Islas Malvinas, Georgias y Sandwich del Sur Island



Islas Malvinas Georgias y Sandwich del Sur Island


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Islas Malvinas, Georgias y Sandwich del Sur Island son tres islas aisladas que forman parte de la Antártida Austral. La isla de Islas Malvinas es la pequeña isla más estrecha del continente América del Sur. Está situada al sur de la Tierra en el océano Atlántico.

La isla se encuentra a 190 millas noreste de Puerto Argentino. La isla de Georgias tiene una extensión aproximada de 1.700 kilómetros cuadrados y está situada a 63 millas noreste de Islas Malvinas.

Islas Malvinas Georgias y Sandwich del Sur Island


The island of Malvinas has a long and complex history. The first inhabitants arrived about 10,000 years ago. They were the ancestors of the Maori people who later settled on New Zealand. In 1536, Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés landed on Isla Santa María, which he named La Argentina del Sur (Southern Argentina). Four years later, he sailed north to find an entrance to the Pacific Ocean and claimed La Antártida Austral e Islas Malvinas for Spain.

In 1820, a British expedition led by Phillip Parker King discovered Georgias Island and its unique soil, the island was named after the King in 1821.

In 1862 Malvinas joined a British protectorate called “Hemispheric Defence Bond”. It is not until 1938 when Argentina took control of these lands again as first perguntado by then President General Arturo Alfonsín, who asked him why he should purchase such little chunks of land between three other countries friends: Brazil, Chile and Paraguay? Which each had been bigger than it and needed more water?

And no, they would not be called “Island of the Nazis”. But when Argentina said necesita territorios en el lugar donde nacieron los EEUU, ella se había juntado a otros países y was asked by her new President Juan Domingo Perón to annexes these here.



The climates of the three Islands are markedly different. Islas Malvinas enjoy a warm, humid climate and is well-suited for plantation agriculture. Georgias has a subtropical climate with mild winters and hot, humid summers. The weather on Sandwich del Sur Island is classified as a tropical monsoon climate with pronounced wet and dry seasons.



Malvinas has a culture that is distinctly different from either island, with its own language, food, music and folklore. The people of Georgias Island are largely of British heritage and have developed a distinct cuisine and musical styles.

Flora and fauna

Islas Malvinas offer a variety of ecosystems, including wetlands, forests, deserts and mountaineous areas. There are more than 1 000 vascular plants that can be found natively on the island; more than 275 of those species have been introduced without adverse effects to the island ecosystem.

On Islas Georgias plant diversity is low with only 208 species recorded in 2002 so it remains very much in its natural state considering their small size but there are many efforts underway aimed at protecting its biodiversity as well as increasing public knowledge about conservation issues for all flora and f auna of the island.

The flora and fauna of these St, Peter’s Islands are diverse although they all share a common theme: there is no endemic species or ecoregion (reserved areas) in this archipelago with most animals migrating between neighbouring islands after their young have been born to exploit local resources.



The islands are self-governing and their political systems are based on the Westminster system. The islanders elect a government that is responsible for matters of general administration, defense, economic development and public services. The islanders are represented in the Argentine Congress, since a constitutional amendment in 1995 awarded them full representation.

The island is divided into twelve districts, each with its own mayor and council and forming an assembly of people from both islands on a rotational basis (every six months). The current president of the island is Alberto Maciel. An office for ex-officio assistance to the Governor was created during 2016 when it became known that Ramón Gómez had been chosen as new governor together with his wife Silvia Salomao who has become head governess. She started her term in January 2017.

Law enforcement on the island is provided by a gendarmerie, under whose command are the police, who serve justice and enforce civil laws. There is also a public prosecutor’s office that acts as an independent body from any political party or group of people but can be voted out at election times (2012).

Government services

Government services

The island has a hospital, an agricultural college, two post offices (one open to the public), a bank, a number of stores and businesses, water and power services. There is also resident medical coverage on the island for tourists as well as Argentine citizens.

Tourism on Saint Peter’s Islands is based primarily around boating activities such as snorkelling; fishing in both fresh- and saltwater; hiking trails that lead through rainforest to jagged peaks; horseback riding along coral-filled canals; visiting plantations where subsistence farmers grow fruits such as breadfruit, mangoes and papayas; and swimming in the clear Springs.

The island can be reached by boat through a regular ferry service between Puerto Natales, Chile and St Peter’s Island; from Puerto Montt, when you are coming from points north of Punta Arenas or Antofagasta (Chile);and also by travelling south to Valdivia on La Palena Peninsula where there is an airport with scheduled services operated daily. All flights operate at least twice a week during summer months only but are mostly instrument flights rather than passenger aircraft as per 2015 statistics.



Saint Peter’s Islands in the South Pacific are a natural paradise with a broad range of attractions.

Some island highlights include fishing, boating, swimming, birdwatching and horseback riding on pristine beaches and through twisting canals lined with brightly coloured exotic flowers. There are also plenty of plantation tours to see where local subsistence farmers grow fresh fruits such as mangoes, papayas and breadfruit trees. Most visitors arrive by boat or air from Puerto Natales (Chile), Valdivia or Santiago de Chile; there is no regular public transportation on the islands apart from bicycles for tourists.


The Argentinian archipelago comprises three main islands – Islas Malvinas, Georgias y Sandwich del Sur Island. The chain is located in the South Atlantic Ocean, 350 kilometers east of the Chilean mainland. The islands are renowned for their stunning landscapes and unique wildlife. The islands were first discovered by Europeans on April 2, 1502 and were colonized by Spain in 1625. Argentina declared its independence from Spain on May 24, 1816.


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