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Long Island is one of the many words that come to mind for most people when they think about New York’s East Coast. A small area that captures the attention of tourists and locals alike, Long Island has its own story to tell. With more than a century of history, this island has witnessed its share of ups and downs, but the current era seems to be more promising than ever. With new and shining stars blooming in the real estate market, Long Island has once again shown that age does not matter. Now is the time to move for good investment opportunities and achieve your financial freedom.

Long Island



Aside from being home to a myriad of different industries, Long Island also plays host to history and cultural activities. The creative minds behind the “Hamptons” have long since left their mark in this area with numerous buildings, music clubs and farms designed after mid-century classics. With its beautiful beaches that were quite popular around the turn of century and massive parks spreading across all corners of L.I., Upper Brookville is one such locale that allows residents to live a healthy and supportive lifestyle.

Long Island’s history is no doubt bleak and most will never get the chance of seeing it develop into something positive in its present form, more akin to what an expectant mother can witness as she gives birth even though the baby might still have many long years ahead before becoming a successful adult. From funding wars on foreign soil along with witnessing some of America’s worst tragedies, Long Island has already experienced.


Long Island has been home to some of the most powerful hurricanes in recent memory. This fact combined with its coastal waters provide for a unique climate ideal for those who want significant growth potential like investment opportunities and high quality care that are associated with great life choices. The variety of weather conditions throughout the year over such a wide expanse lends it more charm than what can be achieved by just an hour’s drive, driving around many other areas across New York State .

“Robert Schade, founder of the New York City-based consulting firm RAS Inc., said he’s seen real estate agents aggressively marketing properties on Long Island as an alternative to Queens, where they face foot traffic and cultural obstacles.” “Habitat for Humanity continues expanding in Nassau County after Hurricane Sandy. The organization is building new homes on former industrial sites strewn across East Meadow and Plainview this year.


Long Islanders are often stereotyped by others as being cold and indifferent when in fact it is actually contrary to the norm. As a lifestyle choice Long Island residents make of their own freedom, they mostly pay attention to what kind of climate location will best serve them while avoiding jobs places with stagnant or flat surroundings so that they can maintain personal productivity with all major activity and endeavors performed at home instead having some long term responsibility planning preventing growth opportunities such as investing.


Long Island is one of the largest vacation destinations in New York City. The Long Island Expressway and a large public transportation system make the commute to Connecticut possible; it also provides quick access to Manhattan, providing many visitors easy viewing points for spectacular vistas of birds at Castle Hill on Fire Island In General: There is a constant barrage of television advertisements flying over major waters used by cruise ships offering vacations to all areas throughout Rego Park/Woodsburgh making Long Island the No. 1 place to do it in Queens and among Bronx counties, while adjacent communities like Lynbrook have much less access cost-wise making them considerably more expensive than areas on Long Island only requiring a bus trip instead; many vacationers prefer staying at cottage country lodges rather with subsidized hotel/motel packages during holiday periods for which there is no significant charge on their part as well as helping supplement personal funds earned from work performed.


Major roads include public highways Long Island and Sunrise Highway, several rail lines including Metro-North Railroad’s Port Jervis Line and Amtrak Empire Service, as well as commuter East River bridges that provide quicker access to New Jersey.

Airports serving the island are: Francis S. Gabreski Airport in Westhampton Beach (primary), Teterboro Light Rail station south of North Arlington (also serves Newark Liberty International Airport) and Republic Aviation in West Islip serving medium-sized airlines for short flights. Major routes of the Long Island Rail Road are located in Freeport, Hampton Bays, and Ronkonkoma with several branches directly on the island (like Central Branch at Cambria Heights station), while a major Amtrak railroad connection is to Penn Station in Manhattan via Grand Central Terminal or New Haven until its destinations have been discontinued since 1986. For faster access between NYC and areas surrounding.


Long Island is home to a large number of cultural sites, including: History and culture are the two main characteristics of Long Island. It has been an integral part on American history through its contributions in art, sports, music and politics. Many great musicians were born or live on the island including Luciano Pavarotti with his association at La Scala (many Italian “tenors” also come from this region Long Island is the location of Fort Tompkins near Cold Spring Harbor, home to Apple Maps’ headquarters. Major areas for art and culture include:

Miscellaneous landmarks are found all over Long Islands such as Brooklyn’s Bedford Marina by Jones Beach on Fire Island National Seashore in Southampton also known as Hampton Bays Yacht Club and Speonk house museum located within Town of Babylon (the boardwalk which runs alongside seaw.


The Long Island ecosystem is a place for many different animals. In Suffolk County there are deer, raccoons and rabbits in the woods among other wildlife. Other native trees include oak (white), maple (glaucous) sassafras albidum var allionia, pawpaw , ash, elm,, poplar(yellow), sycamore,. Melville Hall Garden located on Jericho Tuesdayacross from Hempstead Historic The island’s ecosystem is dominated by the Great South Bay. This bay, sometimes referred to as The Big Mix for its diverse and very busy marine life of various kinds yet retaining some excellent protected sections include: Jersey Point in Huntington from which it is said that “Jersey Shore Girls” get their first jobs; Crab Covewhich features many species including over sixty types of crabs feeding on a steady dietbasically reef systems with deposits of phosphor.


Long Island has a limited reputation, because of its location to the east and not as accessible as other places. Yet, we can still take what value from this place that is worth taking to use for enjoyment. Long Island offers many benefits to those who see it and want a change or just need rest. The many attractions such as shopping centers, yet also the natural beauty of Long Island acts as hidden treasures for tourists because most people do not know about them.


Is Long Island A Part Of NYC?

Yes, Long Island is part of New York City. They are both located on the island known as “Long” (hence) and “Island”.  Long Island is both rural and urban. There are many suburban areas as well as major cities such as New York City, Huntington, and Hempstead County.

What Is Long Island Best Known For?

Long Island is best known for its sparkling beaches, farmland and golf courses. One of the largest regional economies in the country centers on Long Island (in fact Long Island generates more in revenue than many countries – Sweden ) . The economy there also feeds a strong job market evidenced by this being one of only two places that landed into double-digit unemployment rates when it was 9% during 2009 New York Times news stated.

Is It Expensive To Live On Long Island?

Yes, Long Island is a great place for golfers but not as much for skiiers/snowboarders. Someone from the 23 city area only needs to drive 30 or so minutes everyday and pay $30-$350 around Manhattan including a round trip bus ride in New York City. Long island has the best shale oil production capacity of all states with 7-10% increase every year according to Wall Street Journal reporting due to technology upgrades.

Why Is Long Island So Rich?

One of the main industries in Long Island besides tourism is oil/shale. Oil production on Long Island has increased nearly 7-10% every year for years now. The primary source for oil comes from existing wells drilled decades ago, but there are also many new potential drilling sites which have been located recently due to technology upgrades that predict better areas to drill based upon location and seismic testing done via injection well (relatively close by.) New York Times.

What Is Long Island?

Long Island is a 6,900 sq mi island located north of New York City and well into the Atlantic Ocean. For 30 miles it’s land mass only extends from set boundaries – Oyster Bay to Southold which are both in Suffolk County for 20 miles or so respectively. It takes around 35 min by car within Setauket/Massapequa borders (70 mile) but traffic rarely speeds that fast there according to Google maps .

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