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Karlo Island


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The most unique place to visit in the world

Karlo Island can be found south-east of Whitsunday Islands, Queensland. It is a place where the only modern settlers reside and visitors have the opportunity to take in its serene beauty. It is often referred to as an island utopia, as it symbolises a gateway to another world in which people can act out stories of heroic deeds, legendary tales, and countless other stories with safety and security. The island offers many unusual features such as its abundance of birds, plants, and animals.

Karlo Island


Karlo Island was first discovered in 1864 by John Kennedy and the settlement of what was originally named Millerton Bay began there on 4 June. The island’s name comes from that of one Mr Karl Kahlert who settled here at this time.

Access to Karlo is controlled through a metal gate across its only small jetty, which leads onto land owned by Atherton Qld Lessee Pty Ltd (AQL). It features high sandstone cliffs and a landing strip. It is one of only two places in the world where access to land from water can be made, that other being Petra on Jordan’s west bank.

The island gradually developed into its present shape with settlement commencing in 1920 when Glenburn station was established by Mutha Island Dairy which subsequently closed down dueDuring World War II, there were tensions surrounding Karlo caused by what many at the time viewed as Australian.


The island’s climate is affected by the proximity to open waters and it averages a healthy 25°C year-round. Being situated on the Great Barrier Reef, there can be significant atmospheric changes at anytime during the day due to transient temperature rises caused by coastal breezes from inland origin such as around low pressure systems or occasional tropical cyclones (cyclonic storms) which cause higher than normal sea surface temperatures in parts of east Asia causing frequent swimming bans for Kuranda.


The island is also home to the largest concentration of Australian pelicans’ nests (1/50th of all known species) as well as four mass nesting events occurring annually. The first three are particularly significant and attract thousands of people across Australia along with overseas visitors making this an unparalleled opportunity to view these majestic creatures in their natural environment.

A large amount of commercially fished turtle eggs were found at Karlo Island Scientific Station during the 2011–2012 nesting season. There are numerous species of fauna found on the island including koalas, Tasmanian devil and freshwater crocodiles which were recorded as far north as Burnett Bay during the late 1990s due to excessive logging operations almost completely eradicating native plants in some areas from these activities resulting in large numbers of introduced pest animals easily making it off-island by crossing water bodies or swimming away with them also reported being sighted at points further.


The main tourism destination of Kuranda and its surrounding region is the Great Barrier Reef. The island-independent tourist operators offer activities to view and appreciate the beauty around them, often providing overnight accommodation in tents on high points for relaxing weekend breaks away from the hustle and bustles of busy city centres.

Family friendly attractions are also available through multiple Melbourne based tour companies such as www.abratoursandtravels.com which offers trips aboard river cruises along the Cassowary Coast, or an Overnight cruise on The Albany and Cook’s Passage from Sydney to Cairns.

They also offer tours from Brisbane through Kuranda and beyond taking in action-packed experiences such as time-share adventures while exploring locations like 44Roughty Point Station – Awarded Best Remote Retreat by National Geographic…for more information contact Abarat Travel & Tours – Gold Coaster Cruises.


Karlo Island Transport

Kuranda Station, the local railway station is located on Ballarevia Road just to the east of Kuranda Village. This train line continues north along Iron Range through and out of Cairns in North Queensland before ending at Longreach Junction in central QLD. Coaches also connect this island with other places around Australia via Bega or Port Macquarie as well as Brisbane travelling between Sydney and Melbourne stopping off at Haremyn ( Bathurst), Kanangra (Rocky Point – Longreach) and Kuranda. The major airport is Cairns Airport about 50 km away at or the 5th largest Australian airport in handling domestic passengers with flights mainly to Brisbane which comes from nearby Rosslyn Bay, Coffs Harbour, Sydney Cameron Highlands and Melbourne Tullamarine. Greyhound Australia has regularly scheduled links between Sydney & Townsville serving across Victoria reaching Ballina


Karlo Island Cuisine

International award winning chef Robert Fitzgerald, winner Masterchef 2012 Water Activities: Fishing & Canoeing Kuranda is renowned for its skydiving facilities as well. Skydive Cairns are based here at the airport and offer tandem flights with a view along the coast to Mount Warning or over Mission Beach in beautiful Darwin. Quads can be hired locally by experienced operators including Strathmore Divers offering trips north into Papua New Guinea.


Karlo Island Wildlife
Cheetah siblings

Kuranda is a wildlife conservation area receiving support from the Australian Wildlife Conservancy in its efforts to protect sensitive species including the one-horned rhino (“Rhinoceros unicornis”) and cassowary bird. Many cape buffalos came down here through poachers’ killings between 1982–1984 when they were placed on Red List of Threatened Species by IUCN due to trophy hunters’ disturbance. Currently, thousands of them live.


The Kuranda Military Hotel site was once known to have the most ever recorded bear kill in a single day which surpassed 7 and while there are signs of widespread devastation due to cattle graziers, destroying many mesquite land formations leaving only one huge stand close by Mount Nithon still standing providing habitat for numerous animals. The anhinga colony bred at Kuku Point is described as ‘unsurpassed anywhere else’, so much so that when Australian.


Why Tourists Are Not Allowed in Nicobar Islands?

Tourists are not allowed in Nicobar Islands due to the sensitivity of these islands, hence local Indian government do not allow tourists within 10 km radius from air strip. Additionally, because their capital is Port Blair (administrated by India and declared as Union Territory) they have restricted access including entry into RAAF base leading up to this service highway along coast or PWD road between Dispur town & Portblair remains closed for public use.

Which is India’s Largest Island?

The largest island is Anderson islands in which could be found as numerous as – Buthre pallet twice Islands & Porakerry – Seychelles .

What is the status? Declared as a Reserve forest in 1923.

How Many Islands Are There in India 2021?

According to the 2016 Census India has a total of 7 Islands. The Government Administration have declared 4 of them as part off ‘Parlio Island’ series and one each as LAC reserve, Mahalaskar Reserve or Protected areas from SCS (Shashtriya Cynologie)

Does India Have Any Islands?

The Indian civilization have lived upon islands previous to them being formally discovered by the Portuguese. The earliest recorded visitation to India’s island archipelago is that of Sri Vijaya and King Sagala, son of Devanatha who sailed from Sumatra approximately 2148 Before Present (BP). Scattered evidence exists pointing to the possibility that other seafaring peoples had used the seas prior because there are numerous sites in common between Ceylon, Burma and Thailand.

Which is Largest Island?

Being established as a Federal Territory, Indian census 2012 had reported that: There were 4 existing islands.. 1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands (encompassed inside the Delhi Municipal administration area). 2. Lakshadweep Islands 3. Pondicherry Vice-Inhabited Island (which has been declared its own city by Government of India) . However now according to 2001 Census report only Mahalaskar archipelago is under enclave.

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