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North Rennell Island


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North Rennell Island is one of the most remote places on earth. It’s located almost halfway between Hawaii and Australia, and is only reachable by plane or boat. The island was formerly a research station for the US military, but is now a protected natural reserve. North Rennell Island is also home to some of the world’s last remaining endemic mammals and birds.

North Rennell Island


North Rennell Island was first settled by humans in the 1880s. It was then used as a research station for the US military, and is now a protected natural reserve.


North Rennell Island

North Rennell Island is located almost halfway between Hawaii and Australia, and is only reachable by plane or boat. The island is made up of volcanic rock, sandstone,and coral reef. There are no permanent human settlements on North Rennell Island, but there are several research stations that are operated by the US military.

The island has a coastline of over 20 miles long , and a width of over 15 miles. North Rennell Island is 6,524 ft above sea level at its highest point, Wenderson Hill, which lies on the north-east corner. The island’s weather can be very dramatic – it rains nearly every day in mid September with strong winds to accompany it.



The climate on North Rennell Island is highly variable. It can be very hot and humid in the summer, but cold and damp in the winter. The island experiences a lot of rainfall, with an average of 253 in (622 mm) per year.

Flora And Fauna

Flora And Fauna

North Rennell Island is home to a number of rare endemic species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians that are found nowhere else on earth. These include the pygmy mouse lemur (Eulemur microtis), North Rennell island macaque (Macaca robusta robusta), and North Rennell island flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis) just to name a few. The island is also home to the silvereye, an endemic bird of New Guinea that lacks sexual dimorphism, but can be identified with its bright yellow eye colouring.

There are no native land mammals on the island: however rats were introduced in 1903 for health and quarantine purposes by American biologist Thomas Hunt Morgan when he was stationed at Goring Station partway along north-west coast of the Olohega Peninsula from Poonowere , a station that is now abandoned.

Fauna: Hahai (Humber, 2009). Macaque sanctuary island feral wild felid wildlife free access, no invasive plants or other introduced pest animals

When it was in use as a quarantine island the lighthouse keeper would have many examples of porphyria and suffered from attacks by gorillas, so he did quite wisely think about keeping non-native pests out of his garden by getting rid of various species like cockroaches and rabbits!


North Rennell Island Culture

There is no indigenous culture on North Rennell Island. The island was first settled by sealers and then, in 1903, by a group of American biologists who were working on the island as part of the Goring Station research program.

Since that time, most of the population has been made up of scientists and staff from various organizations who have worked on or visited the island. There are currently just two permanent residents – a gardener and caretaker – who live in a small cottage near Poonowere .

North Rennell Island is home to an active lighthouse which can be reached by foot, boat or helicopter. Poonowere is the island’s only settlement and there are a number of small satellite islands in North Rennell’s archipelago to explore such as Kelep Point, Weyting Island , Wess Beicha and Nalumone .



North Rennell is a part of the Solomon Islands, a country which is divided into three provinces: Western, Central and Northern. The island is administered by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development through the Western Province Division.

Many of North Rennell’s natural resources are held by the federal government, and laws proposed in August 2008 to allow island communities greater control over marine living resources produced much controversy. In response, a community assembly was created on 1 October 2009 which reported directly back to Solomon Island Parliament on its activities during Oct-Nov 2012.

Government Services

Government Services

The island is served by a small airstrip which can be reached by helicopter or boat. There is no running water on the island, but there are several freshwater springs and a well. Electricity is available from Solomon Island Power Ltd , but telephone services are limited to those living in Poonowere .

There is no full-time health care and a government clinic jointly managed by Western Province Division and the Ministry of Health was opened in 2014.


North Rennell Island Tourism

As its name suggests, the island is a popular tourist destination, with visitors coming for snorkelling and diving in the crystal clear waters, hiking or biking on the island’s remarkable trails, birdwatching and whale watching. The island can also be reached by boat from Poonowere .


North Rennell Island is an isolated coral atoll lying in the southern Indian Ocean, administratively part of the Solomon Islands. It is located northeast of Bougainville Island, southeast of the New Georgia Islands, and northwest of Pitcairn Island. The island is uninhabited and part of the Coral Reef National Park.


1 . What Are The Most Common Types Of Travel To North Rennell Island?

There is only one way to reach North Rennell island, by plane or boat.

Therefore, the most popular type of travel is either airfare via local carriers or travelling on a cruise ship.

  1. How Many People Live On North Rennell Island?

There are currently no permanent inhabitants on North Rennell island, and it is a nature reserve open only to researchers and visitors who have permission from the US military garrison stationed there.

  1. Who Owns And Operates The Airport On North Rennell Island?

The island has a small airport, after an emergency landing at sea in 1995 all the vessels originally moored there have been temporarily moved to other ports (Montague island and Mt Hagen).

  1. What Is The Elevation Of North Rennell Island?

The elevation of North Rennell island varies from sea level to 265 m, the highest point.

  1. How Long Is It From North Rennell Island To Any Other Island?

The distance between North Rennell island and any other inhabited island ranges from a few miles (3 km) to more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km).

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