in 1537, but it wasn’t until 1814 when British captain James Cook arrived on the island and named it after his friend, Admiral Lord George Charles Berkeley.

The island remained uninhabited for many years due to its remote location and unstable weather conditions, but today tourism plays an important role in its economy. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities such as hiking, swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. The island also has a great restaurant that you can get in to over the counter or on board depending on how fancy your taste is.

It’s not all about relaxing when at Isla Bermejo though; visitors have plenty of opportunities for active leisure time with tours available from both Los Roques Harbour as well as San Antonio island which gives you an alternative range of activities if geoglyphs are taking all your “active” leisure time options away!



The island has a tropical climate with average temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius. It is important to note that because of the island’s location, there can be significant temperature variations between night and day which means you should pack appropriately for both hot and cold weather conditions!



Isla Bermejo is a culturally rich island, which has been influenced by both Spanish and British settlers. In terms of cuisine, you can expect to find dishes such as chicken tandoori, churrasco steak and fresh fish cooked in several different ways.

The island also has an interesting history that is worth learning about if you’re visiting; some believe that the island was once the home of a civilised race of people who disappeared due to war or natural disasters. If this all sounds like too much work for your holiday then you could always just relax on one of the many beautiful beaches to be found on the island. You can also enjoy a number of activities such as fishing, windsurfing and cycling for those visitors who prefer less strenuous leisure time options!



The island is a self-governing British Overseas Territory and its government is based on the Westminster parliamentary system. The island has around 2,000 residents who are represented in the House of Assembly. The island has a population that is 60% British, 40% Spanish and the remaining ethnic groups include Venezuelan, Colombian and Peruvian.

The island of Los Roques appears to be above debates over government policies: as many new laws are introduced by the UK in London with no consultation or input from local politicians, whatever happens on this island won’t necessarily reflect national policy.

Government Services

Government Services

Your passport is always required when travelling to Isla Bermejo. You will be able to purchase the island’s health insurance at the airport if you need it and there are a number of banks with branches on the island, although they may not be open during your stay.

Electricity is supplied by British electricity company Npower, water is provided in bulk by Nestle Waters (owned through Brita) and mobile telephone coverage throughout the island is good. Cellphones are required in the main towns, island and a network of repeaters at specific locations.

The island can be reached by many airlines including Avianova which flies direct to Los Roques from Port Harcourt (Nigeria), Georgetown (Guyana) and some European airports. Note that it is wise to book flights earlier than usual as there have been occasions when new arrivals were unable or unwilling to establish mobile phone access, if this should happen during your stay contact local operators on +599 582 -2798 for possible help finding GSM cellphone coverage only.



Los Roques is a popular island for tourists, both because of its natural beauty and the fact that it provides access to two very different cultures. Visitors can choose between spending their time on the many beaches or hiking through some of the more impressive scenery, such as rain forests and Precambrian rock formations. There are also several game reserves which visitors can visit in search of wildlife.

The island has a wide range of accommodation options from campgrounds to luxury resorts, most with their own restaurants and bars where you can enjoy British or Spanish cuisine.



Los Roques has a well-developed network of public buses that run between the various settlements on the island. There are also a few taxi services, as well as boat and helicopter trips to other parts of the island.


Isla Bermejo is a volcanic island located east of the Santa Cruz Island group, in the South Pacific Ocean. The island is part of the Chilean continental shelf and is administrated by the commune of Santa Cruz, part of the Province of Concepción. The island has an area of 361.8 km2 and has a population of 1,941 (as at 2002).


1 .What Is The Climate Like On Isla Bermejo Island?

Ans: The island has a warm, tropical climate with average temperatures ranging from 26-30 degrees Celsius. The island experiences both rain and sun during the course of the year.

2. How Many Hours Of Daylight Per Day Are There On Isla Bermejo Island?

Ans: On average, there are 18 hours of daylight per day.

3. How Safe Is It To Visit Isla Bermejo Island?

Ans: Island travel can be relatively dangerous, but most accidents happen while swimming or hiking in unfamiliar areas – never while sailing or windsurfing.

4. What Are Some Of The Attractions On Isla Bermejo Island?

Ans: Some popular attractions on the island include hiking, swimming, kayaking and mountain biking.

5. Is There A Hotel Or Other Accommodation Available On Isla Bermejo Island?

Ans: There is no official accommodation available on the island, but there are a few private homes that can be rented for short periods of time.

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