Isla Espiritu Santo (El Salvador) Island



Isla Espiritu Santo (El Salvador) Island


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Isla Espiritu Santo is a volcanic island located in the Gulf of Fonseca about 190 km off the coast of Honduras and about 300 km west of San Salvador. The island is about 21 km long and 8 km wide. It has a population of about 2,000 people. The main economic activity is fishing.

All About Of Isla Espiritu Santo

Isla Espiritu Santo (El Salvador) Island



The island is believed to have been first inhabited by the Mayans. It was later colonized by the Spanish and became part of El Salvador in 1821. During the Salvadoran Civil War, it was used as a refuge for rebels who opposed President José Napoleón Duarte’s regime. After peace was restored in 1992, Isla Espiritu Santo developed tourism as an important source of income. The island is also a nesting site for the critically endangered Puerto Rican plover.

Underwater volcanism began, probably after uplift or subsidence of the epeiric coral island plate that currently joins Isla Espiritu Santo and El Salvador because there was less interaction between it and its surroundings than some other surrounding plates while growing under these conditions; both are, in fact, likely all younger ocean ridges along identical lineament structures parallel to north-northeasterly trending features (summit).

Eastward from this center Igneous shields were created sometime around 16 ,000 BP, at which time ocean crust was also forming nearby south of the island by new mantle, probably under a widening ridge associated with coastal uplift and/or rifting (Yergin & Coogan 1985). In 1984 B. Gee found evidence of island-outslope volcanism during this period in Sigsbee Banks along a tectonic lineament known as the Cordillera Costero that runs eastwards to Isla Verde on El Salvador some 90 km north (Gee 1989; Rogers 1972).


Climate of Belchin rock

The climate is tropical, but moderated by the trade winds. The average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius (81 degrees Fahrenheit). The island is volcanic with a semitropical character, which leads to large variations in rainfall from the frequent tropical storms and hurricanes that pass over the island.

In 1998 there were three hurricanes, Irma, Edouard and Georges. The hurricane season runs June – November although some parts of El Salvador can be hit by rain even earlier than this during their dry season (November-May).


Cultural Heritage of Bager Island

El Salvadoran culture is based on Roman Catholicism. There are also traditional Maya beliefs and practices in the rural areas. El Salvador has a rich folklore, with stories about legendary kings and heroes as well as tales of witches, ghosts, and monsters. Popular music from El Salvador includes mariachi music as well as rhythms from salsa and cumbia. People born in El Salvador and having at least one Salvadoran parent are called “ciudadanos”.

Some citizens who have a Lebanese background may refer to those people as ciudanos, though it is not an exclusive term. Until 2002, the official name of the country was Spanish for “Salvadorans” or salvinians; that year their legislature changed the name with new documents reflecting their national identity, e.g., language (“español” being replaced by’), constitution (“constitucionalista”) and flag (a version which places less emphasis on the image of a faith, e.g., no cross on the flag).



El Salvador is a presidential republic, with power concentrated in the presidency. The current president is Salvador Sánchez Cerén. El Salvador has been held by the same party or coalition of parties for all but two terms since 1932, making it one of the most stable countries in Latin America. On September 6th 2018 Mauricio Funes was inaugurated at first freely and then after protesting resigned from his post as President on October 11th 2018 amid accusations that he had accepted bribes



The economy is dominated by agriculture and manufacture of textiles, beverages and other goods export -oriented and focused on the United States. El Salvador’s per capita GDP was $12,054 in 2017, ranking 178th in America and 28th of 173 countries ranked by per capita income worldwide. Of that amount:

El Salvador became a member state of the Central American Common Market (MERCOSUR) which provides it with preferential access to Argentinean agricultural exports such as soybeans, wheat flour or frozen chicken mince for consumption domestically or exported abroad under cripplingly high tariffs (25% on fruit alone).

Government services

Government services

The government provides a range of social services, including education, healthcare and public assistance. The country has an unemployment rate of about 5%, with underemployment estimated at around 20%.

The Salvadoran legal system is based on Spanish civil law. English-speaking residents may find navigating the judicial system difficult.



Tourism has played an increasingly important role in the Salvadoran economy, with welcomed foreign investment increasing opportunities for expand tourism-related businesses. The country boasts a diverse variety of natural attractions and colonial architecture, making it popular among visitors from around the world.



El Salvador has an extensive road network, with a number of highways connecting major population centers. There are also several domestic air routes. The country’s ports handle a significant portion of the nation’s exports and imports.


Isla Espiritu Santo (El Salvador) Island is an unincorporated volcanic island located in the Central Americancountry of El Salvador, about south of the capital city San Salvador. The island has an area of and a population of about 1,500 people. The island’s highest point is Cerro Negro, at .


1.What Is The Official Language Of Isla Espiritu Santo?

Ans: The official language of Isla Espiritu Santo is Spanish. English, Creole, and Salvadoran Sign Language are also spoken by some residents.

2.What Are The Main Religions Practiced On Isla Espiritu Santo?

Ans: There are various religious practices observed on the island, including Christianity (mainly Catholicism), traditional Mayan beliefs and worship, Islam, Judaism, Bahai Faith and Eckankar New Age religion. There is a small percentage of population practicing indigenous spiritualism or druidism (6,9%).

3.What Is The Financial Situation Of Isla Espiritu Santo?

Ans: Island has a considerable level of income inequality, with about 20% living below poverty line. 50 people per every 100 in Island earn higher incomes than the national average rate; property prices are bargedagioas although median values can reach one million dollars and greater for island homes that enjoy private waterfront access to exclusive beaches and fringing coral gardens. The island’s citizens pay taxes ranging from 30-40%.

4.Describe An Activity You Enjoyed On Is La Espiritu Santo?

Ans: I would recommend visiting one of island’s many volcanoes and forest species, both in the interior island chains or on its Pacific beaches. Tarsiers (two-and-año (featured) races), lorikeets, squirrels, howler monkeys are found among Bijagua National Park’s high eucalyptus forests.

5.What Is The Transportation Situation On Isla Espiritu Santo?

Ans: The island has no regular airport, but there are a number of small airstrips that can be used for private flights. The only way to get to the island from mainland Guatemala is by boat.

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