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Low Wooded Island

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Low wooded island is a piece of land that’s surrounded by water on three sides with a maximum width of two hundred fifty meters. Low wooded island is classified as an island by the federal government of Canada because it is surrounded by water on three sides.

The island has a total land area of 129.5 hectares and it was first surveyed in 1790. Low wooded island is located in Kent County and it is part of the municipality of Wallaceburg. The channel connecting the island with mainland Ontario was dredged in 1966.

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Low Wooded Island



Low wooded island was first surveyed in 1790. The island is located in Kent County and it is part of the municipality of Wallaceburg. Low wooded island has a total land area of 129.5 hectares and it was first surveyed in 1790 by Joseph Bouchette, who named the island after Antoine-Juste Lavoisier, one of the most famous scientists in history.

Low Wooded Island used to be a point of interest for fishermen. In 1849, the federal government began a navigation channel on the island to connect it with mainland Ontario between Green’s Creek and Hervey Bay.



The climate is warm and temperate. The annual average temperature is 18.5 degrees Celsius and the average rainfall is 540 millimeters. Features The island is a sandy plain and it has an elevation of 35 metres above sea level.

The soil on the island is very fertile which makes the surrounding area farmable. Low wooded Island consists of three areas, Allen’s Pond Forest, Burton Oyer land and Goodings’ Land that are all connected by narrow footpaths forming a large unbroken forest like patchwork quilt at different levels around most parts; with swampy areas planted in between.



Low Wooded Island is home to the Ojibwe First Nation, who inhabit most of the island. The island has a small population consisting mostly of Indigenous people who live traditional lifestyles.

There is only one road on the island and it runs from Allen’s Pond Forest into Burton Oyer land and Goodings’ Land. The island’s only permanent residents are the Ojibway First Nation and their descendants.



Low wooded Island is politically independent and it has its own government. The island’s legislature consists of a Chief and two councillors who are elected by the people every four years. The island’s economic activity revolves around traditional hunting, fishing and gathering as well as logging; which takes place on nearby islands.

Government services

Government Services

The island is not connected to the mainstream Canadian economy, so services are limited. Most of the government’s services are provided by Canada as part of its colonial legacy. There are no shops or restaurants on the island and most people rely on shipping to bring in supplies.

High Wooded Island is a narrow linear sand spit stretching for about 4 kilometres that separates the eastern and western halves of Lake Ontario.

The island has been in existence from time immemorial, but its exact history appears to be sapping little knowledge away through endless mythology generations after every new decade brings another tale or legend to relay from parent’s to offspring.



The island is not currently developed for tourism, but there are plans to open a small number of guesthouses and other accommodation facilities in the near future. The island’s primary attraction is its natural beauty, which has been undisturbed for centuries.

The surrounding waters are crystal clear and offer stunning views of both the mainland and Lake Ontario itself. For those looking to escape the city life, High Wooded Island may just be what they’re looking for!



There is no regular transportation to or from the island. The only way to get there is by boat or by walking. What to doIn recent decades more and more people are inhabiting High Wooded Island.

The island is still very much in its natural state and should be experienced as such – there’s no electricity or running water, but it allows you to get away from the hustle & bustle of modern day life… For serious adventurers there’s a chance that they will also experience nature moving all around them at high velocity, so caution needs to be taken.



The cuisine on the island is largely based on hunting and gathering. There’s a small store that sells basic food items, but most of what you’ll find is either caught or made on site. The occasional restaurant does open up, but they charge an outrageous price for basic foods. Flora

Most of the flora on High Wooded Island is common to other nearby locations, such as fireweed and white cedar. There are two notable species observed though – a rare plant with shiny leaves that slide down very fast towards your face (and also increases in speed when you approach) and an incredibly bad smelling man-eating flower that seems to be immune from both blades & bolts alike.



There is a decent amount of wildlife on the island, including deer, turkeys, ducks & frogs. However much can be attributed to the fact that there is no human interference and the animals are not used to humans being around.

The wildlife is also very quiet, which makes it easier for you to track them as well. To get a sense of what the animals may look like further detail please check out our  Wildlife  page!


Looking for a getaway? A place to escape the city buzz and reach for the stars? Look no further than low wooded island. With its serene surroundings and endless possibilities, this escape is perfect for anyone looking for a change of scenery. Furthermore, low wooded island is also a great place to rejuvenate and focus on your productivity.


1.What Is The Population Of Low Wooded Island?

Ans: There is no permanent population on low wooded island. However, in the summer months there are a few seasonal residents who live on the island year-round to enjoy its natural beauty. The number of visitors has been growing steadily over recent years and it is currently estimated that around seventy-five people visit every month during peak season.

2.How Long Have People Been Living On Low Wooded Island?

Ans: According to the Canadian census of 2011, low wooded island was recently settled in 1890 by a farmer and his family known as A. Heenan who moved there from Quebec province.

3.Do You Have Any Public Transportation Services?

Ans: While low wooded island is technically a part of Ontario and many roads converge towards it from various areas of Canada’s province, other than car ferry trips within its territory they are unavailable as no commercial highways or railways serve this island.

4.Why Do You Have Such A Rough Terrain?

Ans: Because earlier inhabitants formed their habitation around Skippaw’s bridge, it erred by staying within salt marshes and clay pits since water levels had been too low for settlement until other residents migrated there to form a community after 1980 with help from agencies like Northern Development Program as part of island recovery initiative initiated by Canadian government wardrobes of low wooded island.

5.Do You Have Any Historic Landmarks?

Ans: The heart of Skippaw’s community has been in four ancient oak trees which were approximately 860 years old when they fell during severe winds in 1836, and remained as an eerie reminder to all who visit this place since then; before it began maintaining its survival.

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