JFK 1991 Storyline and Short Review



JFK 1991 Storyline and Short Review


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The movie JFK is based on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It was released in 1991 and it stars Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison, Tommy Lee Jones as Clay Shaw, Gary Oldman as Lee Harvey Oswald, and Sissy Spacek as Liz Garrison. The story revolves around the events leading up to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

In this article, we will discuss the storyline of the movie. Along with that, we will review the movie in brief. Buckle up and stay with us till the end.

JFK 1991 Storyline and Short Review

Runtime: 3h 26m

Release Year: 1991

Genre: Drama/ Mystery

IMDB Rating: 8/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 84%

Box Office: 205.4 million USD


As we mentioned above, the movie JFK is based on the assassination of John F. Kennedy and it revolves around 4 main characters. They are Jim Garrison (Costner), his assistant David Ferrie (Joe Pesci), Lee Harvey Oswald’s mistress named Marina Oswald, and famous Dallas police detective.

The movie starts with the scene where a man (Claw Shaw) is talking to himself and asks, ‘Why did they kill him?’

The day Kennedy was assassinated, this mysterious person also attends the same ceremony.

The story line about the assassination and conspiracy theories behind it is what grabs attention of people when they watch this movie.

Lessons are learned from this great political drama so that we remember to never let our civil rights be trampled by them again. The lessons taught by JFK remind us of a time where powerful corrupt men had no control over anyone, including police officials engaged in criminal actions against innocent Americans who may not have done anything wrong.

One of the most important things about JFK is its historical accuracy which proves that this movie reflects life as it was like back when Kennedy was alive and Oswald, who killed him, not some poor guy from Russia or Cuba.

The storyline remains steady throughout the whole film with no jaw-dropping twists to be expected coming at last minute before ending credits roll down on screen (or rather in a bit different way).

The story is about downfall of mafia like assassination, the way that Jim Garrison conducts his investigation and how Lee Harvey Oswald fits in all this. This movie is one of those black comedies which has no sense of shame whatsoever.

Review of the movie

The Movie JFK is a movie depicting the assassination of John F. Kennedy which happened on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas and it was directed by Oliver Stone and star an Gary Oldman who played the role of Lee Harvey Oswald assassin and his wife Marina.

The result in where 1963 assassination occurred takes place to April 25, 1967 Dallas Texas by George W Bush 2nd president of United States with brother Jeb square up against each other.

The movie is great in terms of Cinematography and Stylistics.

The cinematography in this movie is pretty impressive since it has three different stories chasing each other: the Lee Harvey Oswald assassin story with his father, the Warren plot to assassinate Bush Sr., and finally Jim Garrison himself appointed as District Attorney of Nappanee Indiana.

He later became Provence Texas D.A The scenes where we see these dvds “with devices” etc are so clearly constructed, I could see the whole movie just there.

The depiction of the Warren plot itself is so gritty and difficult to watch but interesting in its own way albeit riveting at some points. The other two stories are also very well depicted with their assassins who were playing a part they didn’t’ seem interested in during all this time.

Especially, Oswald himself played by Gary Oldman, we saw him as charming person until he finally snapped after losing several people in his life back to back.

The best thing that I noticed while watching the movie is how they showed the Warren plot just like some of those conspiracy theories we see online, someone who volunteered their choice more than actual evidence but overall intriguing nonetheless.

Popular Reviews of the movie

“In the movie, JFK, the Assassination of JFK is no conspiracy theory, it’s not sensationalism. Instead, it looks at three separate conspiracies and offers each individual point-of-view in the intriguing format of a televised murder trial.”

Robert Stewart

“CIA, Mafia and Texas D.A.; 3 separate threads of a story in search for Mein Kampf… The cinematic richness of this JFK-related mystery is that it portrays how history can be shaped by the ways people act upon self-interest.”

Trailer Buzz Channel Reviewers

“The filmmakers deserve an A for effort producing this wonderful movie that exposes the mysteries of JFK assassination.”

Michael Wilbon from a positive review..

“Now it is easy to point fingers and assign motives, but who are we as critics or fans to ignore such movies should be entertained?”

Mike Hoffman

“Lee Harvey Oswald is the only human being in the entire film that has a conscience. The rest are murderers with fascinations.”


“worth taking the time to watch.”

The Everett (WA) Herald

“JFK has the feel of an independent production directed by a non-professional. It looks great, sounds good and feels important without compressing any part of what happened into its national politics or even getting technical with anything…It reveals how people perceive JFK’s death as his assassination; nothing bland about it.”

