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Otter Island


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If you’re looking for a secluded getaway, Otter Island is the perfect place for you! With miles of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush forests, this island is a paradise for nature lovers.

But it’s not just about the natural beauty – Otter Island is also home to a variety of wildlife, including black bears, deer, and many different types of birds. So if you’re looking for relaxation and an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, Otter Island is definitely the place for you!

Otter Island



Otter Island was first inhabited by Native Americans, and over the years it has been used for a variety of purposes. In the early 1900s, it became a popular fishing spot, and in subsequent decades it began to be used as a summer resort for wealthy families from Boston.

Today, Otter Island is still an idyllic getaway for nature lovers, but also offers visitors plenty of opportunities to experience all that this beautiful island has to offer. Best Time of Year to Visit Otter Island Listen up, you’re about to embark on a journey that will change the way you view natural beauty forever.

You see, one of our most cherished activities in spite of rain and sleet or bright sun is hiking. And here’s something we love even more: outdoor adventures! So if your travels down memory lane also happen to be through Alaska and eclipse season (aka high tourist season).

well then this may not just be pretty pictures for us; it could actually become an indulgent experience involving camping out under clear starry skies while soaking in the woods. Granted, it may mean trekking through snow with an ice axe in hand looking for cool glades of trees and a healthy balance between nature’s beauty and comfort.

Or camping out under the mountain stars without much shelter from inclement weather… but hey! Where there is adventure, there are bound to be moments that border on extreme options… because if adventure is your thing then Otter Island probably just checked all of your boxes as far as memorable activities go.



The climate on Otter Island changes greatly depending on the time of year. In the winter, there is a heavy rain and snowfall which makes hiking very difficult. Summers are much more pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. Travelers are very likely to find themselves in the rain season (June through September) rather than on one of Otter Island’s beaches.

How do you plan your trip? Time Frame

How do you plan your trip? Time Frame

Planning Your Trip To Otter Island at Any Length: Things You Need to Know Environmentally-minded travelers require a time frame that is less strict. Unforeseen situations and circumstances can cause delays and cancellations,

so we’d recommend filling out our booking request form with as much notice as possible for more flexible rates based on availability of certain accommodations or dates/times that suit your travel preferences better. In addition to this, we do not offer refunds or cancellations for reservations made more than seven days before departure.


Culture and Religion

Otter Island offers visitors a glimpse into authentic and traditional island life. Visitors can enjoy nature walks, go fishing or kayaking, take in a show at the island’s theaters or visit one of its many small shops that sell souvenirs and crafts made by the locals. There is also an airport located on Otter Island which allows travelers to access other parts of North America without leaving the island!

Weather & Climate Conditions


Visitors can expect warm temperatures and sunny skies throughout the year. The average temperature ranges from 69 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, with an annual precipitation of 68.9 inches (1612mm). Tourist Essentials:

Warm Clothes Pack Lightly Bring a Headache Powder or Bug Spray A Guidebook for Otter Island To get out on the water you’ll need sturdy shoes that grip wet rocks in rocky areas; long pants – which protect against abrasives — are also recommended at all times.

Safety Notice Investing In A Travel Vest Taking Our List of Essential Items With You As A Local Traveler, Bring Along:

Even though Otter Island is shown in the Tourist Information map as a rather popular part of Vancouver , it can be quite naive to assume that this area holds any fascination for travelers from all over the world. The drive along Hwy 17 (Cherry Hill/Tamarack) gives you views on both sides of the road and at places like Ormsby Channel lighthouse, your attention will not wander much due to its idyllic landscape.

But if you are an eagle-eyed traveler who means exploring every corner there is no better place to leave from than the parking lot of Cherry Hill. From here you can step onto Hwy 3 that then resembles a waterfall of rocks covered in lush vegetation and moss, with each turn giving tremendous views along its entire route through Crescent Valley.



Otter Island is a Canadian federal electoral district represented in the House of Commons of Canada since 1997 by Dan McTeague, a member of the Liberal Party. Canada’s New Democratic Party hold a more traditional smattering of votes on the island where their local councillors and candidates dominate.

The Greens were registered for this congregation in May 2016 yet visits lacked results such as candidate information and voter history, so no electoral data is available at present from Elections Canada XENOPHILIA RELIGIOUS CONSERVATISM IN THE DANZINE ISLAND-OTTER MEMORY UNIT SERVICES HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMITTEE LEARNING CENTRE Reflections: Oh Se Yeun Park Centre (Seram ) 1991 – 1992.

Government services

Government services

Parking lot is the only place to park on Otter Island. There are no services available on the island, such as a store or restaurant. “English is the official language of Canada.” Residents in Otter Island speak a dialect of 20th Century English heavily influenced by Scottish and Irish accents. This can make communication on both sides difficult, but traditional forms know as Shelta have been maintained for many generations.

The smallest community to ever be granted municipal status was recently recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as an Intercultural Human Treasure Community that also boasts its own Language Reserves: Cree First Nation & Ontario Ojibway Chippewas Ottawa Seneca Anishinabe Americans of Irish descent and Canadian French & Scots-Irish (Highlanders).


TourismThere is no tourism on Otter Island. The only way to get there is by boat. There are a few businesses that operate out of the island, but they cater to a niche market and do not generate much income for the community.

The population of Otter Island has been slowly declining since the early 2000s due to aging demographics and lack of economic opportunities. In 2011, there were just 113 people living on the island compared to 407 in 1991.


Otter Island is a remote and windy island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It is part of the Commonwealth of Dominica and is known for its rich biodiversity, including more than 350 plant species, 60 bird species, and 10 amphibian species. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988.


1.What Is The Population Of Otter Island?

Ans. In 2011, there were just 113 people living on the island compared to 407 in 1991.

2.What Are The Main Economic Opportunities On Otter Island?

Ans. There is no tourism on Otter Island, and the only way to get there is by boat. The population of Otter Island has been slowly declining due to aging demographics and lack of economic opportunities.

3.What Are The Origins Of The Population Of Otter Island?

Ans. The population of Otter Island is made up mainly of descendants from British and French settlers who settled on the island in the late 1800s.

4.What Are The Main Religions Practiced On Otter Island?

Ans. The main religions practiced on Otter Island are Christianity and Dominicaan Voodoosi.

5.What Are The Main Languages Spoken On Otter Island?

Ans. The main languages spoken on Otter Island are English and French.

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