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Moresby Island


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Moresby Island is located in Papua New Guinea and is considered a Unesco World Heritage Site. The island is also known for its rich biodiversity, which includes more than 2,000 plant species. As a result of this diversity, Moresby Island is home to a number of endemic animals and birds.

Some of the notable animals that live on the island include the Moresby parakeet, the Moresby pigeon, and the Moresby honeyeater. The island has also been identified as a hotspot for bird conservation and has been worked on to preserve its biodiversity since the early 1990s.

Moresby Island


Moresby Island is located in the Torres Strait and was first visited by Europeans in 1770. The island was named after Sir Samuel Griffith Moresby, an Australian general who served in the British army during World War I. Moresby Island remained uninhabited until the early 1990s, when it began to be settled by indigenous people from Bougainville Province. Since then, the island has been worked on to preserve its biodiversity and has been identified as a Unesco World Heritage Site.


Moresby Island is home to more than 2, 000 plant varieties. The island’s biodiversity is important to the local people, especially those in Port Moresby, who source their food and medicine from this ecosystem. Because of its natural environment, there are a number of endangered species that live on the island including some birds such as geckos and eels Loggerheads, an ancient reptile with a giant skull named after Sir Samuel Griffith Moresby have also been discovered on and are first recorded on Moresby island.

Moresby Birdlife ecoregion Mapes Bay Lagoon, is reported to be the most diverse in Papua New Guinea, with a complex landscape and highly diverse fauna native plants of which include Areca palms (betel nut palm), Ficus benjamina, Pseudo Spathodea campanulata var. cauliflora ,and African tulip tree.[2][3] It also has some endemic animals including giant gecko Brignolio’s geckos etc.


Moresby Island has a tropical climate with humidity levels that are high throughout the year. The average temperature on the island ranges from 30 to 32 degrees Celsius (86 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit). Temperature differences between day and night, however can be significant. The island has a rainy season in summer months when typhoons occasionally hit the island, causing rain on most days of these months. About 80-85% of all rainfall occurs during this time.

[4] During these times people are advised to stay indoors since there is potential for landslides from mountains above the island or washing away from heavy winds that blow across its wet landscape . It has little seasonal temperature variation but some changes[5] with warming occurring earlier than other tropical regions such as December through January from continued high temperatures over previous years and cooling that follows towards the end of February due to cold fronts, much colder than what would normally be experienced .


Kiriwina, who live on the island, are Melanesian people. They speak a Melanesian language called Kiriwina. Traditional Kiriwina culture is based around subsistence farming and hunting with sea foods being a staple food source. Men commonly engage in fishing and retrieving mangroves to build their canoes while women prepare traditional stews from fresh seafood such as fish, crabs and octopus .


The island is a part of the Solomon Islands. It became self-governing in 1997 and gained full independence from the United Kingdom on October 6, 1999. Moresby Island has been relatively stable since gaining its independence as there have only been a few short-lived governments including one lasting less than two weeks due to infighting within the political party in control at that time.

Today, Moresby Island’s economy is based mostly around subsistence farming with commercial fishing being a minor sector of the local economy. Tourism could be an important future economic driver for Moresby Island as more people travel to the island for relatively inexpensive beach vacations.

Fishing and Tourism

Fishing and Tourism

Moresby Island has a unique setting that could greatly benefit from tourism and other related services once they are developed. The island is known as paradise with miles of white sand beaches, eels, crocodiles, sea turtles , flamboyant trees , birds galore along with its tropical climate which provides four distinct seasons all in one day . Along with its natural beauty Moresby could attract many tourists who wish to visit such paradises free of any problems due to unstable governments or unruly people who have destroyed landscapes and demolished heritage homes .

Fishing is a part of daily island life with the local islanders being subsistence fishers. With an overall shallow reef, this provides for various types of fishing with mostly eel on Moresby Island However sustainable tourism in overfished areas can be used to maintain strong populations which controls epsilon-trophic level fisheries which only damage marine habitats while becoming unsustainable themselves.

Government services

The government of Moresby Island is decentralized and there have been only a few short-lived governments. Local leaders take care of their communities and deliver essential public services.

The economy of Moresby Island is mainly based around subsistence farming with commercial fishing being a minor sector. Tourism could be important for the island in the future, providing jobs and revenue sources that are sustainable practices.


Moresby Island has many natural attractions which make it a popular tourist destination. The island is known for its white sand beaches, eels, crocodiles, sea turtles and birds.

The government of Moresby Island should work to develop the tourism industry by creating an identity for the island and marketing it to attract tourists. This could be done through developing new transportation routes and facilities such as hotels and restaurants.


Moresby Island is a small and uninhabited island located in the Torres Strait, about midway between the Australian mainland and Papua New Guinea. Moresby Island is a highly significant site for the study of prehistory and archaeology, as it is one of very few locations in the world where there are examples of both early human occupation and later pre-European contact cultures.


What Are The Most Common Types Of Transportation To Get To Moresby Island?

There is no official transport option to get to Moresby Island, but there are a number of tour operators who offer trip opportunities. Alternatively, you can travel there by boat from either PNG or Australia.

Is It Possible For Tourists To Stay On Moresby Island Overnight?

No, it is not possible for tourists to stay on Moresby Island overnight. However, there are a number of accommodation options available that cater specifically for visitors travelling to the island.

What Are The Rules And Regulations When Travelling To Moresby Island?

There are no written rules that govern visitors’ conduct at or on Moresby Island. You should, however, comply with any official warnings posted by island authorities: i e. local police station, etc.

What Is The Economic Importance Of Moresby Island?

Moresby Island has limited economic significance, primarily due to its remote location and lack of facilities. However, it is a popular destination for travelers who are interested in archaeology and prehistory.

How Can I Find Out More About Moresby Island?

There are a number of sources of information available on Moresby Island. These include written articles, travel guides, and online resources

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