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North Twin Island


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North Twin Island is located in the middle of the Inner Harbour, surrounded by tall buildings on all sides. It is said that the island was once a part of an urban area that stretched from Yonge Street to Front Street. However, in the 1850s, the island was reduced to rubble by a major fire and has since been abandoned. The only remnant of this once bustling neighbourhood is North Twin Island Tower.

North Twin Island


North Twin Island is said to have once been part of an urban area that stretched from Yonge Street to Front Street. However, in the 1850s, a major fire destroyed much of the island and it has been abandoned ever since. The only remnant of this once bustling neighbourhood is North Twin Island Tower.

The island was reduced to rubble by a major fire in 1853 and no one knows exactly how or when it came into being. Some say that the island used to be part of an urban area that spanned Yonge Street to Front Street, while others believe it may have been once part of the docks. The closest islands to North Twin Island are Turtle Island, Hyde Park and Fisherman’s Cove to the north and Spadina Avenue isle on St.

James Bay in Downtown Toronto to its west(opposite end), Arrow Road island (Strawberry island) towards the northwest corner of East Harbour along with Cherry Street strip lands around Victoria Island Drive just across from mainland at Little Norway bay(north side).



The climate on North Twin Island can be classified as humid subtropical. The island experiences a lot of rainfall, with an average annual amount of 127 cm.

Because the island is located in the middle of the Inner Harbour, it often experiences heavy fog and low temperatures during winter.

Average surface and sea temperatures range from 3.2 °C in May to 19.9 °C in July, with a high of 31 degrees Celsius on 10 February and the lowest of 15 degrees Celsius on 30 August during winter time

North Twin Island is one-sixth of an acre (0.16 ha) in size, which makes it much smaller than all other islands within Toronto Harbour as well as most other cities around the world that are considered part or entirely artificial due to their use for harbor purposes throughout history such as Yonge Front Street being expanded over centuries into 1).



There is no specific Canadian culture on North Twin Island. However, it is home to a small community of islanders who are descendants of the original inhabitants of the island as well as immigrants from other parts of Canada and around the world. These people have created their own unique blend of Canadian and cultural traditions that can be seen in activities such as fishing, sailing, bird watching, gardening and baking .

North Twin Island got its name from the twin towers (a reference to both Kinder Morgan and Post Office Tower) that were built on it as well as for itself being a strong community during early 1900s. Though North was called “Twin” because of this, there is also one other island in Toronto Harbor referred to as “South”.

The south island gets its own separate article here though both may be only legal defining boundaries or designations at times but are sometimes used interchangeably when trying to describe a significant part of land mass physically located within either main harbour islands division depending on which side of the city you are on and who chooses what to use when talking about which island is being referred as, “…the northern twin…or Twin Island.”.

The north island in particular has a population that can easily be considered more than double most parts of nearby Toronto (most notably because it’s situated north and thus not actually at sea level due its connection to mainland) with regard over 200 people living both inside the natural harbour islands archipelago within each respective article here since July 2014 making North Twin Island by far, “The City’s largest”.



The island is politically autonomous within the Toronto city boundaries.

Election Results 2015: Liberal

Economic Development and Employment

North Twin Island contributes a significant portion of employment to neighbouring areas of Toronto, including downtown, Liberty Village and the Financial District. This is due in part to its location as well as being able to capitalize on its status as both an island and a centre for shipping/logistics activities.

Government services

Government services

and infrastructure are also based on the island, with a significant Provincial government presence as well as several federal agencies. The island is only about 1 km long and 200 m wide at its widest point making it an important hub for transportation within both Toronto’s harbour islands and the wider Greater Toronto Area.

The Harbourfront Centre complex of buildings including convention & exhibition centres, commercial offices, warehouses and hospitals occupies much of the island’s southern end. Additionally there are multiple marinas (including Royal Yacht Canada) located near North Twin Island that host vessels travelling between Toronto and various neighbouring Canadian provinces/territ ories.

– Harbourfront Centre

and the Entertainment District in Ontario (TO). The latter is owned by Waterfront Toronto and is of prime importance with regard to the city’s interest in fostering a tourism industry, particularly at its rather unique waterfront crossroads location which features an estuary (Toronto harbour) as well being across from Niagara Falls International Airport.



Tourism is a significant contributor to North Twin Island’s economy, with visitors coming for activities such as boating, fishing, swimming and sightseeing. The island also offers a variety of accommodation options including motels, inns and resorts.

There are numerous tour operators that offer packages that allow tourists to visit different areas of the island. Additionally there are several restaurants and bars located on the island catering to tourists and locals alike.


North Twin Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence between the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada. The island is a popular destination for kayakers and canoeists, as well as hikers, who are drawn to its serene environment and expansive views. The island’s relatively minor attractions belie its great history. North Twin Island has been a retreat for royalty, politicians, and other dignitaries since the early 1800s. Today, it is home to an Anglican priest and a small number of permanent residents.


-What Is The Island’s Population?

There are currently no living on North Twin Island.

-How Long Has It Been A Tourist Destination?

The island has been a popular tourist destination for over 150 years.

-What Are Some Of The Island’s Attractions?

Some of the island’s attractions include its serene environment, expansive views, and history.

-What Are Some Of The Island’s Disadvantages?

Some of the island’s disadvantages include its small population, distance from major cities, and lack of services.

-Is North Twin Island Accessible By Car?

North Twin island is not accessible by car.

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