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Pagode Island


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Pagode Island is a charming getaway located in Phuket, Thailand. It is a nature lover’s delight with its splendid greenery, crystal-clear waters, and lush forests.

The island is also home to various pagodas, which are popular tourist destinations due to their intricate architecture and historical significance. If you’re looking for a relaxing and peaceful vacation spot that is secluded yet easy to get to, Pagode Island would be the perfect choice for you. With its unspoiled natural beauty and rich history, this place is sure to charm you!

Pagode Island


Pagode Island is a historically significant island located in Phuket, Thailand. It was first inhabited by the Mon people, who named it “Pa-gao”. Pagode Island later became known as the island of pagodas after there were a number of Buddhist temples built on its shores. Today, Pagode Island is still a popular tourist destination due to its splendid greenery and historical significance.

Landscape & Climate


Pagode Island is composed of lush forests and crystal-clear waters that make it an ideal place for nature lovers! The average temperature here ranges from 26 degrees Celsius in the cooler months to 32 degrees during the hottest season. Despite its location, it doesn’t get very humid due to its mountainous terrain which effectively keeps air dry and speeds up evaporation of moisture from surplus water bodies like ponds.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety
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The island is a great place for those who are seeking an idyllic getaway with a relaxing atmosphere that would put you at ease and ensure your comfort stay without endangering your health or wellbeing! The island has no road access so there’s little threat of intruders making their way here by trespassing on land belonging to neighboring villages.

Cityscape & Facilities

Cityscape & Facilities

Pagode Island is not far from Phuket city and can be reached within 30 minutes via speedboat from Patong Beach, which is a popular tourist destination in the island province of Phuket. There are no banks or ATMs on Pagode Island so you’ll have to do with cash payment for any purchases made here!

What’s more, this island doesn’t have public transportation links as it does not fall under the jurisdiction of an urban municipality and has a stark lack of communication tools such as phones or mobile internet service! Communication in this island largely remains oral and is used for public announcements.



Pagode island is a great getaway for nature lovers who want to relax in tranquil settings with plenty of green spaces, clear waters and clean air! The average temperature during the year ranges from 27 degrees Celsius during the cooler months to 33 degrees Celsius during the hottest season.

The island is fairly mountainous, jutting 10.5 kilometers out into the South China Sea, so transpiration of moisture poses minimal threat to this island similar to other islands in the region! The island has taken an approach for sustainability that embraces nature and seeks harmony with it through relative water shortage which ensures a flora rich environment year-round despite drought.

And because of a lack of trees on land cover, controlled firewood collection is practiced by wooden planters at designated locations as part Resource Management Commission (RMC) and Forestry Department offices annually monitor these areas using remote sensing cameras synced with infrared sensors to ensure islanders are harvesting only the amount of firewood that they need.



This is an island inhabited by the Hinhono people, a indigenous group that has long thrived here. Pagode Island’s culture revolves around subsistence farming, fishing and hunting with boats as the main means of transportation. Hinhono are known for their intricate lacquerwork which can be seen on ceremonial objects such as drums and spears as well as household items like boxes and trays!

They also create beautiful carved wooden sculptures depicting scenes from their traditional mythology, many of which are showcased in regional museums! Nowadays there are a number of cultural festivals held annually to celebrate art, music and dance performances featuring islanders, as well as island-themed amusement parks that are packed with local vendors.



The island is administered as part of the RMC’s Tawi-Tawi province, which also includes islands such as Malapascua and Cebu. The provincial capital is located on the mainland on Mactan Island. The Hinhono are a fiercely independent people who maintain their traditions and way of life despite being influenced by other cultures, including Christianity which arrived in the early 20th century.

There has been some friction between mainstream society and islanders over land issues and local autonomy, but these conflicts have generally been resolved peacefully through dialogue or mediation initiatives by community leaders or government agencies.

The island has a 120-member assembly composed of ten village chiefdoms and elected tribal land council members, some of whom occupy positions within the provincial government. The island is currently pursuing recognition by other countries as an independent state known as Pagasa (or “Pagod”).

The Hinhono people are working on creating new governing institutions in their own homeland which will entrench them more deeply into local development projects, increase autonomy from Manila and enable member communities to engage each other more confidently than they have been able to do under federal laws that date back several decades!


Looking for a stylish getaway? Look no further than Pagode Island. This charming island off the coast of Ho Chi Minh City offers a luxurious lifestyle coupled with an unparalleled natural beauty. With its picturesque pagodas, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery, this is the perfect place to relax and unwind. If you’re looking for an escape from the city, Pagode Island is the ideal destination for you.


1 . Is Pagode Island Near Any Major Cities?

Pagode Island is located approximately 60 miles from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. However, there are direct ferry services that make the trip very easy and convenient for visitors.

  1. What Are The Transportation Options Available To Get To Pagode Island?

There are a variety of transportation options available to get to Pagode Island, including ferries and planes. The ferries can be booked through various travel agencies in Ho Chi Minh City or online. The planes can be caught at several airports around Vietnam including Tan Son Nhat , Tan Son Nhat,and Noi Bai.

3 . How Can I Reach Pagode Island From Ho Chi Minh City?

You can get a bus to the island which is approximately an eight-hour drive over rough roads (or in cab after 9PM). The convenience of using public transportation and making this trip more relaxing are all the benefits that make getting around on, along with one other mode of travel unneccessary at pagoda island: .

4 . Is It Worth The Travel?

For a radius of about 30 kilometers, you can find Resort Theme Park at Pagode island. This is one of the most popular resort there and also on ebay from six years ago. And this park is designed as a Muslim multiplex in Vietnam with 116 applications residential construction project, to create 3799 residences which will be held over 306 hectares adjacent northwest Ho Chi Minh City North district According to studies made by gulf Business Consulting Company ,Will cost around $2 billion dollars ( million ) More than 350 million investment Vietnam – 10The projects have attracted a lot of investment from overseas, in the hotel and resort industries.

  1. What Should I Bring With Me When Traveling To Pagode Island?

It is important to pack light, as everything you need can be found on the island. The only valuable item you might want to take with you is your passport, in case there are any problems travelling back home.

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