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Jessie Island is a small island located off the coast of Florida, in the Atlantic Ocean. It was purchased by Disney in 1985 and has been used for filming movies and television shows ever since. The main attraction of the island is its Jungle Cruise, which opened in 1994.

Jessie Island


The island was first discovered by Europeans in 1513, and various Spanish explorers visited the area over the next few years. It wasn’t until 1565 that an Englishman named John White began exploring the mainland near what is now known as Jessie Island. He named it for his niece, Jessy Glover Brown.

In 1684, a group of Native Americans led by Sacagawea landed on the island to trade with the English colonists , and in the same year President Thomas Jefferson purchased it for use as a military fortification. Over the next few years, numerous other such forts would be built throughout Florida to protect against French and Spanish aggression from Cuba.


The climate on Jessie Island is characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to chilly winters. The island experiences a good deal of rainfall, averaging about sixty-five inches per year. The highest recorded temperature on the island was 96 degrees Fahrenheit, while the lowest ever recorded was -1 degree. Fauna

The native fauna found on the island are alligators, deer, snakes and other reptiles. The most common bird species is the Sparrow Hawk.


The culture of the island revolves around its Jungle Cruise, which has been described as one of the best in the world. The island also has a small amusement park and several restaurants. Tourism

Due to the abundance of natural scenery found in the area and its central location, tourism is a very important part of Jessie Island’s industry. There are numerous places throughout Florida where tourists can catch glimpses of wildlife or enjoy some relaxing time on sandy beaches.


The politics of the island are dominated by its position as a US military fortification. The island is home to about 1,000 active duty and retired soldiers, who represent just one-tenth of 1 percent of the population. However, due to its unique location and history, Jessie Island has been involved in many historic events including both World Wars. It was even the scene of a famous battle between pirates and British marines in 1719.

Government services

Due to its remote location, Jessie Island is not accessible by road. Therefore, all government services are provided through a small military base on the island. Electricity and water are both supplied through underground pipelines. All power generated on the island is automatically distributed to all parts of Florida through underground cables.

The main port where supplies and other cargo are delivered by boats is also located in St Petersburg which can be reached by plane or ferry. Mail services, banking — as well as a school that prepares students for college entrance examinations – are available only at the federal base’s post office.


Due to the island’s natural beauty, wildlife and its military fortifications, tourism is a very important part of Jessie Island’s economy. There are numerous places throughout Florida where tourists can catch glimpses of wildlife or enjoy some relaxing time on sandy beaches.

There are also several restaurants available on the island that cater specifically to tourists. The tourism industry has been growing substantially in recent years due to increasing interest in nature-based holidays and romantic getaways.


The only way to get to Jessie Island is by boat or plane. The airport on the island is served by both domestic and international flights. ferries connect the mainland United States with the island, while a shuttle service provides transport between St Petersburg and the island.

The population of the island is around 800 , with a permanent military base on site. The Fort DeSoto National Cemetery, which holds nearly 10,000 crypts for veterans of World War I and later conflicts in Europe and Asia; is located within sight of the hat tip at its easternmost end.



While the cuisine on Jessie Island is similar to that of St Petersburg, there are a few restaurants that specialize in local seafood dishes. There are also a number of bars and cafes where visitors can relax after spending time outdoors or touring the fort. A number of recreational attractions also exist on the island, including hiking trails and ponds filled with manatees.


The island’s wildlife is largely dependent on the presence of humans. While much of the original vegetation has been cleared, there are still plenty of wildflowers and trees to provide a variety of habitats for native animals. Capybara, deer and opossums can be found roaming around the forests while turtles and snakes slither through the wetlands. The island’s unique ecosystem is also home to a number of rare or endangered species that are very difficult to find elsewhere in Florida.

In addition, the speeder boats and ferries used by tourists run the risk of accidentally transporting them off the island; this has been known to happen outside St Petersburg as well. A number of manatees live on the island year round, though their activities are interrupted during cooler months when they will seek basking areas beneath oyster reefs. In warmer climates these marine mammals can easily be spotted across the bay, while in other parts of Florida they prefer to stay under water.


Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Jessie Island is a naturally occurring sand bar that stretches for 1.5 miles. It is characterized by a deep, crystal-clear water and white sand beaches. This idyllic spot is a popular tourist destination that offers visitors plenty of activities to do, such as swimming, sunbathing, bird-watching, and snorkelling. Visitors can also explore the island’s caves, which are great for exploring prehistoric sites.


What Is The Population Of Jessie Island?

The population of Jessie Island is unknown. However, it is estimated to be around 10-15 people.

How Long Has Disney Owned The Island?

Disney acquired the land on which Jessie Island stands in 1985 and has been using it for filming purposes ever since.

What Are Some Of The Attractions At Jessie Island?

There are several attractions located onJessie Island. The most notable of these are what is known as the Jungle Cruise – an attraction in a boat ride that plays tricks on unsuspecting tourists, and formerly had monkeys performing for guests. Another main feature of the island is Adventure Island – a small child-friendly playground facility with toys and other cool things to do indoors at night.

There are also several restaurants located aroundJessie Island, including Blue Bayou (a restaurant themed after Tom Sawyer’s house , recreated on the island) and Chef Mickey’s (a restaurant that puts a twist to some popular recipes.)

Where Are Buses Available?

Buses are available at Camp Disney near the Magic Kingdom. They go to and from Jessie Island all year round, except in hurricane season (October 15th-March 31st).

Why Can’t I Sit On A Tree?

You can’t sit or lie down on a tree. In fact, the island has no accessible shade areas. Only guests with special needs are permitted to travel to Jessie Island and need day care services upon arrival at the resort.

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