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Office Space (1999) FAQs


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Office Space is a 1999 American comedy film directed by Mike Judge. It was released on December 8, 1999, and stars Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, Chris Klein, and David Herman. The film follows the misadventures of William Morris (Klein), an employee at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The following are questions and answers about Office Space.

Office Space (1999) FAQs


Who wrote the script for Office Space?

Mike Judge wrote the screenplay based on his experiences in the corporate world while he worked at Silicon Graphics Corporation (SGI). The film’s producers were taken to court by SGI over copyright issues but settled out of court.

How did Ron Livingston land the role of William Morris?

Ron Livingston initially auditioned for the part of Peter Gibbons but was turned down because he was too short. He then read for the part of William Morris and won over Mike Judge with his performance.

What do Jennifer Aniston and Chris Klein play in Office Space?

Jennifer Aniston plays Liz Lemon, head writer at WMZQ; Chris Klein plays Mike, an office worker forced to move up from paper-pusher to regional manager; and David Herman plays the Emperor of Paper, CEO Dunder Mifflin.

What are the main themes in Office Space?

The film’s main themes include work-life balance, corporate politics, and the stress of everyday life.

Why was Jennifer Aniston in Office Space?

There are many reasons why Jennifer Aniston was in Office Space.

First, she was looking for a new project after her divorce from Brad Pitt. Second, the movie was shot in 1999 and was released in 2000. Third, the movie was shot for very little money, and it became a cult classic. Fourth, Jennifer Aniston is hilarious in the movie, and people love her comedic skills. Fifth, the character of Monica is based on Jennifer Aniston’s real-life friend who worked at a software company at the time.

Is Office Space a funny movie?

Yes, Office Space is a very funny movie. Some of the funniest scenes in the movie include when Peter Gibbons tells his boss that he is quitting, when Mike Judge plays a stereotypical Ernie Sabella character, and when Jennifer Aniston tries to learn how to work from David Herman.

Is Office Space based on a true story?

No, Office Space is not based on a true story. The movie is purely fictional, and there are no real-life characters or events involved.

What is Office Space movie about?

The Office Space movie is about a group of employees who are forced to move into a new office space. The employees soon realize that the new office is not as great as it seems and they must find ways to make the most of their situation.

What are the main characters in Office Space?

The main characters in Office Space are Peter Gibbons, David Herman, Darryl Philbin, Mike Judge, Jennifer Aniston, and Kevin Kline.

What does the red stapler mean in Office Space?

The red stapler is a symbol of office tension and stress. In the movie, the red stapler is used to staple together the resignation letter of Mike Judge’s character, Peter Smith.

Where was Las Colinas Office Space?

The office space that is the subject of the movie, Las Colinas Office Space, never actually existed. The scenes in the film were shot at numerous locations around California and Texas.

What caused the fire in Office Space?

There is no one answer to this question as it can be attributed to a variety of factors. However, some possible causes could include:

  • Faulty wiring or equipment: This could be the result of a lack of maintenance or improper installation.
  • Improper storage: Poorly stored materials, such as paper and chemicals can easily catch fire.
  • Smoking in the office: Smoking cigarettes or cigars can increase fire risk.
  • Lack of escape routes: If there are no emergency exits, then people working in the office may not have any way to escape if a fire does break out.

Was Office Space a success?

Yes, Office Space was a success. It was one of the first American comedy films to be shot in digital video, and it helped popularize the concept of renting office space to start a business. The film was also well received by critics, and it won several awards, including an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Was Office Space a flop?

No, Office Space was not a flop. It was a hit with critics and audiences alike when it first aired on television in 1999. The show followed the lives of employees working at the fictional Scranton, PA branch of Wernham Hogg Paper Company. The show was popular for its realistic portrayal of office life and its quirky characters. It also spawned two sequels, both of which were also successful.

Did Peter keep the money for Office Space?

No, Peter does not keep the money from Office Space. Bob Odenkirk’s character is fired from his job, and he is left with nothing but a letter of recommendation. In the end, Bob spends most of the money he inherited on alcohol, drugs, and prostitutes.

Are TPS reports real?

TPS reports are definitely real and can be very helpful in identifying potential issues with your website. However, it is important to note that TPS reports are not a guarantee of fixing any problems that they may identify. Instead, they should be used as a tool to help you take the necessary steps to fix any issues that they may find.

Did Swingline make red staplers?

No, Swingline did not make the red stapler that is featured in Office Space. That particular feature was created for the movie by animator and illustrator Ron Borovoy.

How much money did they embezzle in Office Space?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific facts and circumstances of the case. However, embezzlement can involve stealing money or property that belongs to a company or individual. In some cases, embezzlers may use their positions within a company to steal large sums of money or assets.

How did Office Space end?

There is no definitive answer, but it is generally believed that Office Space ended because the characters failed to develop and grow over time. The series followed the daily lives of employees working in a software company, and as the years went on, the characters became more one-dimensional and their storylines less interesting.

How accurate is Office Space?

There is no one answer to this question as everyone’s opinion on the accuracy of Office Space would likely be different. However, based on many people’s opinions, it seems that the movie is generally accurate in terms of portraying the office environment and some of the common problems that employees face.

Why is Office Space important?

There are many reasons why office space is important.

First of all, it is necessary for businesses to have a place to work. This is especially true for small businesses that don’t have the resources to set up their own offices.

Secondly, having an office space allows businesses to meet other people and network. This can be beneficial because it can help them find new customers and partners and learn about new trends in the industry.

Thirdly, having an office space allows businesses to keep track of their finances. This is especially important for companies that are starting out or those that are expanding rapidly. Having an office also allows businesses to conduct business meetings and take care of other administrative tasks related to running a business.

