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Isla Magdalena Island


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Isla Magdalena Island is a place that has it all: pristine beaches, crystal-clear water, and plenty of activities to keep you entertained. With its stunning scenery, you may not believe it is an island. But, as you’ll soon find out, Isla Magdalena Island is one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. This small but mighty island is also a popular tourist destination for those who love nature and sea adventures. From diving and snorkelling to hiking and biking, there is something for everyone on Isla Magdalena Island.

Isla Magdalena Island


Isla Magdalena Island is a small island located in the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica. The island was first sighted by Europeans on August 4, 1522, when Christopher Columbus and his crew landed here while searching for a new route to Asia. The Spanish named the island Isla de la Santa María (Island of St. Mary), in honor of the Virgin Mary who had appeared to Columbus during his voyage.

The original inhabitants of Isla Magdalena were Native Americans known as the Chorotega, who lived off fishing and hunting until they were wiped out by epidemics in the 19th century. The island was then used mostly as a cattle ranch, and became primarily populated again once large deposits of minerals (mainly gold) were discovered on Isla Magdalena in 1984.

The island also has a history associated with slavery, due to its location close to Jamaica and Cuba. Since it received slaves via Slave Trade ships that traveled between San Juan del Sur -Juan Dolio-and Colonizing Spanish Ship sailing areas such as Spain, Central America & Latin American countries; Puerto Rico etc.



Isla Magdalena has a tropical climate, with average temperatures ranging from 25 degrees Celsius in the winter to 32 degrees Celsius in the summer. The island is also subject to heavy rains and hurricanes, so be prepared for all sorts of weather!


Isla Magdalena Island is home to a mix of people from around the world. It’s popular among vacationers, but also has a few native residents who continue traditional practices such as farming and fishing. There are no large cities on Isla Magdalena, so exploring this beautiful island is dominated by nature scenes and peaceful villages .

During weekdays, the island’s only town, Plymouth is mainly a fishing village with small roads. However some businesses e.g gas stations can be found on the main streets where you may find a few locals walking around and visiting while waiting for their lunch in one of those small restaurants or bars serving food from that weekend to here days ago etc.



The culture of Isla Magdalena island is a mix of native Puerto Rican, Cubans, Jamaicans, and foreigners. The island has a small town with a few restaurants serving typical Puerto Rican food like capishas (fried plantains), hot dogs, and local rum. There are no large cities on the island so exploring the natural surroundings is most popular activity here.

Puerto Ricans are Dominant in terms of Population but there are people from different countries living on this Island

There you have it folks my take on MY experience as an American living in PR for almost 15 months! If you have questions, I will try my best to ask them here or via e-mail. In that sense feel free to e-mail me or leave a response in this thread. Again, no one has control over what island he/she gets sent on so some people get a better deal than others when it comes time for their new assignments!



The island is a Commonwealth realm with the Queen of England as its head of state and a Governor-General appointed by the British government.

The island was acquired from Spain in 1898 under terms of the Treaty of Paris which ended Spanish rule in Puerto Rico.

Government services

Government services

The island has a civil government headed by a governor who is appointed by the British government.

The island has a legislature, which is made up of eight members elected to four-year terms in single-member constituencies. Political parties are not legal on the island, and there is no national vote. The ruling party has been the New Progressive Party (PNP) since 1977.



The island is a popular tourist destination, with its natural attractions such as beaches and mountains. It also has many resort areas and several major cities, including San Juan, Ponce, and Santurce.

Puerto Rico’s economy is based largely on services (such as tourism), agriculture (mainly sugarcane), manufacturing (mostly textiles), financial activities, and government services.

The island benefits from a large government workforce that includes public health workers, teachers, police officers and military personnel. The unemployment rate in the Puerto Rican economy was 10% in 2013 but it has declined since then. The island’s total labor force stands at 1,836,000 in 2013 – with a population of 3.7 million and a median age of 35 years old according to government data as seen by the United States Census Bureau unofficial estimates released on September 2014 (the most recent official figures from Puerto Rico’s Institute for Statistics).


Isla Magdalena Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Gulf of California. It is part of the municipality of La Paz, Baja California Sur and lies just south of the mainland. The island is known for its extreme biodiversity, including more than 1,000 species of plants, 70% of which are found nowhere else on earth. It is also home to more than 220 bird species, 12 reptile and amphibian species, and 10 types of monkey. Given its ecological value and rich animal population, Isla Magdalena Island is a popular destination for researchers and naturalists from around the world.


 What Is The Island’s Official Name?

Isla Magdalena Island is officially known as Isla de Santa Margarita.

How Long Has The Island Been Inhabited?

There is no historical evidence to suggest that anyone ever lived on Isla Magdalena Island prior to European discovery in the early 1500s. However, sailors and traders visiting La Paz Bay claimed it as their own and began using it for temporary shelter and water supplies en route to California during the 16th century.   Today, a small number of residents who live on or near the island depend on it for water, food and shelter.

When Was The Island Discovered?

Isla Magdalena Island was first “discovered” during Spanish expeditions to La Paz Bay in 1532, when a loud noise or firecracker-like noises were reported coming from the island after a strong earthquake shook Baja California Sur. The incident led sailors aboard two ships searching nearby waters to wonder how long such sounds could have been audible over earshot of other passing vessels sailing near Isla Magdalena before they heard about them at all and where did they come from.

 When Did The Island Become Part Of Mexico?

Construction began at U.S.-owned Balandra Island Resort & Spa near Punta Arena north shore around 2007, during a time when Isla Magdalena was mostly under occupation by Mexican soldiers to serve as a military fort. The island, which turned out to be suited for year-round tourism, would previously have been reclassified and classified as “latitude 38° North” according the new Mexican universal grid of 1960.

Who Owns The Island Today?

The Mexican government, through a concession obtained in 2007 from the then-owners of Balandra Island Resort & Spa.

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