No Country For Old Men 2007 Movie Meaning and Ending Explained




No Country For Old Men 2007 Movie Meaning and Ending Explained


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Introduction: A black comedy film No Country for Old Men is based on Cormac Mccarthy’s novel of the same name.

No Country for Old Men is a 2007 American neo noir crime film directed, co-written and produced by Ethan and Joel. The movie stars Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones with Michael Contreras in one of his earliest roles as well as mark Foley who died shortly before filming began.

Filming of this one began on February 23, 2006. It was shot in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Principal photography ended on June 10, 2006. Coen have stated that they had a number of ideas for theme.

No Country For Old Men 2007 Movie Meaning and Ending Explained

Meaning of the Movie No Country for Old Men:

Javier Bardem plays two characters: Anton Chigurh and Llewelyn Moss. The role of Javier as brother was split into two parts by director Coen brothers so they can play different scenes according to who they are portraying on the screen. Brian Cox’s character does not play any other parts in movie (but only in his accent) and he is more like a comic part, that stuff was added by Coen Brothers. He doesn’t even look like the character from book.

Ending of the Movie No Country for Old Men:

Ending of the Movie No Country for Old Men:

The viewer is never sure if he should be following the rules because they might not help him navigate these complex situations in good ways, or bad ones which ultimately bring heartache and disappointment to those who looked forward to a more orderly life free of violence. I was really shocked that Joel and Ethan Coen deserved 2nd place at “Best Original Screenplay”.

Key Characters:

1.Josh Brolin

No Country For Old Men 2007 Key Characters:

No Country for Old Men is a 2007 American neo-western crime thriller film written, produced and directed by the Coen Brothers. It went on to win four Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Film Editing), as well as other accolades from critics. Josh Brolin plays bigoted sheriff callahan and mentor to Javier Bardem’s character, Llewelyn Moss. In the book, Llewelyn is only trying to find his partner’s killer.

2.Coen Brothers

The Coen Brothers have been able to keep their unique style intact in this adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel. This is one of the best films made by the brothers so far. All critics seem to agree that Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones lead a great ensemble cast for No Country For Old Men!

3.Tommy Lee Jones

No Country For Old Men is a 2007 film noir written and directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel of the same name. It stars Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, and Josh Brolin as three men who find themselves in desperate circumstances after meeting at an Albuquerque car wash during their travels to hunt down stolen cash for its recovery. The film was released on April 17, 2007.


The story begins when Anton, an elderly hit man (played by Javier Bardem), steals a car and pursues his target over hundreds of miles before meeting up with llewelyn moss (tommy lee jones). The two men begin to converse while they drive. Anton says he is an old friend of Moss’s who wanted to meet him outside the border, and then asks if interceding on behalf of a relative would change anything in the past. He also says that he has no children, and his own adulthood ended when the war shifted from protagonist.


Joel and Ethan Coen, who have won three Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay, hit the bull’s eye with this film. The characters are completely realized in a way that has rarely been done before. The sheriff is someone you root for because he does all he can to serve his community even though it may conflict with what is best for himself or others. He uses his position as sheriff (and by extension law) to protect people but also must stay true to its function in protecting the people.

5.Stephen Root

The film was released in cinemas on 24 January 2007. It received generally favorable reviews and grossed more than $80 million worldwide, making it a major commercial success. The story has been used as the basis for several sequels set in different parts of America Anton Chigurh.

6.Tom Lee

The film stars Tommy Lee Jones as an elderly desert teacher and Jeffrey Wright as an innocent man accused of murder who teams up with an unlikely detective for a relentless pursuit. A brilliant, minimalist thriller that keeps Chigurh on the edge of your seat until the final bloody moment (no spoilers!),

7.Llewellyn moss

The film is the first collaboration between the Coens and Bardem, who had previously worked together in several films by Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. The project began when Joel needed a new actor to read for the lead role of Llewellyn Moss; at that time, no one knew who Javier Bardem was nor what he was capable of playing .

Important Events of the Movie:

“No Country For Old Men” is a masterpiece from start to finish. And while Joel Coen has long been known primarily as one half of Francis Ford Coppola’s filmmaking team in films like “The Conversation” and “Apocalypse Now”, it may be more accurate to say that he has auteur status, with his brother Ethan a co-writer and producer on major studio films like the “”seminal”” film chosen by Texas Governor Rick Perry as his favorite movie of all time. A highly original film in screenplay form as well as filmmaking: style over story, aggression rather than subtlety but stealthily till end.

Ending Explained:

No Country For Old Men 2007 Ending Explained:

The film is based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy and tells a sprawling story of insurance salesman Ed Tom Bell who, after losing his wife to cancer, discovers the $2 million reward offered for whoever kills Chigurh. However, there’s one catch: nobody will get it except if they are killed themselves first.

Despite the length of time that has passed since its initial release, No Country for Old Men is still one of the most critically acclaimed films in recent memory. There are many reasons why it’s so well-loved by moviegoers and critics alike: a fitting title set to an eerie score; tension-filled performances from Tom Brolin (as Llewellyn Moss), Josh Brolin (as Sheriff Bell), Tommy Lee Jones (as Carla Jean Moss) and Javier Bardem.


No Country For Old Men, the Coen brothers’ thriller about a washed-up Vietnam veteran who finds $2 million in an oil drum and is pursued by a mysterious killer for over two days, took home four Oscars (Best Picture; Best Original Screenplay (Joel & Ethan); Best Director: Joel/Ethan) at last night’s 90th Academy Awards ceremony .

This marks the Coens’ first Academy Award winner picture, and their only commercial hit. Their last independent film “The Ladykillers” was nominated but did not win (which doesn’t look as though it would have). The movie’s score also took home two Oscars during Sunday’s ceremony, with Carter Burwell winning Best Original Score Written for Motion Pictures – Fiction over Hans Zimmer (“Inception”).


1.Which Scene From No Country for Old Men Do You Like the Most?

  1. The scene where Anton Chigurh is torturing the man in the barn.
  2. The scene where Llewelyn Moss and Chris Vannucci are driving through the desert.
  3. The scene where Anton Chigurh is killing people in a church.

2.Why Is No Country for Old Men Considered Such a Great Film?

  1. The plot is well-developed and the suspense is high.
  2. The acting is excellent and the characters are well-drawn.
  3. The cinematography is beautiful and the settings are perfect for the story.

3.What Were the Popular Quotes of No Country for Old Men?

  1. “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
  2. “I am not a good man. I’m a great man.”
  3. “If it doesn’t have a gun on it, it ain’t worth shootin’ at”.

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