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Mount Chappell Island


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Mount Chappell Island is located in Bass Strait, off the coast of Tasmania. The island was originally named Mount Nelson, but it was renamed after the 9th Duke of Chappell in 1851.

The island is a popular tourist destination because it offers excellent wildlife viewing, including penguins, seals, and sea lions. The island has an active volcano which is the source of the island’s most famous landmark – the smoking stacks.

Mount Chappell Island

All Discussion Of Mount Chappell Island



Mount Chappell Island was first sighted by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman in 1642. The island was renamed Mount Nelson after Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

The 9th Duke of Chappell acquired the island in 1851 and it became a popular tourist destination because of its excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

The volcano has a void and an eruption column. The molten lava inside the cave burst through the ceiling creating stacks of fire which are called “smoke stack”

Volcanic activity on Mount Chappell Island is present year round and since 1843, there have been 37 eruptions in 76 years.



The climate on Mount Chappell Island is temperate. The average temperature ranges from 9 degrees Celsius in January to 24 degrees Celsius in July.

The precipitation averages 330 mm a year and the island experiences two seasons; winter with limited rainfall, followed by summer with plentiful rainfall. Flora and Fauna

Mount Chappell Island is located in the Bass Strait, off the east coast of Tasmania. Mount Chappell has a unique flora consisting mainly of low specific humidity flora with more than 1 percent dry mass carbon dioxide (CO2) dry-weight content.



The culture on Mount Chappell Island is primarily dependent on tourism. The island has a core group of permanent residents, who have been living there for many years, and most day-to-day activities are carried out by people from the mainland Tasmania.

There are also a number of long term visitors and holidaymakers who come to visit the volcano every year.

The island is mostly dominated by craters and fumaroles, having dried lava flows that rain down when the current wind shifts towards Australia and more recently volcanic collapses from which smoke stacks rise.

The groups of mosses known as tephrosaurs are considered characteristic to Mount Chappell Island indicating the presence of acidic soil types in coastal areas.



The island is well-equipped with camping and camping sites, caravan facilities, cabins and bungalows. Amenities include grocery stores, restaurants and bars which keep the tourists busy on weekends.

The Mount Chappell Island Environment Management Strategy task group has a vision to develop small scale tourism on colonial-era land. This is recognised in the Tasmanian government’s policy as well. More than six out of seven tourists come from Tasmania.

A golf course, tennis courts and croquet lawns have also been built on the island as part of an ongoing $2m project. There are several hikes that can be done to Mount Chappell Island.

Some of these include the six-kilometer ‘Crouch Walk’, a five-hour return bush walk, and the more difficult seven kilometer walk through muddy terrain deposits called tephras which rise above ground level like tombstones after eruptions.

The hike is not for hikers who have no experience walking on uneven surfaces, as it passes underground volcanic lakes known as mima mounds.

The Mordiford tephra layer is the most recent volcanic event to have affected Mount Chappell Island and still rumbles from time to time with heavy tremor activity.



Politics on Mount Chappell Island is largely based on tourism and the everyday running of the island. The permanent residents are all Tasmanians, who have a strong sense of community, whereas long term visitors come from all over Australia and overseas.

There is very little political activity taking place between different groups within the population and decisions are made collectively by the islanders.

Government Services

Government Services

The island is serviced by both Tasmania Police and the Australian Federal Police. The Tasmanian government provides a doctor and nurse on site, as well as access to medical facilities in Hobart.

There is also a small store that sells basic supplies such as food, medicine, cigarettes and alcohol. Power and water are provided by the Australian Government, although the island has its own mobile diesel power generator.



The main source of income on Mount Chappell Island is tourism. The island has many attractions, including the volcano, beaches and natural forest.

The majority of tourists come for day trips from Hobart, but some stay for longer periods to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and stunning scenery.

On the northern side, across Long Bay on Tasman Peninsula is Mount Field National Park which contains caves and glaciers.

On the south-eastern coast of Chappell’s Inlet lies East Coast Marine National Park which includes a coral reef where there are many fish including sea dragons and rare marine animals that grow in abundance between Tarkine sand dunes such as humpback whales, dugongs and giant cuttlefish.



The only way to get to Mount Chappell Island is by boat. The ferry from Devonport in Tasmania travels twice a day, departing at 6am and 2pm. It takes around two hours to reach the island.

There is also a small airstrip on the north-western side of the island which can be used for short flights but it is currently not serviced regularly by airlines.



The local cuisine on Mount Chappell Island is based around seafood, especially oysters. The island also has a few small farms which produce vegetables and fruit.



The wildlife on Mount Chappell Island is diverse, including bats, penguins and seals. There are also a variety of birds, including the lyrebird and the fairy tern.

In 1996, the European Brown Bear was reintroduced to Victoria’s north-eastern wilderness as part of a controlled program. As of 2013, there are 12 bears on wildlife reserves for this species.


Mount Chappell is a mountain in the Australian state of Victoria. It is located south-west of Melbourne, and is part of the Great Dividing Range.

The mountain forms part of the northern escarpment of the Stawell region, and is surrounded by a large area of open forest and heathland. The mountain was first climbed in 1853 by members of the Victorian Exploring Expedition.


1.What Is Mount Chappell’s Elevation?

Ans: The mountain’s elevation is 433 metres (1,425 feet).

2.When Was The First Ascent Of Mount Chappell Made?

Ans: The mountain’s first recorded climb was in 1853 by members of the Victorian Exploring Expedition.

3.Where Is Mount Chappell Located?

Ans: Mount Chappell is located in Victoria, Australia. It is a part of the Great Dividing Range and relatively close to Melbourne – 43 kilometers away from its centre.

4.Is There Any Eruptions On Mount Chappell? If Yes Which Ones And How Often They Happen?

Ans: There have been several volcanic activity around this mountain since the last 120 years or so but none has ever reached to an eruption level dangerous for the residents of surrounding areas.

5.What Is Mount Chappell’s Summit Like?

Ans: The mountain has a quite flat top and no signs of any vegetation. Travellers report being dwarfed by this imposing natural feature from all sides in almost every direction they look along its entire length to the horizon that dominates northern Victoria and southern New South Wales, with distant peaks such as Thredbo Mountain (1834 m) rising more than sixteen kilometres to the north, and Mount Bogong (1651 m) nearly twenty eight kilometers away.

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