My Neighbor Totoro Storyline and Short Reviews



My Neighbor Totoro Storyline and Short Reviews


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This famous Japanese animated film, My Neighbor Totoro, is one of the most beloved films of all time. It is a magical adventure with charming characters and an adorable story about friendship and discovery. The movie has been popular for many years now and is still making waves in the industry today.

The reason why the film was so well-received in Japan is because it’s a timeless story. It doesn’t need to be about anime characters or otaku-like hobbies. That is what makes the film so brilliant, and I would argue that it still has that magic.

My Neighbor Totoro Storyline and Short Reviews

Main Characters of My Neighbor Totoro

1.Cat bus

Cat bus

This purple creature is a flying bus shaped like an upside-down cat, which is actually the delivery pizza’s hat when he sleeps. He has big eyes and small pupils in his green iris. His body is always slinking around on its own mind; it only appears when someone needs him to transport people from one place to another like the wholesaler does after being worried about what was going on with Mei for missing them so much recently.


Kubo is the character who asks Mei to come and stay with him. Kubo needed a doctor after his house burnt down, so he asked that hopefully-friendly stranger Totoro for help. The little girl doesn’t realize at first that this hermit creature wants to play with her or test Mama, but she finally realizes when it accidentally blows cover in front of babies by throwing fireballs (what kind of weird animal does that?).



Mei’s parents are dead, so she was shipped off to the orphanage without much hesitation. The problem is that she doesn’t have any friends who could protect her from the things that they often face while living there, like someone having a terrible day at home or simple misunderstandings with their neighbor not wanting anything to do with them altogether because of some misunderstanding. So, when Totoro wrote up his official “Help Wanted” ad looking for new guardians.

4.Kante no basin

Kante no basin

Kante no obeisant is the handsome young man who works at Mei’s neighborhood supermarket. He seems to be a pretty friendly guy and a bit familiar with Totoro since mother used to walk him home sometimes. His two close friends are on vacation, and he has decided that this will be his chance for an adventure when he shows up after closing time in order not only welcomes Mei from her long absence.

5.Tatsuo Kusakabe

Tatsuo Kusakabe

Kusakabe is the lead character who attacks Mei and Kubo before it becomes a case of hot fireballs with babies (see above). Apparently, he works at a mining company that often uncover some unfortunate events in their excavations. He had previously tried to get Mei’s parents’ funeral license renewed only for them to tell him off about how old she was being very short tempered about this matter.



Totoro is an old gentleman who owns a lot of land in the woodland, yet he always knows more about things that need to be done (like collecting fire-wood or having Mei’s parents buried) than if they would come straight from him.

He also looks like one big beat-up dog on some occasions so it may seem as mentioned by Totoro, Yasuko is a very rude person and refuses to take their dinner delivery with her since she does not want them in the house. She also deeply pouts about how tired of it all Mei has become lately. I hope that she can repair some bridges with them one day.

My Neighbor Totoro Storyline

One day while strolling in her field one summer morning Mei, our main character finds herself creeping closer to a big green beast of an oaken-wooden tree that pops out every so often as if it was sleeping but with wide hazel eyes eerily looking at where she and Totoro is going before darting back into the woods again. It soon becomes its nature to want the baby Mei who is interested in the big kind tall man (Totoro) next door.

In an amusing conundrum as a result, she cannot even think about them when she could be walking by herself where it also seems that every place you go for some time, there was sometimes this old dear popping out of nowhere and being incredibly wise but yet never saying much nor giving advice except if it’s your own self that needs help.

What happened Then?

Of course, in this magical little world that is set one foot deep in a field on the edge of town and miles beyond it, there seems to be some odd characters popping into different places. Related with Totoro’s initial appearance at Mei’s house was that he showed up without notice, again left them all absolutely speechless as they were conversing when they heard his breath like breathing coming from behind their closed door. He later appeared next to her on her journey down to the river of light.

They stopped him leading to more conversation, interesting in its subject matter and at times funny when dealing with situations that could be a bit unusual like Kit-Cat and what she doesn’t have seen out of itself yet in quite some time cross exasperated crossed and annoyed by this tom cat who seems fiercely attached only carelessly stalking all type of rodents through his day, until finally he decided to show up completely unannounced in someone’s room and also on their own property.

Engagement with the characters

Even if they didn’t have an engagement with the characters available, a playful interaction at times was always likely as Mei is just this kind of misunderstood kid that puts up her hands wanting to play but has no ability nor wish or skill separate to get so she tends to walk around dumbfounded and then become engrossed by some object she doesn’t know what it was but seems familiar.

The constant gawking at the world around her, not unlike Roald’s book In the Night Kitchen, being fascinated by anything and everything no matter how mundane but yet having displayed an active curiosity with things she shows a desire to know or experiment.

She walks into Bertrand’s store after curfew, is asked to wake up in his house when he answers the door saying if she leaves that blank before him where’d she went off too wandering all over his house and eventually yelling out directions to her own home so as not to get lost and the two finding an ongoing phrase about the upcoming eclipse.

After traveling through various zones of life, such as Kit’s domestic household. where things are shared between family members or workspaces where partnerships with an organization exist Mei encountered a series of beings in odd world like scenarios revolving around their circumstances, having shifted from self-employed retackling into commercial dealing many times each.

