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Nobby Island


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Nobby island is a small, uninhabited island located off the coast of Western Australia. The island is significant for a number of reasons, the most notable of which is its connection to Australia’s maritime history. The first Europeans to sight the island were the Dutch East India Company in 1616, who named it Nieuw Holland after their home country.

The island was later used by the British as a penal colony, and during World War II it served as a base for the Allied forces. Today, Nobby island is home to a small community of people who are mainly involved in fishing and pearl diving.

Nobby Island

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Nobby Island is located off the coast of Western Australia, about halfway between Perth and Broome. The island was first sighted by Dutch East India Company sailors in 1616 and was named Nieuw Holland after their home country.

The British later used the island as a penal colony, before using it as a base during World War II. Today, Nobby island is home to a small community of people who are mainly involved in fishing and diving, with the local Aboriginal population getting involved in traditional fishing.



The climate on Nobby island is generally temperate, with a wet season from November to March and a dry season from May to October. Opened in 1932, a wharf and shed were built at Nobby Island by the British Empire Works Department under the supervision of George Hunt. The works department had acquired parcels of land on Nobby island for development as well.

The wharf was braced in 1939, and the construction of administration buildings was started in 1940. The Australian Army has taken over major parts of the island under a lease agreement with the Western Australia Department of Lands. A floating jetty that is being built by Grocon Concrete Pty Ltd on 12 January 2016 at Nobby Island Fishing port to house Ross River Corporation’s tuna harvesting boat “Wuthray”.


Nobby Island

The culture on Nobby island is mainly Aboriginal, with the local population getting involved in traditional fishing. The local Aboriginal population usually knows a good bit about the finer parts of fishing such as how to fish for abalone. The majority of people in the area are Aborigines and they get involved with traditional fishing by searching out rocks close to shore when water levels drop during winter so that salmon can spawn there.



There is no political presence on Nobby island, with the majority of people living in peaceful coexistence. The island has many camp sites where they rent camping equipment, and the Australians are open to tourists doing activities such as hiking around the Island.

The first camp on the island was called The Prince Harrison Camp, which was established in 1927. This site is no longer used as a dwelling place and has been converted into dwellings that are occupied by Australians who have rented out their lifestyles to allow them to travel throughout Australia at an affordable price.

Government services

Government services

The island is administered by the Western Australian Department of Lands, which leases it to Ross River Corporation for tuna harvesting. The Australians are extremely friendly towards tourists and are always happy to answer any questions that visitors might have about the island or the fishing industry in general. The island is actively used for ship maintenance and repair, as Gordon Lirakalpa who lives on the island, states “I love working around Nobby Island.

I have friends here because of its warm atmosphere.” When all heavy machinery has been taken out of his workshop he can be seen relaxing in front of a speaker system with most days being spent performing some tricks to tourists that wish to come over and watch him do it.




Nobby island is a popular tourist destination for those who love fishing. The fishermen here are skilled at catching tuna, and many tourists come to watch them fish. Visitors can also enjoy swimming in the freshwater river that flows through the island or exploring the lush vegetation that covers most of it. Around the island there is plenty to see, as well as things such as abandoned boats, and activities that include camping or hiking along trails.



The nearest airport is located in Perth, and getting to Nobby island from there is easy. Visitors can also easily access the island by boat. Cars can be parked on shore, however this space is limited to 12 hours and also shared with the fishermen who use the island as a base of operations.



Since the island is predominantly used for fishing, there is not a great deal of cuisine that can be found here. Visitors are able to find some basic food supplies at the store on the island, and these include items such as bread, milk, eggs and fruit.



Dolphins can be seen swimming in the waterways around Nobby island, and there are also a number of different bird species that can be spotted here. The vegetation is home to kangaroos, snakes and spiders.

The only residents of Nobby island are the fishermen who work there. The current population numbers less than 10 people, mainly locals and their families who spend a few weeks each year on the island to fish. Fishing is reported to be “good” this season.


Nobby Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Tasman Sea, off the east coast of Australia. It has been declared a nature reserve and is home to over 300 seabirds, including the globally threatened Australasian gannet. The island has also been identified as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International because of its significance for breeding seabirds.


1.What Is The History Of Nobby Island?

Ans: Nobby island was first sighted by the Dutch East India Company in 1616, and was named after their home country of Holland. The British began using the island as a penal colony in 1805, and during World War II it served as a base for Allied forces. Today, Nobby island is home to a small community of people who are mainly involved in fishing and pearl diving .

2.Why Is Nobby Island Significant?

Ans: Nobby island has a strong link to Australia’s maritime history and the First Fleet, as it was sighted by Europeans over 400 years ago. The island also served as an operation base for Australian and Allied forces during World War II, which added further significance to its connection with our country’s eminent military reputation.

3.Who Lives On Nobby Island?

Ans: Nobby island has a small and secretive community who are primarily involved in fishing, diving and pearling. Non-residents also visit the island to catch seabirds that have migrated there during their annual migrations using traditional tribal technology known as “bambu chek” (swinging).

4.Where To Stay?

Ans: Nobby Island Resort offers small, basic accommodation, a Bush Christmas Dinner and is only 10 minutes from the sealed road (if you prefer to snap turtles avoid staying on weekends). There are also several smaller resorts in Watson Bay for more choice.

5.Are There Any Regular WA Holidays Here?

Ans: The annual Blue Penguin Festival takes place at Nobby Island Wildlife Sanctuary and Mum’s Seals operates August – November every year. Environs Bar & Restaurant on our river is the place to go for a tropical juice, or cable yourself up with Capt Steve and his mates.

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