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Isla Huemul Island


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Isla Huemul is a stunning and untouched island located in the Gulf of California. It’s a popular destination for tourists who love to explore natural wonders and pristine landscapes. The island is also home to several endemic species of animals, including the endemic condor (Vultur gryphus).

Isla Huemul Island


Isla Huemul is a volcanic island that was formed about 85,000 years ago. The island’s cliffs, slopes and peaks are covered with beautiful eucalyptus trees and dense vegetation. There are also several hot springs on the island which make it a popular spot for visitors looking for relaxation and natural beauty.

Nowadays, Isla Huemul is a popular destination for tourists who love to explore the natural wonders of Mexico’s Pacific coast. The island can be visited independently or as part of a tour package that includes other nearby islands such as Islas Blanca, Islas Gringo, Isla San Geronimo and just a short crossing to the island of Lobos.

Isla Huemul is also home to several endemic species, including the endangered condor (Vultur gryphus). The mild climate of this island makes it a perfect place for recovery from any injury or surgery.



Isla Huemul enjoys a mild, oceanic climate with consistent temperatures year-round. The weather is usually very pleasant, with little rainfall and very few extreme temperature fluctuations. There can be some cloud cover, but it rarely stays for more than half an hour.

In the winter, eucalyptus trees shed all of their leaves at once and create a spectacular display that lasts several weeks. The island is also visited by many species of tropical birds who have established colonies on its cliffs and other areas where they feel safer from predators such as foxes or jaguars.

Isla Huemul has been used as a filming location in movies starring Sandra Bullock such as “The Net” (1995), “Demolition Man,” (1993) “Speed ” (1994), “The Net” – Live Action, “” (1998) and the television movie “Fair Game” alongside Sean Penn.

In 1972 Patrick McGoohan starred in his series of nine episodes as a security guard who discovers he is recruited by an undercover operation hunting down a Russian defector on Isla Huemul island, where there are many ancient petroglyphs from the Yalcucus culture which depict human figures accompanied by enormous eagles still visible today.



The island has a rich culture, with many centuries of history. It is home to the Huemul people, who are the descendants of ancient sea raiders from South America or North Africa. The island was first visited by Europeans in 1535 and was claimed for Spain. In 1884, after years of dispute, Chile obtained sovereignty over most of Isla Huemul (the southern part including Plaza Baquedano) as well as Lobos and other islands in the past tense name Easter Island (Islas de Pascua).



The island has been a stronghold of the left since it gained independence from Chile in 1883. The current president, Jorge Rafael Videla, was head of state during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990), but he was eventually arrested and tried for human rights abuses. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, but had transferred in prison before the sentence came into effect.

A former island mayor and other politicians who resisted dictatorship were later sent after court appeals by new military regimes When Videla died in a hospital, he was buried on Isla Huemul where there is a statue of him depicted standing next to his tombstone – the first time since 1978 that Pinochet’s name has appeared above island streets across Chile.

Government Services

Government Services

There is no airport on the island, and boats take about two hours to reach Huemul from Punta Arenas. There are no banks or shops, so supplies have to be brought in by sea. The only clinic is run by a nun and there is no health care for tourists.

The economy depends heavily on sheep farming, followed by tourism. About 1,000 people live permanently on Isla Huemul – almost all of them members of the indigenous Huemul community who continue traditional practices such as weaving woollen blankets and making pottery in defiance of modernity .



Tourism has been a mainstay of the island’s economy since it was rediscovered in the 1960s, and today about 2,000 people work in tourism. The native Huemul community continues traditional practices such as weaving woollen blankets and making pottery despite having little exposure to modern technology or conveniences. Visitors can stay at guesthouses or pensiones, or rent villas on the island.

Huemul is well known for its superb hiking trails that take visitors up into mountain ranges covered with ferns and eucalyptus trees.


Transportation on Abbott Island

There is no airport on the island, and boats take about two hours to reach Huemul from Punta Arenas. There are no banks or shops, so supplies have to be brought in by sea. The only clinic is run by a nun and there is no health care for tourists


Isla Huemul is a national park in Chile, located off the coast of Chiloé. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest national park in Chile. The park is also known for its endemic wildlife, including South American fur seals and Magellanic penguins.


1 . What Is The Island’s Population?

There are no permanent residents on Isla Huemul, and the island does not have a functioning infrastructure. The island is primarily used for tourism, research, and conservation purposes. There are occasional visits by Chilean Navy personnel to conduct training or respond to emergencies.

  1. Do I Need A Passport To Visit Isla Huemul?

You will not need a passport to visit Isla Huemul if you are visiting as part of an organized tour group or with official permission from the government of Chile. You may still require a visa if you are coming from outside Chile.

  1. How Do I Get To Isla Huemul?

You can fly with Aerocat Chico airport, there is no bus service and the island has a small number of hotels and campgrounds that cater exclusively to tourists visiting by boat or private plane. The island’s only shop provides sufficient supplies during your stay but if you need an expedition supply list email us at macedonio@live-inclandestinosfjr1hotmailcom dot com .

  1. What Are The Island’s Facilities?

Food, lodging and water can be purchased in Catemu where there is an airport with a few hotels by Chilean Air Force 902 Transport Service which operates between near Chanunel at 2,000 ft elevation to Las Cabras (lowest point) at 500 ft elevation during summer months when weather permit but you need your own skis or snowshoes; dining options on island e.g restaurants , bars, food stands etc.

5 . What Can I Bring With Me On The Island?

You will need to pack your own food, water, and camping gear. There are no stores or restaurants on Isla Huemul.

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