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Mavor Island

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Mavor Island is a small uninhabited island located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about halfway between the African coast and the Maldives.

The island has been described as “the most beautiful place on earth” by some of the world’s most renowned naturalists and adventurers. The island is uninhabited, and its only inhabitants are three female rats that live on the island’s salt lick.

Mavor Island History

Mavor Island

The island was first discovered in 1819 by a British expedition led by James Ross. Ross named the island after Governor-General George Augustus Mavor, who funded the exploration. The first recorded visit to Mavor Island was made in 1965 by Australian zoologist Colin Thiele, who collected data on its rats and vegetation.

Geography And Climate

Geography and climate

Mavor Island is about long and wide, with an area of . The land is low-lying with many marshy areas; there are no significant fresh water sources on the island. The average temperature ranges from 25 degrees Celsius ( 77 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer to 10 degrees Celsius (50 °Fahrenheit) during the winter.

Sea temperatures vary from a high of between 25–30 °C (77–86 °F ) in mid-March, and reach as low as 12–15 degree C on either side of August or September. At an altitude of , Mavor Island has few plants, with only “Sri Lanka jungle” (“Clerodendrum scandens”) found growing wild among some rocks at higher altitudes; though there are many windward species such as aloe , lily and wild tomato.



The rat population on the island have been studied extensively by various researchers and are locally known for their playful behaviours and habit of washing in salt water.

There are also ptarmigans, deserters from other islands in the area, hawks (especially hornbills), snakes such as cobras, monitor lizards and geckos which can be found on most places around the island., Currently there is no significant human presence on Mavor Island.

Wildlife is found in every corner of Mavor Island. There are many sightings of deer, turtles and frogs such as toad that have been discovered on the island but their habitats remain uncharted. The majority of these animals roam freely around caves which can be seen over the rocks guarding this part of Mavori sland somewhere between Annangovy beach (South) and Boheneywerry beach(North).



Currently, there is no significant culture on Mavor Island. However, due to its isolation, traditional Melanesian music and dances can still be found in some villages throughout the island. Mavor Island is also an integral part of most ancient legends and beliefs.

There are many myths still in existence that tell the story of how these islands separated from the rest, as well as some say they were mingled by Luhaan (God). Passionate stories have been told around fireplaces over island drinks.



Currently, Mavor Island is ungoverned and uninhabited. This means that its inhabitants are self-sufficient and live as they please without any influence from the outside world. The island’s only exports are marine products such as fish, lobster and whales which can be found in many villages throughout the island. So there is no real sense of organizing any region or village on the island and hence there is no politics.

Mavor Island can be reached from Fausa Airport in East Hervey Bay . There are also passenger service providers that travel frequently to Mavor Island such as; Tansilo Air freight,Ted Skyways and Harbour side journey services which all make frequent air connects with the mainland where they fly off both airport’s located at either Diglyerlerrie or Boulia airports providing cargo plane expsurrsements only imaginable when flying into these islands to the local villages.

Government Services

Government services


There is no governing body or institution on Mavor Island as it is currently uninhabited. However, there are many different service providers who travel to the island to provide various government services such as; health clinics, education facilities and even a post office.

What Services Are Available On Mavor Island?

What services are available on Mavor Island?

The only party operating in the island is a small pub situated at Fisherman Bay. It not only serves alcohol, but also provides casual entertainment along with live music on an almost daily basis during summer months although to date no one from mainland has ever ventured off the access point of Hervey bay airport and become residents here due to its remote location .



Tourism is not currently a mainstay of Mavor Island’s economy, however it may become more prevalent in the future as visitors are drawn to its unique and untouched environment. Potential tourists could sample local seafood, kayak or explore rugged cliffs and cliffs walks. There is also potential for eco-tourism with visits focusing on sustainable fishing practices and eco-friendly accommodation options .



There are no dedicated transport links to Mavor Island, however it is easily accessible by air from either Boulia or Diglyerlerrie airports and can be reached by boat from Hervey Bay. The island has a limited infrastructure and attracts few visitors, which means there is little competition for goods or services. This may change in the future as tourism begins to take hold on the island .



Local seafood is the mainstay of cuisine on Mavor Island and includes fresh whitefish, salmon, tuna and reef fish. There are also a few cafes that serve breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as takeaway food.


Mavor Island is an emerald-green piece of land located in the province of Mersin, Turkey. It is close to the city of Brusask and has a population of around 1,000 people. The island used to be used for livestock farming and forestry until the 1990s, when it started to be developed as a tourist destination. Today, Mavor Island is known for its crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, and stunning coastline. The island has a number of restaurants and accommodation options available for tourists.


1.What Are The Main Attractions On Mavor Island?

Ans: The main attractions on Mavor Island include its crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, and stunning coastline.

2.How Many Restaurants And Accommodation Options Are Available For Tourists?

Ans: There are a few restaurants and accommodation options available for tourists on Mavor Island.

3.What Is The Population Of Mavor Island?

Ans: The population of Mavor Island is around 1,000 people.

4.What Is The Currency Of Mavor Island?

Ans: The currency of Mavor Island is Turkish lira.

5.What Is The Temperature In Mavor Island?

Ans: The temperature in Mavor Island ranges from 18 °C to 25 °C.

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