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Isla Rosario Island


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Isla Rosario is a small, picturesque island in the Gulf of California that is known for its rich marine life. The island was formerly used as a naval training ground and is now open to tourists who can explore its forests, beaches, and coral reefs. The diverse terrain and abundant marine life make Isla Rosario a perfect place to dive, snorkel, and fish. There are also several restaurants and hotels on the island that offer breathtaking views of the Gulf of California.

All About Of Isla Rosario Island

Isla Rosario Island


Isla Rosario is a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Argentina. It was discovered by Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos in 1516 and named Isla del Rosario (Island of the Rose). In 1537, it was claimed by García Sarmiento de la Serna, governor of Buenos Aires. After losing the Battle of Cepeda in 1817, Brazil claimed the island as part of its territory. Argentina regained control in 1828 and declared it a National Monument in 1902.


Isla Rosario Island geography

Isla Rosario is an Argentine island located in the Gulf of San Matias, west of Tierra del Fuego. The island is long and narrow, with a total area of 2,851 km2 (1,111 sq mi). It is separated from South America by the channel known as the Beagle Channel.




The ecosystem of Isla Rosario Island is composed of a wide range of plant and animal species. The island supports a large number of endemic and rare species, many of which are threatened with extinction.

More than 350 native trees grow on the island, including 25 endemic to the archipelago. There are also more than 250 species of vascular plants, as well as about 160 varieties of lichens. The island’s diverse wildlife includes more than 260 bird species, 60 mammal species, and 20 reptile species. The marine environment supports a wide range of dolphins and whales, as well as several types of coral reefs.

Culture and Religion

Culture and Religion

The culture and religion of Isla Rosario Island are primarily Christianity. There is a small Muslim population on the island, but they are in the minority. The majority of the population is Christian, with a significant minority of Catholics. There is also a sizable Protestant population, as well as individuals from other Christian denominations.

The main religion practiced on Isla Rosario Island is Christianity, which is the majority religion. The main CHRISTIAN denominations present on the island are Catholic and Protestant. The Catholic Church has a significant majority of the population on Isla Rosario Island, while Protestants make up a smaller percentage but nevertheless have their own churches and communities. There is also a small Muslim population on the island who follow Islam.



The main language spoken on Isla Rosario Island is Spanish. However, there are also a number of indigenous languages that are still spoken by a small percentage of the population. These include the Yamana and Rapa Nui languages, which belong to the Polynesian family and are both endangered.


Isla Rosario is a small and uninhabited island in the Gulf of California, off the coast of Baja California Sur. The island is notable as the site of a lighthouse, built in 1858, which served as a navigational aid for ships traveling between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The island is also known for its seagrass beds and associated coral reefs, which attract divers and snorkelers.

Hotels and Resorts List

Hotels and Resorts List

Here is the list of hotels and resorts on Isla Rosario Island:

  1. Bella Vida Resort
  2. Casa Blanca Resort
  3. El Faro Resort
  4. El Patio del Mar Resort
  5. Gran Melia Isla Rosario Resort
  6. La Palapa del Mar Resort
  7. Los Arcos Hotel & Spa
  8. Oasis Isla Rosario Resort


South Molle Transport

The transport of Isla Rosario Island can take various forms, the most common of which is air travel. There are a number of airlines that operate direct services to and from Isla Rosario, with prices that vary depending on the season. The island is also connected to the mainland by a number of bridges and ferries, making it possible to reach it by road as well.


Paisley Cuisine

Isla Rosario is known for its delicious cuisine. Its cuisine reflects the various cultures that have come and gone over the years, from Spanish to African to Chinese. Here are some of the most popular dishes on Isla Rosario:

  1. Mole – Mole is a stew made from a variety of ingredients, including dried chilies, spices, and nuts. It is often served with rice and beans and can be spiced up to perfection depending on your taste.
  2. Cachapa – Cachapa is a type of rice pudding made from sugar, milk, and eggs. It can be sweet or savory, depending on how you prepare it.
  3. Asado – Asado is a barbecue dish that typically consists of beef or pork cooked over an open flame. It can be served with various sides, such as rice and beans or plantains.
  4. Paella – Paella is a popular Spanish dish that typically consists of seafood, chicken, or pork cooked in a pot with a variety of spices and herbs. It can be served with rice or bread, and can also be topped with squid ink sauce or saffron strands.

If you’re looking for a delicious meal that will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey, look no further than Isla Rosario’s cuisine!


Isla Rosario is a beautiful island with a lot to offer tourists. The weather is perfect all year round, and there are plenty of activities to keep visitors busy. The island has a rich history, and it is filled with natural wonders that make for great photo opportunities. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, Isla Rosario is the perfect destination for you!


1.What Is The Climate Like On Isla Rosario?

Ans: The climate on Isla Rosario is subtropical with a mean temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. The summers are hot and humid, while the winters are mild and rainy.

2.Is There A Hotel On The Island?

Ans: There is no hotel on the island, but there are several private villas that offer accommodations.

3.What Is The Currency In Use On Isla Rosario?

Ans: The currency in use on Isla Rosario is the Argentine peso (ARS).

4.Are There Any Restaurants Or Cafes On The Island?

Ans: There are several restaurants and cafes on the island, but most of them close down during the winter.

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