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Patterson Island


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Patterson Island is a geographic feature in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River. It is located in Longueuil and consists of 174 hectares. The island is used for various purposes such as research, development, and manufacturing. Patterson Island is also a popular tourist destination.

Patterson Island


Patterson Island was first used as a place of refuge in 1793. It served as a prison from 1878 to 1930. The island is named after Governor-General Sir John A. Macdonald who, in 1870, designated the area for military purposes and protected it with gunsights to prevent looting by the Americans during their occupation of Québec City.

The site became an immigration detention center in 1939 and was renamed “Centre d’acc ueil des demandeurs d’asiles” in 1951. The former immigration centre was closed for asylum seekers and replaced with a newer Centre d’accueillances ouverte du Québec (COGAQ) facility on December 15, 1990.



The climate on Patterson Island is mild, with average monthly temperatures ranging from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. There are occasional frosts in the winter and occasionally heavy rainstorms during the summer. The island experiences cold winters and mild summers.

Patterson Island is located in Longueuil on the east shore of Lac Saint-Louis. The Jacques Cartier Bridge serves as Patterson’s northeastern limit (at which point, it becomes part its cousin, Deschênes Island). Also nearby are two airports: Jean Lesage International Airport at Louiseville and Stoneham Airport in Stoneham respectively. It also partially lies within the area of the Lachine Canal (which is managed by the Metro Montreal).


Forces Snowbirds

Patterson Island is home to a small population of indigenous people (the Mohawk), as well as a military reserve that is home to the Canadian Forces Snowbirds. The military reserve hosts its own music festival to celebrate the Snowbirds. The base sports fields hosted a minor league soccer team, Waterfront United FC of Montreal from 1995 to 2001. Several yearly festivals and events take place on Patterson Island.

The first, the Deschênes Folk Fest takes place from mid-August through September each year. Also known as a de facto Sainte Anne music festival, it is considered to be one of North America’s largest street fairs; held in conjunction with Longueuil’s Fiesta des Fleurs (Festival of Flowers) celebrations [cf].

Other annual events include the Summer Solstice, an August celebration, and Canada Day fireworks display; the Easter Egg Hunt & Duck Race (held in conjunction with Longueuil’s La Fête de l’Est) which draws thousands of attendees over three weekends during Pessamitin.



Patterson Island is long and narrow, with a total land area of only. It has been used as a military base since the early 20th century. The island shares its eastern border with Lac Saint-Louis; to the west are Deschênes Islands, part of Pointe-aux-Trembles borough.

The current mayor of Longueuil is Laurent Blais; Patterson Island does not have its own elected municipal officials (municipal councils), instead, the South Shore Commission governs the island. Longueuil-Saint-Hubert area populations are displayed in bold.

Between 1934 and 1962, Patterson Island was part of Longueuil’s (municipal) district. Data on municipal population for the current boroughs which merged into Greater Ottawa on January 1, 2001, is not available at this time.

Government services

Government services

The island is served by the Longueuil-Saint-Hubert Airport and two post offices: South Shore (Lower Island) and Upper Island.

Police services are provided by the Ottawa Police Service which also has a station on Lac Saint-Louis. Police services are provided by the Service de police de la Ville de Longueuil (SPLV). Fire protection is covered by a volunteer firefighters group called the Collège des pompiers du Centre-Est.

Ambulance, firefighting, and rescue operations in both areas of Saint Lawrence district are handled through their respective municipal governments while policing duties on Patterson Island have been taken over under contract to S/St Leger municipality.



Tourists can explore the island’s natural beauty at various recreational sites including Lac Saint-Louis, Pointe aux Trembles, and Deschênes Islands. The island is also popular for fishing and windsurfing as well as bird watching.

Eco-tourism or ecotourism is on the rise in this area with a number of nature reservations and environmental conservation projects that either focus solely on Patterson Island, also known as Longueuil (Lower) Island; or extend to include both Lower and Upper islands.

The island’s beaches are particularly popular for bird watching by various ornithologists from across Canada.

Municipal governance services such as adult daycare facilities, a 180-bed nursing home, and a community recreation center (le Centre des congrès) are also available for the island. There were two schools on the island prior to amalgamation; these now serve as part of Les Coteaux Public School Board, which includes students from St Louis (Upper Island).



Patterson Island is served by a number of municipal bus routes operated out of the Centre des congrès. The island is also accessible via Lac Saint-Louis Harbour and Pointe aux Trembles Harbour. Some waterways on the island provide access to private launches: particularly bateau-lots, seasonal rowboats, and houseboats.



The island is well known for the production of smoked meat and has a number of popular restaurants that offer Quebecois and Canadian cuisine. Future of Longueuil Island, an organization that seeks to promote sustainable development on the island and across nearby islands, organizes activities such as boat building contests.


Patterson Island is a unique and popular island located in the St Lawrence River. It is well known for its natural features, including its beaches, forests, and lakes, as well as for the production of smoked meat. Its municipal governance services are also available to residents. The island may also be linked with other islands through fishery, transport, and cuisine.


1.What Is The Population Of Patterson Island?

Ans. The island has a population of 1,464 as of 2016.

2.How Does One Get To Patterson Island?

Ans. There are several ways to get to Patterson Island: by car, bus or boat.

3.Which Sports Are Available On The Island?

Ans. Football, volleyball and hockey are popular sports played on Patterson Island.

4.How Does One Get Around The Island?

Ans. There is some online mapping software that can be used to help navigate through Patterson Island: Gmap Google Maps, V´zlid Pouzeit Tramway And Mappy Pro Version 2 Both of these programs were easy to use while researching this article .

5.Do The Residents Of Patterson Island Use A Vehicle To Go From One Area To Another?

Ans. Residents travel primarily by foot and bicycle if they have them, or take public transportation such as buses and/or both water and sew nearer together Stanley St Wheelchair-Accessible Bus Stop There are also some nearby islands which can be easily reached using boats: Skipping Stone (about 15 minutes away), Jersey City Marshall Point(30 minutes away) and Ferry Point(45 minutes away).

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