Stanley Nelson

Critic Reviews of JFK

“Jacobs’ flick… presents a very simple journalistic investigation into the epic blunder that apparently skewed US history for years. But what accounts of it does this film favor? According to one review, its ‘two-man thesis: The conspiracy theorists are fascists and racists.’ I don’t think so.”

Critic at Blog Critics

“This movie is seriously dedicated to showing a hard-core version of the facts surrounding JFK’s assassination and its aftermath. Focuses on Oswald, not just as an assassin but for trying something revolutionary to break out from American politically correctness.”

Opinionated Observer” at Examiner Net Reviews

“I don’t think I saw one decent conversation about it… This film found me completely wanting every ten minutes or so – incredible.”

Common Sense Media

“documentary has attracted a firestorm of controversy”

New York Times

“[Jennings’] documentary film is an entertaining, interesting and occasionally amusing exploration of the life, murder and subsequent aftermath that engulfed one man. The real story here may be how we learn from such experiences.”

AJL Reviews on JFK the Movie

“sufficiently convincing (to even make me a believer)”

Tom Hall (JFKtheMovie.com) on The Program

“a film that is worth seeing.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

” on “JFK: The Case for Conspiracy,” re Video Review

“The Kennedy assassination, the “Ike” speech, and all the other scenes were notable for their closeness to reality.”

Roger Ebert

Why Should You Watch the Movie?

The movie inspires you to reflect on the important issues of an inquisitive mind. Many amazing facts about JFK and his family are revealed! This film makes you Laugh thinking about how close we have come to hell! This kind… (in Hollywood I know what’s good!! lol)

I like this movie because it shows that people in the past, did whatever they could to keep there country safe. It shows that you don’t have to be a POW of the Viet-Cong or an American Soldier. If a person wants, they can do anything!!It is VERY funny… just not for young children by their description (who should listen to their parents?? This film speaks for itself)

Definitely worth watching over and over again…. Excellent script, excellent actors & actresses some good camera shots. Amazing makeup takes in other flicksmkers excel !!!With me you will enjoy this movie, its a story so feel free to comment and rate!

Why Is JFK 1991 So Famous?

JFK 1991 is the closest you can get to an original movie. The whole production team and cast still continues working in the business, (mainly as producers).

It all started when John Earl Williams wrote a book about JFK called “The Man Behind The Assassins: Early Years” two years before he was gunned down.

The reasons why JFK 1991 is so famous are-

(i) JFK 1991 was one of the few movies which were made whilst Oliver Stone’s controversial movie ‘JFK”s conspiracy theories still flowed freely. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t about him, he hated his film so much and tried to stop its release if in case anybody went out to watch it.

(ii) The original script written by Oliver Stone himself led him insensate with grief seeing himself portrayed as a religious fanatic, fanatic or traitor. When he was offered the role of John O’Hara (the protagonist), Oliver Stone refused to accept it

Because, it might cause heartburn in his family members and fans across America, when they discovered later that Adrienne Bach’s image of Molly/Jean Kennedy was based on Oliver Stone himself.

(iii) The script for “JFK” had many interesting historical events which could not be used in a screenplay, such as the assassination of MLK and RFK, this could only be mentioned if Oliver Stone himself was involved in the corruption conspiracy.

So, he decided to make it into a movie about an American president like JFK without any involvement in these scandals but based on his reputation created during several seasons (and not many released) of ‘’Naked Lunch’’.

(iv) “JFK” was one of few movies which were partly based on real events. The script was made around the same time when Oliver Stone’s book ‘Naked Lunch’ about murdering his father/ex-boss, Charles Schine died in court age.

“JFK” is one of very rare original movies which are more than probable but not guaranteed to elicit soul-searching and thought-provoking responses from questions regarding what we do in order to obtain our purposes through truthful means or least possible mess with consequences unknown.

And, it cannot be appreciated on that basis alone because of the nature of graphic violence especially when such ordeals could weigh upon one’s conscience for a lifetime.


Today, we have discussed about the movie JFK (1991) and briefly reviewed the movie. Hope, you guys liked the movie. If you have any questions whatsoever about this article and the movie, please share your thoughts in the comment box.


Is JFK 1991 Based on Oliver Stone’s Book “Naked Lunch”?

Yes, it is based on the biography of John F Kennedy written by Oliver stone when he was in his 20’s and from such books we can see that whether the character played by Kevin Costner resemble him at all.

Is JFK(1991) a Conspiracy Theory?

Yes, it is based on a true story, the real event was not involved in the movie because of its controversial role , therefore Oliver Stone created an imagination or fictional theory which can match with that of JFK’s death.

Is JFK Worth Watching?

It is a good movie and occupies its place as one of the best movies when looking at in perspective. But, it’s not worth watching alone because you need to base yourself on this news story first before seeing this movie.

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