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Lizard Island


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Lizard Island is a small island in the middle of the Tasman Sea, about 300 kilometres northeast of Tasmania. The island has been identified as a potential site for a new airport and has been the subject of discussion by various Tasmanian and Australian politicians. The airport project has been the focus of a public inquiry, which is scheduled to conclude in February 2019. The inquiry has heard submissions on both sides of the issue, with some people supporting the airport and others arguing against it.

Lizard Island


The island is thought to have been first discovered by Europeans in 1642, when Dutch explorer Abel Tasman sighted it during his voyage along the east coast of Australia. The Australian government purchased the island from its native Maoris in 1872. It was used as a seal hunting and whaling sanctuary until 1916, after which it became a bird sanctuary. The island was closed to all visitors during World War II, and remained dormant as a populated possession.


In the late 1990s, the island began to receive attention from Australian and Tasmanian politicians as a potential site for a new airport. The proposal was met with opposition by some people living on the mainland, who argued that an airport would increase traffic congestion and pollution in their communities. A public inquiry into the proposed airport was launched in 2017, and is scheduled to conclude in February 2019.


The island is home to a small population of Maoris who live in traditional homes. The culture on the island revolves around subsistence farming, birdwatching, and fishing. The island is also the country’s main seal abattoir. Visitors can access some of the island’s areas by ferry, motorised canoe or on foot. Access to other parts of the island are either through private boats and planes or via a fixed amphibious vehicle that operates between nearby passes located near Burnie at Kellevie Bay and North Head (near Latrobe).


The island is part of the Tasmanian electorate of Braddon, which has been in the hands of the Liberal Party since it was created in 1984. The eastern side of Bass Strait includes the island which is roughly 5 feet (1.5 metres) above sea level at its highest point. Tasmania’s coastline quickly disappears from view once beyond this small cliffs edge, bringing with it a slower pace of life; removed from the balmy winds and grand vistas of mainland Australia, but also further isolated within itself for being a tiny country outpost that only connects to larger landmasses where human traffic is crowded by urban areas or highway systems.

Government services

The island is serviced by a small general store, post office, and police station located in the town of Imlay. The nearest hospital is in Devonport on Tasmania’s mainland. Electricity on the island is provided by a diesel generator in Imlay and sporadic electricity outages can be common. There are no public toilets or showers on-island but the local surf club, who allow access to their beaches and boardwalks offers some modern facilities (including pool tables, hot water showering blocks etc).



As a small and rugged island, Bass Strait Islands is the perfect destination for those looking for an outdoor adventure. Visitors can explore the forests, valleys and beaches on foot or by boat. Some of the more popular destinations include:

-The Seal Colony – This seal colony located on Flinders Island attracts visitors from all over Australia during winter months to see hundreds of seals basking in the sun.

-Latrobe Harbour – Known as one of Tasmania ‘s most scenic locations Latrobe Harbour is a popular site for sea kayakers and boaters.



The island’s infrastructure was un-crowded when VH Australia decided to accept their mountain bike team. The majority of visitors are either accommodated through accommodations on the mainland side of Flinders Island , or taken in by locals, but those with a more adventurous spirit may be able to find some space on offer near Imlay. One popular option is to camp on the island and make use of different off road tracks that weave between Flinders Island’s forests.

Innitieski  General Store sells cold drinks, ice cream, sandwiches, frozen fish (as well as a small selection of groceries), gas canisters and petrol ‘to go’. Also has public toilets which have been recently upgraded with new seats etc. Kmart supermarket at Devonport in Tasmania provides a good range of groceries at much better prices.



Christmas is celebrated with a range of traditional foods, such as ham, puddings and mince pies. Easter features lamb and duck preparations, while summer offers dishes such as fresh catch from the nearby sea. People of Flinders Island do not eat much beef or grain.

Fansciences Huts on “The Plateau” offer accommodation, sometimes in dorm from 25 AUD per person sharing a room with bunk beds and breakfast for $25/night (usually available only one night each week between 1 April and early October).



The island has a diverse range of flora and fauna. The forest is home to koalas, wombats, tawny frogmouths and the odd squatter kangaroo , while birds such as ploversand whistling-ducks are common in the coastal rocks. The island’s beaches and rocky outcrops are also home to many types of spiders, crabs and nudibranchs.

The biology program conducted by the Flinders Island Management Authority offers visitors a unique chance to become initiated into the secrets of local fauna through practical field studies undertaken in cooperation with several school groups on Saturdays (3:30pm – 5:00pm) from April until October at Imlay Stables for $20 per person.


Lizard Island is one of the wonders of the world. It is a long, thin, and coral-covered island that lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The island was formed over many years by coral and other life that grew on it. The coral on the island is very different from the coral on the mainland. The coral on Lizard Island is white, and it is very soft.


What Is The Capital Of Tasmania?

The capital of Tasmania is Hobart.

How Many People Live In Tasmania?

There are about 590,000 people living in Tasmania.

What Is The Extent Of Tasmania?

Tasmania occupies about 603,000 square kilometres (233,400 sq mi). It has an area of 2 million hectares.  The state capital Hobart covers just 0.2% similar to a city block in Melbourne or Adelaide; and it is connected by rail with all surrounding mainland Australia states except Victoria which lies on the other side of Bass Strait from Tasmania’s northern coast at a most awkward distance.

What Is The Highest Mountain In Tasmania?

Tasmania contains the highest mountain in Australia. Mowies Hill is not even a hill, just an airborne rock that doesn’t always stay still above your head as you walk up to its observation point located on Sanctuary Cove Main Beach at Scamander Bay. The 1st peak being 926 metres and it comes with a drop worth looking over too…

What Sea Does Tasmania Border?

Tasmania borders Bass Strait, which is a body of water that separates Tasmania from mainland Australia. The bays and inlets around Bass Strait are called the Tasmanian fishing grounds.

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