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Milne Land is a beautifully designed game for all ages that stimulates your creative side. It offers you a new way to experience puzzles, and the ever-changing world keeps you guessing. With the help of your mouse, you must rebuild the world after it has been destroyed by an evil force. By clicking and dragging objects, you can create new buildings and landscapes to restore peace to the land. The game is well-worth the download, and it’s available now on Windows and Mac.

Milne Land


The idea for Milne Land originated from a simple drawing my younger sister made. I loved how whimsical and creative it looked, and I knew that I wanted to create a game based off of it. After several months of hard work, the game was finally finished and released into the wild!


  • A creatively designed world that keeps you guessing
  • A new way to experience puzzles • A haunting soundtrack that keeps you on edge
  • Hours of fun and games Download Milne Land today!


Milne Land is set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic world. As the hero of the game, you must restore order to this ravaged land by rebuilding it using your creativity and savvy mouse skills. You’ll be faced with endless challenges, and new landscapes are revealed to you with every gameplay failure. Additionally, the player will have a real impact on what the world looks like; each playthrough is unique because of your own hand in creating it!

  • Ambient music inspired by Richard Wagner • Constant changes to locations keep players guessing • Variety of complex puzzles • Build each landscape to support the main story • Detailed, hand-drawn art

The whole world has been washed away by a terrible force. You must rebuild this shattered land into something beautiful and worth saving! Locate monsters to battle them or use their abilities as part of your arsenal! Investigate hidden areas of the planet for rare items that are sure to help you in your endeavor.


In this desperate time, Milne Land is a place where the art of creativity can help to heal the broken land. You’ll travel across landscapes that have been drastically changed by your decisions, impacting everything from architecture and weather to even flora and fauna. Each area offers its own challenges which must be faced in order for you to progress – but beware; not all of these obstacles are easy! It’s up to you whether or not your creations will stand the test of time, or be destroyed by a brutal cataclysm. Your choices will impact how the world truly shakes out after all!


In a time of crisis, every kingdom must answer the call to arms. From skirmishes in the fields to massive battles on an apocalyptic scale, each decision made will have far reaching consequences. Together you’ll assemble an army that can take on any challenge, but be careful not to become too complacent – your enemies never rest! Prepare for hours upon hours of tactical combat as you strive towards victory.

Grim Fandango: Remastered – Cocoon Visitations Gameplay VideoCocoon Visitations, the bonus downloadable content for Grim Fandango. This extra slice of the game will be made available to those who pre-purchase Richard’s Dead or buy it at release digitally is six additional levels intended as a tribute and sendoff to Tim Schafer and Obsidian’s classic adventure game .

Government services

In this time of crisis, the government must do everything it can to keep its citizens fed and safe. You’ll play as a civil servant who has been tasked with resolving the most pressing issues facing your city. From food shortages to collapsed infrastructure, you’ll need to use all your knowledge and ingenuity in order to get things back on track. It might not be easy – but it’s essential that society continues functioning!



In a time of crisis, the tourism industry must thrive. You’ll play as the owner of a tourism company who must find new way to bring in tourists during difficult times. From setting up tents on city streets to offering unique attractions, you’ll have to come up with creative ways to keep people coming. It might not be easy – but it’s essential that your city maintains its reputation!


In a time of crisis, entertainment is more important than ever. You’ll play as an entertainer who has been thrown into this difficult period by chance (or design). From performing live music in the middle of a city to headlining private parties, you’ll have to make your way through this difficult time by providing new and interesting ways for people go through their days. It might not be easy – but it’s essential that society maintains its entertainment!


In a time of crisis, government must try any means necessary. You’ll play as an ambassador who has been tasked with negotiating peace among the various factions and bringing leverage over both sides (or secretly planning their destruction). From making deals on behalf of warring factions to unscrambling information at diplomatic summits, you’ll have to try your hand at every channel in order to strike a deal that can protect more than it destroys. It might not be easy – but it’s essential as the imperiled world rings out with war!


Welcome to Milne Land, a beautiful and serene place where every day is a new adventure! Here, you will find articles about everything from gardening to DIY projects, all of which will help you live a life full of contentment and happiness. Whether you’re looking for information to help you take on a new challenge or just want to learn something new, we have something for you. So take a look around, and let us show you the ways that Milne Land can help you be the best version of yourself!


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