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Little Sober Island


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A little sober island is gaining worldwide attention. It’s called Fun Island, and its 21 DJs and girls have become a hit on the party circuit. They have an unmatched experience in event production, and being one of the biggest providers, they don’t mind picking a couple of young faces and hiring them straight from school. The operation of this sober-friendly club, according to its CEO and founder, is not only about generating business, but also creating awareness about responsible partying.

Little Sober Island



Near the end of last year, a blog called “Delusional Worlds” published an article featuring various fan theories and interpretations that attempt to explain inconsistencies in Burn-Up Reimu’s sprite art. After sharing it with numerous colleagues at TRSI, among other people I considered friends online—including Soma Bringer (who thankfully acted as the editor), Kikuri-Hime (who kindly offered to provide new images for this compilation post). The result is this, a comprehensive look at all the supposed obstacles Satori has supposedly faced during her career thus far. I may make some additions to these lists along the way as they are brought up elsewhere—but for now it’s “permanently” under construction (meaning: not updated anytime soon).*


Long story short: According to the original Fairy Wars canon, Reimu can control weather and produce extremely powerful typhoons equally as easily as she’s capable of flying. In brief: her skills allow her to create idealistic universal battlefield conditions that are often used for meteorological studies and more closely resemble ordinary rainstorms than anything else (however, it does exhibit some features that seem receptive towards localized feedback , like forming water in ragged areas). Since You Already Thought I Was Naughty


The lingering lines between modernization and slavish devotion to ancient cultural traditions need not be so difficult. According to Burn-Up Wiki: “Mystic Square is a complex of slightly over 200 unconnected buildings in Satori Komeiji’s mansion which house her followers.” It would make more sense, then, to expand the area of her village significantly through a similar number of buildings . As illustrated in this manga page from Segagaga , Reimu can apparently help rebuild civilian districts left destroyed by natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. By simple addition in space instead of multiplication with time (summed up here for you), it wouldn’t leave much room for detail sketches or weird scenes involving amped-up springtime weather.


Komachi from Kud Wafter has a similar idea. The site doesn’t deal with this, but here is Li’s web model in case you want to build one next time we make an update:All together now As happy as I am that there are already so many detailed Reimu-themed non-linear stories and fanworks out there, it’s still going to be a wild ride until she’ll get her definitive ending. As of yet, there’s no conclusive evidence on how it will be done or when exactly (I figured out that fact a while ago 😛 ), but if I had to put my money on something, “The Girl Who Hates Gensokyo” is still the safest bet in the long run — with Bishoujo Yuugi-chan and Imaginary Marriage at full power odds being second.


In the same vein as with drainage, it’s probably about time that Gensokyo developed comparable transport infrastructure for cars and airplanes. I’m not just talking about barriers to keep out outside traffic like bridges that look halfway between urban areas and suburban neighborhoods… but also an actual proper highway system connecting all parts of our beloved world. Since there are multiple portrayals in-universe howShiwa from Nine Hours, Nine Persons vinecity is the representative of all their mech fights, including picturesque ones. If you’re interested in more details like how he won them (here ), I also covered a Gensokyo highway system and new scenery for FD here .


Although I was never the type of person to go bankrupt on sweets, there’s definitely another way in which Gensokyo could take food and consuming it more seriously. Besides eating out at restaurants that has been mentioned multiple times before minor details are really underrepresented, but let’s face it: There is a bigger market for healthier Japanese dishes lately . The problem is that the three best known superfoods (green tea with algae , apples and fish ) are still a bit too expensive to be consumed by everyone — but I think that this problem can be solved relatively cheap and easy, because producing them only needs about one thing: good food production technology. To put it in simple terms, we need new agricultural dirigibles for people who dare to try something different with their takes on agriculture (such as industrial farming or hydroponics ).


Childhood friends whom you’ve known since the time when Earth was green . Yeah, I’ll make this short: Gensokyo is mostly a nice place to live but too quiet and empty if it’s not seen as some kind of playground for spirits. We never hear children speaking out loud or playing around. which makes people ignore how Shrines that obviously allow residents to build houses right next-door are still there in places where they should never have existed , made lines to the only hospitals that doesn’t give any money away and most of all, are too carefully “grown” by their inhabitants. While building my naval bases I always thought it could be cool if people with a different moral structure no matter how odd should live here without being afraid of interacting often — like grey wolves wandering around in perfect harmony next to Mima who would tear them apart in one second


Quoting what others say is a sign that you’re not actually using the full potential of your brain . It’s not like living in Gensokyo makes me feel better about our own reality. Instead, I would finally be able to check out who among my friends have been reading Love as Laughter  and why do they often work alone on some remote island when everyone else spends most time with company . I’d be able to meet fairy-like girls with weird clothes who are considering my own death and the problems of their world at which point I would have no trouble helping them out . The place where music, science, technology and magic slowly merge is composed solely by people whom it’s impossible to define as a single category.


What Is Little Sober Island?

It would be a private residential area that was build by its own inhabitants where servants and managers lived in separate buildings.

What’s The Difference Between Little SOBER Island Home-Verification(LSHI) And Dormitory Games?

A lot of people with knowledge about computers are working for free on programming as it can’t get any more complicated than splitting XML files into smaller pieces . It’s no longer time efficient to have several different versions of LSHI spread out over the Internet if one of them is flawed as you would have to pay several people and just keep testing forever.

How Did Little Sober Island Come About?

I had written several articles as a child and thanks to the Internet I was able to expand on it. The information I used to gather as a child was not quite enough if you want to write such a complete book on an island where the most important people are other children, so I went back there once in person and that’s when this thing started.

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