Ko Rang island Everything You Need to Know



Ko Rang island Everything You Need to Know


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Ko Rang island is a tiny, uninhabited limestone outcrop off the coast of Phuket, Thailand. It is said to be an excellent place for kitesurfing due to its steady breeze and smooth surface. The island has also been nicknamed “The Isle of Peace” because it is a popular spot for meditation and prayer. The Ko Rang Marine National Park was established on the island in 1988 to protect its marine resources, including coral reefs and mangroves.

Ko Rang island Everything You Need to Know



Ko Rang is a small island located in the Gulf of Thailand, off the eastern coast of Cambodia. The island has been inhabited by humans for at least 2,500 years and was first mentioned in Chinese texts dating back to the 3rd century AD. Ko Rang was once a popular trading post and played an important role in the Cambodian economy. In the late 19th century, it became a penal colony for French colonial officials. The island was finally abandoned in 1968 due to its susceptibility to flooding.

Ko Rang is now a popular tourist destination, known for its stunning natural beauty and rich Buddhist history. The island is home to several temples and monasteries, as well as a small community of fishermen. Ko Rang is also famous for its excellent scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities.



Ko Rang is a small limestone outcrop located approximately 10 kilometers offshore from Phuket, Thailand. The island is approximately 2.5 kilometers long and 0.8 kilometers wide, with a total area of just 6 hectares.


Ko Rang is an uninhabited island located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 150 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. The island has an area of about 2 square kilometers, with a coastline of about 10 kilometers. The island was first discovered by Europeans in 1768 and was named Ko Rang by the Thai King Rama I. In the past, it has been used as a penal colony, a rubber plantation, and a cattle ranch, among other uses. The main economic activity on the island today is tourism.


There is no permanent population on Ko Rang. The island is used primarily for tourism and recreational activities, with a small number of residents living aboard boats or inlying settlements.


Ko Rang Island is an archipelago located in the Gulf of Thailand. The economy of Ko Rang island is mainly based on tourism, which accounts for 66% of the total GDP. The other main sectors of the economy are fishing (13%), manufacturing (7%), and agriculture (4%).


Ko Rang has a tropical climate with no dry season. The average annual temperature is 25°C, and the average annual rainfall is 1,500 millimeters.

Culture and Religion

Ko Rang Island is a small and uninhabited island in the Andaman Sea. It is located about 230 km east of Phuket, Thailand, and about 1,350 km northeast of Bangkok. The main village on the island is called Ko Rang Namut.

The people of Ko Rang Island are Theravada Buddhists. They follow the precepts of the Buddha as laid down in the Pāli Canon. There is only one temple on the island, which is dedicated to a certain Bodhisattva called Chao Phraya Kuan Yin.

The people of Ko Rang Island are agriculturists and fishermen. They grow rice, coconuts, and other vegetables. They also catch shrimps, fish, and crabs.


Ko Rang island is divided into two languages, Ko Rang and Tai Krang. Ko Rang is spoken by 90% of the population while Tai Krang is spoken by 10%. The main difference between the two languages is that Ko Rang is an SVO language while Tai Krang is an OVS language.


There is only one school on Ko Rang Island. It was built in 2002 and has a capacity of 100 students. The school is operated by the Thai Department of Education.


Ko Rang island is a small and uninhabited island located in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s been the scene of political turmoil since 2007.

In 2007, a group of exiled Thai activists called the “Ko Rang Liberation Front” staged an uprising on the island in protest against government policies. The government responded by sending in troops and scattering the rebels.

Today, Ko Rang is a quiet place with few tourists. when a group of pro-democracy activists occupied the island to demand political reform in Thailand. The island was eventually declared an autonomous zone by the Thai government in 2009, but this hasn’t stopped the activists from continuing their protests. In recent years, they’ve focused their efforts on demanding full independence for Ko Rang island.

Government Services

There is no permanent government on Ko Rang island. The Thai Department of Interior occasionally sends representatives to administer the island, but they generally don’t stay too long.


Ko Rang is well-known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. It is a popular tourist destination, with people coming to enjoy the natural attractions and relax in the warm, sunny climate. The island has a variety of accommodation options – from simple guesthouses to luxurious resorts – to suit all budgets. There are also plenty of activities available, from swimming and sunbathing to diving and snorkeling. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, Ko Rang is definitely the island for you!

Hotels and Resorts List

Hotels and Resorts List

There are a number of hotels and resorts on Ko Rang island, all of which offer a range of accommodation options and facilities. Some examples include the Paradise Island Resort, the La Mer Resort, and the Sun Sihanouk Villas.


Ko Rang island is home to a number of stunning natural attractions, including crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, and well-preserved coral reefs. There are also plenty of interesting historical sites on the island to explore, such as the ancient ruins at Klong Thom and the preserved rainforest at Ko Rang National Park. If you’re looking for something fun to do while in Ko Rang, there are plenty of activities available – from windsurfing and snorkeling to diving and kayaking.



There are a variety of activities available on Ko Rang island, including swimming and sunbathing, diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and sailing, kayaking, and canoeing.


There are a number of transport options available to get to Ko Rang island, including private vehicles and boats.



Ko Rang is known for its seafood, which includes a variety of seafood dishes. Some of the most popular seafood dishes on Ko Rang include tom yum goong (Kung Pao shrimp), Kaeng krachan (prawn curry), moo paan (grilled pork), and pla Koh (fish curry). Other popular dishes on the island include pad thai, chicken tikka masala, and roti canai (curry dough).


Ko Rang island is definitely a place worth visiting if you’re looking for some relaxation and peace of mind. It’s a stunning destination that offers a great mix of natural and man-made attractions, from beautiful beaches to fascinating historical sites. Plus, the friendly locals are always happy to share their tips and advice with visitors. I can’t recommend it enough!


  1. What Are The Transport Options Available To Get To Ko Rang Island?

There are a variety of transport options available to get to Ko Rang island, including private vehicles and boats.

  1. What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Ko Rang Island?

The best time of year to visit Ko Rang island is typical during the dry season (December-March), when it’s not too hot or humid, and there are fewer crowds.

  1. Do I Need To Book A Tour In Advance?

No, you don’t need to book a tour in advance, but it might be advisable if you want to avoid the busiest times.

  1. What Are Some Of The Attractions On Ko Rang Island?

Some of the attractions on Ko Rang island include beautiful beaches, fascinating historical sites, and great seafood restaurants.

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