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Kent Island is a secluded island located in the middle of the York River in the town of West York, York County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is part of the York Galleria, which is a protected area that was designated in 1978 and covers 2,456 acres. The island has a land area of 360 acres (14 km2), making it the second-largest island in the York River after Hog Island. It has been called “the Switzerland of America.

Kent Island


Kent Island was originally part of the estate of William Penn. The land was purchased by Samuel Simpson in 1686. He built a mansion, which is now known as Spring Hill Mansion and is open to the public for tours. The island later became the country estate of James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States, who acquired it in 1855.

In 1933, after years of struggling with financial problems, president Franklin D. Roosevelt approved the purchase of Kent Island by Albert Wilmarth. At that time, only a bridge connected it to the mainland at West York and Bigler’s Point in Maryland.


The climate on Kent Island is temperate and humid. Average temperatures range from in the winter to in the summer. Kent Island is known for its wildlife, including the island’s abundance of deer. Historically, birds and mammals also resided on the island. Presidents who have vacationed on Kent Island include Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft and James Buchanan. In 1938 the U.S.–French Joint Commission explored a site for construction of major industrial works in the Eastern Shore area that had to be protected from storms, known as Project Overcast.


Kent Island currently houses the York Galleria, which features art from around the world. A variety of paid community entertainment activities are also scheduled yearly. Past venues include a ballroom, an amphitheater, cabaret and theater. Recordings from the Manhattan Transfer concerts were taped at the York Galleria in addition to recording sessions led by Burt Bacharach for his “Return To Paradise” album in 1980 used pieces of waterfront where he had held inter-opera duets with Liza Minnelli on her 1976 English tour .

Government services

Libraries, police and fire services are available on Kent Island. In the 1990s, a new government center was constructed on Main Street in Easton. The city’s Fire Department operates from this building; it also contains an emergency hospital.

Today, Kent Island consists of three separate areas that are interconnected by boat and ferry: village–commercial (downtown), residential land-use with public parks and open spaces separating the “village” neighborhoods or quarters from one another – known as West End to Waterford including the St. Michaels Road community, and residential lands in Waterford presently being developed into waterfront-style single family homes


The main industry on Kent Island is tourism, which primarily focuses on the Victorian architecture and history of the island. There are a number of restaurants and inns scattered throughout the village, as well as shops, galleries and museums. The York Galleria offers art from around the world in addition to community events like concerts and exhibits.


The island is served by the Kent Island Ferry which departs from the Main Street in Easton every five minutes. The crossing takes about 15 minutes and arrives at Waterford on the other side of the island. There are also several car rental agencies located throughout downtown Easton and Waterford. In addition to the ferry service, there are bicycles that may be rented nearby.



The cuisine on the island is rich and diverse, with many different restaurants serving an array of dishes. Some local favorites include seafood (particularly crab cakes) and ribs. Congers Corner on Waterford’s intersecting streets hosts several restaurants, including the historic Hotel Easton.


The paper that covers all of Talbot County is The Free Times which debuted in 1888 and has enjoyed success ever since with its local news coverage combined with a continued focus on real successes happening around the county. In addition to covering events, the paper also focuses heavily on cutting edge community issues as well.



The island is home to a large population of barn swallows, which can be seen perched on the wires of power lines or flying through the air. The island also attracts songbirds in spring and fall, including painted buntings and showy flame-throwing warblers. Places of Interest

Cristie’s is the oldest restaurant in what was once a coal town. It first opened as a saloon and housed some criminals who were arrested by on-going law enforcement presence at Easton, but now it serves one of the best burgers around with famous shakes and sweet potato fries. Cabbage Patch Restaurant offers locally made sandwiches at reasonable prices as well as the best shakes around.


Kent Island is a small island located in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, about 10 miles from the mouth of the Susquehanna River in Cumberland County, Maryland. The island is about 4 miles long by 1.5 miles wide and is connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway. Kent Island was the first settlement in what would become Maryland and was founded in 1634 as part of the Virginia Colony. The island was named after one of the members of the original landing party, George Calvert, 3rd Baron Baltimore.


What Is The Population Of Kent Island?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on how you define “population”. According to the 2010 census, there are 177 people living on the island. However, according to 2010 census figures which include all of Maryland’s uninhabited islands except Assateague and Easton Island (which have a combined population of just 16 people), the total population of all inhabited Maryland islands is 5,5 43, much higher than the population of Kent Island: 2,543.

How Does Transportation On And To Kent Island Work?

The main mode of transport for island residents is by boat (usually made out of a t-shirt). The ferry provides landings along one side (“west end”) which are separated from the part near Maryland’s mainland by a short distance.

How Many People Live On The Island?

About a quarter of those who have lived at least part time there are willing to stay permanently, or semi-permanently (around 90 days per year while they commute back and forth to work on Maryland’s mainlands). This makes around 100 residents overall – plus visits from relatives, friends etc., which brings it up to more than 200 most summers. And this number varies throughout the year. Some years more people come and don’t stay, other years less.

How To Get There?

The easiest way is by car. Just head southwest from Baltimore and follow I-97 for about an hour (just before the Route 32 exit). Accept the first detour towards Smith Island. After 10 minutes you are on Kent Island itself if you take a left at “Commodore’s Way” instead of continuing straight where this road passes through a large barrier causeway – Hainesport Township, NJ.

When Is The Ferry Coming?

The most common time for departures is 7am, but they can vary depending on traffic.

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