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Marvel’s The Avengers


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Marvel’s The Avengers Story line is replete with action, and the last few years have seen Marvel churn out some of their best films yet. Well, their films have been hugely successful and their fans are getting more excited about this summer’s The Avengers. Akshay Kumar, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L.

Jackson, Cobie Smulders and Natalia Portman have been shooting for a long time now and finally, the crew is in the home stretch! This article is all about a sneak peek into what to expect from this summer’s Avengers – including a short review of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Marvel’s The Avengers

Marvel’s The Avengers Story line

Ever since Prometheus landed on Blu-ray, fans have been worrying about who or what the mystery of that movie’s mission was. In this one we go back to July 14th 2011. The balance had just shifted with Batman Begins sitting on top at $736 million and Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen settling for second place with $326 million dollars in its tenure .

The film was a spinoff from an already established Marvel character and at this point had little expectations or promise because it came out so near the middle of Thor, The Incredible Hulk & Iron Man. Surprise became surprise when SHIELD Agents Nick Fury , Maria Hill , Tony Stark (Avengers) & the living man himself leading everyone – Loki AKA Tom Hiddleston ) uncovered something in Greenland .

This film established Loki (Tom Hiddleston) as a major character on the Marvel board and led to his appearance in The Avengers .This de facto prequel was inspired by Norse mythology and focused heavily on family values. It starts off telling of a man named Odin who after pissing Vishnu gets put into Jotunheim where he thaws an old.


How was the IMAX experience during The Avengers ? It might seem ridiculous but it is just like a normal movie house. You can see the entirety of this “movie” at all times. Even while waiting in line after walking out, everybody watches clips from this film and those before on their personal screens playing these short videos inside!

I had watched more than half of Thor (2011) prior to watching any trailers for this motion picture so being accustomed to the scope of IMAX combined with proximity and eye-popping clarity  had some advantages. As soon as “Avengers” started playing in it’s entirety, there was no way that this movie wasn’t going to work itself into my gut! Being a huge fan of Thor  (2011) & The Incredible Hulk (2008), .

Rising Action

Being a huge fan of Thor & The Incredible Hulk  (2008), I was pretty much expected the Marvel formula by now. This film isn’t quite what we’ve seen before leaving behind some of those characteristics but it still retains its main attributes that were formed after watching so many previous MCU steps.

“The Avengers ” is essentially this long-awaited get-together between all sorts of superheroes from our favorite comic book stories .It’s sort of a reunion of all the heroes from their respective comic books, coming together to fight bad guys.




The climax of “The Avengers  ” is very long and spectacle-filled. It seems like the MCU tradition has transformed purely into an epic action film now because it’s starting to feel more like a string of huge blockbuster movies this time around rather than one solid narrative that spans decades.

After shooting Thor with his electrically charged hammer, Loki was driven off into space alone but got in touch with Mjölnir which reverts to it’s original state.While crossing through space, Mjölnir begin to grow on the inside as well resulting in Loki transforming back into his human form before landing onto Earth with Thor and company nearby after being released from its icy transformation!

Falling Action


After the battle between The Avengers and Loki ‘s alien army, a dark spell was cast over New York that resulted in these super-empowered individuals going into hiding. It’s interesting to note that this film was based on a comic book where characters were really not heroes at all but villains!

The Dream of Normalcy (Epilogue)

In order to end with an ending that truly resembled what happened in my head as I watched ” The Avengers “, I had to shorten up my closing thoughts. It’s all in the comics and how we read as adults that created this version of these characters or together with these films!


One of the more “grounded and realistic” films in MCU like Captain America:The Winter Soldier  – which set events from a covert mission after World War II to have occurred during today’s politics – it did not dwell into its own fantastic characters that we had grown up with. We knew that nothing crazy was going on . It wasn’t just any threat but an alien one!

Unlike Guardians Of The Galaxy , each character representing their identity from the films, Thor is still Marvel’s golden boy who struggles with a rather human flaw called envy! Iron Man  considered himself inferior to Captain America but became an alternative source for heroes and struggled to accept his own limitations like so many of us do.

Marvel’s The Avengers Short reviews

Marvel’s The Avengers will certainly remain in my life since as a fan of MCU started with Iron Man 1, can be counted on to follow it up every time and have seen them all so many times by now! In the end I’d say that while they are more serious compared to other Marvel films, there is something light-hearted (perhaps at the expense of drama) which gives us an “everyman” hero perspective like we had in Batman Begins.

It also helps that it sees the spotlight on very different characters as well, bringing them together (black Panther , Hawkeye and Ant-Man) to make a formidable team of heroes while watching people interacting with normal day life quite often – Civil War ‘s comedic intercuts with those scenes was one such example which I haven’t seen before *yet* but will come so keep an eye out! How would you think.

Final Thought

Marvel’s The Avengers may be a movie that doesn’t have much of a story line, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any. Marvel has put together an impressive movie that will make you want to live in a world like that. An interesting game of good versus evil where each side has some pretty decent super heroes. But before we begin, we need to learn about the story line of the movie and what are the short reviews about it. Well, here is the short review if you’re up for it.


What Is the Story Line of the Avengers?

In 2014, the world is at a bad shape. If danger and war doesn’t occupy us then something else will – The Avengers have to deal with the sleeper cell of Loki in New Mexico, Thanos coming on Earth to find all six Infinity Stones.

What Are the Main Characters of the Avengers?

We have Ironman and Captain America as the main characters who joined together to save all humanity.

What Do I Need to Watch/read Before Watching Avengers Age of Ultron?

Well, this depends on how much you’ve watched of The Avengers . If it was only the first one then checking out Captain America or Thor movie before watching Age of Ultron is a good idea.

What Is the Main Story of Avengers?

The story starts right after the final fight of The Avengers and it shows a lot of civil war happening in Marvel’s HQ.Things don’t go well and Loki has been brainwashed into helping Ultron in bringing destruction to millions.

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