Is Initech a real company?

Initech is a real company, and the characters in Office Space are based on actual employees of this company.

Where did Jennifer Aniston work in Office Space?

  1. Jennifer Aniston worked in the office space of Dunder Mifflin.
  2. Jennifer Aniston worked in the office space of Scranton-Wilkes Barre Paper Company.

What does Milton say in Office Space?

In Office Space, Milton says, “I’d rather be a cyborg than a human.” This is a quote that shows how Milton feels about being a human. He believes that there are many advantages to being a cyborg over being a human. One advantage of being a cyborg is that you can be more efficient and productive because you don’t have to deal with the hassles and distractions of living in the real world. You can also be more creative because you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or dealing with people.

Another advantage of being a cyborg is that you can never get sick or injured. You won’t experience the pain and suffering that comes with physical injuries or diseases. Overall, Milton believes that there are many advantages to being a cyborg over being a human, and he would rather be one than live as a human.

What happens to Milton in Office Space?

In the movie, Milton is fired from his job at the software company and ends up working at a tech support call center. He is miserable and does not enjoy his job, but he does not know how to get out of it.

Milton’s situation is similar to many people who are in low-paying jobs that they do not like. The key difference is that Milton has no skills or experience in the tech support field, so he is unable to find another job. The best thing that Milton can do is stay positive and hope for a change in his situation. He can also try to improve his skills by taking online courses or learning more about technology.

Why do staplers have 747?

There is no one answer to this question. Some possible explanations could be as follows:

  1. The 747 is a well-known airline, and the stapler is an iconic product of that airline.
  2. The 747 has a large capacity, and the stapler can handle large jobs quickly.
  3. The 747 is known for its luxurious design, and the stapler reflects that same level of quality and luxury.

Why did Milton burn down Initech?

Milton was upset with the way Initech was treating its employees. He believed that they were being treated unfairly and that their rights were not being respected. Milton decided to take action by burning down Initech’s building in order to make his point.

Where is Office Space filmed?

The Office Space movie is filmed in various locations across the United States. Some of the popular filming locations include:

  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Charleston, West Virginia
  • Albany, New York
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Indianapolis, Indiana

Who plays Stan in Office Space?

Steve Carell is the actor who plays Stan in the Office Space movie.

Was Jennifer Aniston in the office?

Jennifer Aniston was not actually in the Office Space movie. She plays the role of Ellen Scott, a fictional character who is loosely based on Jodi Kantor, an actual former employee of Initech.

What stapler was used in Office Space?

The stapler used in the Office Space movie was a generic model known as the Staples 220.

What kind of company is Initech?

Initech is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses of all sizes to grow their online presence. We offer a wide range of services, including website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing.

We specialize in helping small businesses gain an edge over their competition by increasing web traffic, driving leads through email campaigns, and developing long-term relationships with customers.

Is Office Space based on Dilbert?

No, Office Space is not based on Dilbert. In fact, the characters in Office Space were specifically designed to be an homage to classic office comedies such as The Three Stooges and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

What was Milton Waddams’ job?

Milton Waddams was an American economist who is best known for his work in the field of economics. He is also notable for co-authoring the book ‘The Theory of Economic Development.

Did Milton burn down Initech?

No, Milton did not burn down Initech. The story of Initech and Milton is a legend that has been passed down through the years. The story goes that in the early days of the internet, there was fierce competition between two companies – Initech and Prodigy. Initech was founded by Michael Robertson and Ron Conway, while Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark founded prodigy. The rivalry between the two companies became so intense that it eventually led to lawsuits and even riots.

One night, Michael Robertson decided to take revenge on his rivals by setting fire to Initech’s headquarters. However, the fire was extinguished before it could do any damage, and rumors about Initech’s destruction were started as a result.

Who set the fire in Office Space?

There is no one answer to this question as it can be interpreted in many ways. Some people believe that the character played by Ron Livingston was responsible for setting the fire in Office Space, while others believe that the company itself was responsible.

What is the relevance of this movie?

Office Space (1999) is a comedy movie that revolves around a tech company and how the main character, Peter Gibbons, fails to get promoted. The plot focuses on his friends and colleagues at the fictional software company Autodesk Inc., trying to find ways to get him promoted. As they realize that their efforts are futile, they slowly come to accept their roles at Autodesk.

What type of manager is Bill Lumbergh in the movie Office Space?

In the movie Office Space, Bill Lumbergh is the type of manager who is inflexible and does not care about his employees. He is also unprofessional and often makes mistakes.

How many bosses did Peter have in Office Space?

  1. Peter had one boss in Office Space, the CEO.
  2. Peter had two bosses in Office Space, Mike and Dave.
  3. Peter had three bosses in Office Space, the CEO, Mike, and Dave.

When was the first Office Space originally imagined?

The first Office Space was originally imagined in the early 1970s by architect and designer Tony Fadell. He envisioned an open-plan office where employees could be more productive and collaborative.

What part of the movie, Office Space, is exactly like your job?

The movie Office Space is about a group of employees who are forced to work in a cramped and dirty office. The employees must deal with the stress of their jobs and the company’s refusal to invest in proper facilities. Many aspects of your job are similar to those in the movie, such as dealing with difficult co-workers, working long hours for little pay, and feeling like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of poverty.


Office Space is a 1999 American comedy film directed by Mike Judge and written by Michael Krumholtz, John Altschuler, Dave Krinsky, and Stephen Surjik. The film stars Jason Bateman as Peter Gibbons. The film was released on August 10, 1999. In the United States, it grossed $23 million at the box office.

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