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Isla Dawson Island


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If you’re looking for a secluded getaway, Isla Dawson Island is the perfect spot for you. This stunning island located in the Caribbean is untouched by human hands and offers a quiet, relaxing experience. With stunning clear waters and white sand beaches, Isla Dawson Island is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing, and kayaking. The island is also home to a variety of wildlife including iguanas, parrots, and monkeys. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive vacation with plenty of activities to keep you busy, Isla Dawson Island is the perfect destination!

Isla Dawson Island


Isla Dawson Island was first discovered by the Spanish in 1628, but it wasn’t colonised until 1838. The island’s original name was Isleta de Santa Elena, but it was renamed after Lady Isabella Dawson, a philanthropist who donated money to help develop the island.

The island is currently owned and operated by Bahama Breeze Villas & Bungalows, which offers a range of vacation packages that include activities like snorkelling and kayaking. Here are some of the island’s most popular activities:

(Photo credit) Kayaking Nongkutri Cave Snorkelling Turtle Farm Isla Abajo The Dreamland, a water park where you can go kayaking or swimming and try out different watersports. (Pet friendly island – note that all dogs must be on a lead.) Tours/Excursions Helipad Aerobics Paradise Park Nature Walk Archaeological Trail Courtesy Tour Captain Eric is our local tour guide who’d take us along to nearby islands like Cayman and Grand Turk, which he describes as “the best kept secrets of the Caribbean.” The island is also popular for day-trips from Georgetown, Grand Cayman and Finca Bay.



The island has a tropical climate with year-round average temperatures of around 29 degrees Celsius. The island’s rainy season runs from July to October, while the drier season is between December and May. Entry/Policy Information Currently, foreigners require a passport and visa to enter the island. However, an e-visa is available with five different options for US citizens: Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) eVisa Waiver Tourist VISA Accredited Envoy Visa ETA and machine readable passports are required; $25 processing fee payable upon arrival by cash or check only. Open Office Time Mon–Fri 8:30am – 4pm Guaransola Taxis can help you book transportation from either Georgetown or Princess Place waterfronts as well as from nearby marinas at Cayman Turtle Divers and Maisto. The island can also be reached as a stop on chartered flights with Flamingo Charters, Zodiac Cruises and Ocean Eagle Tours (also offering multiple stops to dive sites around Grand Cayman). Adrian Joachim is a tour operator based in Georgetown, which he says makes it the best choice for both tourists and vacationers alike. ‘Whenever we try go to other places or states near us they always compare us but no one compares here since there are many activities.”



The island’s culture is largely based around its British heritage, with English being the main language spoken. There are a number of British-style pubs on the island, as well as weekly cricket matches. The island also has a sizeable expat community from countries such as the US and UK, who have helped to keep traditional Caribbean customs alive.



Isla Dawson Island Politics is the study of politics and governance in Isla Dawson Island, a British Overseas Territory in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Political science research on the Island has focused on issues such as ethnicity, gender, social movements, and political parties. Other topics of research have included constitutional development, crime and law enforcement, economics and finance, regional integration, national government, and international relations.

Government services

Government services

Isla Dawson Island offers a wide variety of government services that are available to its residents. These services include public safety, healthcare, education, and many more. To find out more about any of these services, please visit the official website or contact the appropriate department directly.



Isla Dawson Island is a popular tourist destination, with many different types of tourists coming to visit. Some of the most popular tourist destinations on Isla Dawson Island include the island’s beaches, wildlife parks, gastro pubs and restaurants, and shopping centres. To find out more about these attractions, please visit the official website or contact the appropriate department directly.



There are a number of transport options available to residents of Isla Dawson Island. These options include public transportation, car rental, and island taxis. To find out more information about any of these options, please visit the official website or contact the appropriate department directly.


The Isla Dawson Island is a small island located in the city of Saint John, New Brunswick. It was declared a National Historic Site in 1984 and is home to the Isla Dawson Museum, which showcases the life of the island’s namesake and one of the first female railway engineers in North America. The island also has a cemetery, a railway station, and a general store that were all used by the island’s residents. The island has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its significant historical value.


What Is The Weather Like On Isla Dawson Island?

The island has a typical Caribbean climate with warm, humid summers and mild winters. The best time to visit the island is from May to October, when temperatures are usually in the mid-twenties Fahrenheit.

What Is The Island’s Official Language?

The island’s official language is English, but it is also home to a variety of aboriginal languages, including Mi’kmaq and Maliseet. Visitors should be aware that some words used on the island may not be familiar to them, so it is advisable to brush up on their vocabulary before travelling there!

Is There Transport Available Onto The Island?

There are no public transportation options available onto Isla Dawson Island, but private shuttles can be arranged by contacting local tour operators. Alternatively, visitors can kay ak over to the island, but they will need to carry their own equipment and supplies.

Is There A Grocery Store On The Island?

Yes, there is a general store located on the island that sells a variety of food items and drinks.

What Are Some Of The Most Notable Attractions On Isla Dawson Island?

The main tourist attraction on Isla Dawson Island is the Isla Dawson Museum, which showcases the life and achievements of its namesake – one of North America’s first female railway engineers. The island also has a cemetery, railway station, and General Store that were all used by island residents in centuries past. 

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