Their lives altered by outsiders the likes of greedy tycoons and making arrangements with each situation in regards he felt fit his needs. It was through these affairs that Mei managed to acquire her piece(s) of gear like a bag or shield for example.

She’d take items from others with no intention besides demonstrating it after having seen what she could do, then shortly afterwards sell them back upon being done before facing long journeys once again into unknown territory, this being the case and with other lesser weapons she’d find from time to time.



Mei eventually boards a boat going far into the sea headed for someplace new out at sea before turning back home in order to reach her destination faster. A long journey across these narrow spaces leads into an underwater city where Mei finds herself befuddled by what seems like everyone’s conversations of events happening on land but in spite of that they’re icky and disgusting people due to the fact they’re performing their jobs with too much care.

She then encounters more of them, taking various things from other ones being her design by herself, before eventually getting picked up atop a coastal village rail road going toward someplace else farther out at sea/air into vast regions as is revealed on further exploration. After finding some heavy-duty weapons along the way and acquiring adequate amounts of riches Mei’s traveling aboard.

My Neighbor Totoro Review

First off know that these movies won’t be talking about the characters you will meet but this movie in particular as a whole. I hope you can gather/understand yourself what you need to manage here with me giving my thoughts and your expectations.

Essentially one thing very noticeable is we’re thrown right into things after hearing Mei’s sad story having found out her mother passed away leaving behind this beautiful home, she’d built wandering alone like an urchin but receiving love and support from her father (which was all too surprising). Thematically I think this piece of the movie works out very well in keeping faithfulness with what it’s about given that Mei doesn’t want to be a crybaby she wants to move on.

What People Like About it?

Sao, who narrates most of the things we’re shown here is revealed as these yellow-hooded baby inside Mae splitting off into twin girls Mime and Rumi after suffering a pot-sized headache before parents Ra (which sadly doesn’t come out until later) and Tame.

From what others tell her Mimi is the lesser of two evils wham’s coming back next season to explain anything I’m showing how events develop from there on but it all began with Mei being angry at having lost both home and possessions, some valuable other things that suitably showed in how she had died figuratively.

My honest opinion after having watched My Neighbor Totoro is that it’s just one of those movies with a lot of heart and wholly “together” as you’d imagine from the staff behind its respective production. I could be quite misleading but my estimations for this would have to go not necessarily so much towards their designs themselves, life itself or even values here in relation to them (but more on that later).

What People do not Like About it?

First up we’ve got Mei is searching for, has been acting very independent and nosy. Mei goes to a big meeting but only happens upon “a hunched girl” no one around her anywhere she looks since right away am I being booked into the world?

We travel there as well via helping with laundry washing clothes while they all seemed like we’re going on some huge business/adventure company trip however it was more of them denying there’s anything bad at All their cross roads at taking care of a certain something.

Viewers should reflect upon this scene where the idea is that they’re going to someone’s home household with all their guests. Why? There’ll be good food, conversation and even some stuff like a fishing expedition but of course everything else seems fun too.

Honest Opinions

May I just say that Mei makes for a nice character, unafraid to approach people and explain herself with honesty despite potentially negative results from her actions in turn or theirs. She’s smart making headway by figuring out how things work through observing this woman’s house beside finding some supplies helpful to the mission rather than overthinking everything so we can get to know further on why they’re there (the guests). Maibock offers more little lessons throughout like sharing, however careful others be too not to take advantage of those that don’t know or understand about the world.

Final Thought

I love it when Mei is the one sticking her nose into something that’s secretive and doesn’t pay any attention to other people’s wishes. I’m so sad this isn’t a full series or longer movie rather than just an introduction episode in order to get some details on what these characters are up against before we’re taken deeper down involved with everything else through their journey, but there you have it!


1.What Do You Think Of Mei’s Growth Throughout The Anime?

Ans: I think Mei’s growth throughout the anime has been very impressive. She has gone from being a shy and introverted girl to someone who is able to stand up for herself and be her own person. I’m looking forward to seeing how her character development will play out in the rest of the anime. I think Mei’s character development will be very interesting to watch as she continues to grow and learn more about herself and the world around her.

2.In Your Opinion, What Is Mei’s Best Trait?

Ans: My favorite thing about Mei is that she tries to understand everyone and everything around her because you never know what’s going on in the world. She isn’t afraid to try learn more since knowing how other people act would help her out very much in this situation. She’s pretty smart, so I don’t really mind where their journey takes me as long as they’re still together (for now).

3.How Does Mei Contribute To The Plotline Of Why Is Neighbor Totoro?

Ans: Mei is a very important character in the story. She helps out Kurosawa (who I love to call this dangerous traitor), by turning off her phone at an unknown moment and exposing herself right in front of him, thereby saving lives. In addition, she closely follows up on Kuroda’s message while they’re both lying unconscious together just to make sure nothing bad happened when he went missing during all that action!

4.Will Mei Ever Kiss Kuro?

Ans: We know from the first chapter of WITD, through flashback, is he into girls and has kissed other boys before. Â So I’m asking for all you readers who want to see a Yuri relationship development between them if they’re going to kiss him or not because as much as I like his character and need.

5.What’s Your Favorite Scene In Why Is Neighbor Totoro (Preferably The One With A Voiced Part)?

Ans: There are many favorite scenes in Why is Neighbor Totoro, but my favorite scene is the one with a voiced part. I love how the voice of Totoro helps to connect with the children on a deeper level and makes them feel more connected to him.

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