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Nestled in the Andaman Sea, Petit Polyte Island is a picturesque paradise perfect for nature lovers and photographers. The island is home to a wide range of plants and animals, including lemurs, tarsiers, and gibbons. It also boasts a sizeable population of deer and langur monkeys, as well as turtles and other reptiles.

From April to November, the island is also home to hundreds of flamingoes that gather in large flocks. If you’re looking for a tranquil getaway water beautiful scenery, Petit Polyte Island is the perfect place for you!

Petit Polyte Island

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Petit Polyte Island is a small island located in the Andaman Sea, just northeast of Port Blair. The island was discovered by Europeans in the 17th century, and it was first settled by Indonesians who used it as a base for logging and pearl fishing. In 1968, the island became part of India after a military takeover.

Today, Petit Polyte Island is home to around 950 people living in four villages: Kohima, Porompattya Isthmus Village, Bird Hill Village, and Jawaharlal Nehru village (named after India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru).

Petit Polyte Island is a very beautiful island, the island was named after King Peti (small king) of Thailand. The island name in Malay language means “little or minor” so it can be called as a small village.

Though being surrounded by jungle for two thirds part of the year we are all living here always full active with parties and marriages from October until March also there’s no electricity because that place produces more vegetable than all people need during this period therefore Island Council will provide us generator supply to run everyday needs on island and it’s not a new island, the settlement was earlier mentioned to French or Dutch Sailors by King Peti himself.

In 1760 by Captain Savard de Nay was found and named “rue du Peuple” (People’s Street) in addition of a stork colony nearby. In 1812 also Surat fish boat people first time visited this island, they called it as “Meshipor”. By 1921 British officially occupy Island .



The climate of Petit-Polyte island varies a lot from month to month, but the average temperature is 21 degrees Celsius. The island experiences heavy rains in December and January, which causes landslides. The drier months are April to June, when temperatures can reach 27 degrees Celsius.

The island is also covered in bamboo forests, which are among the most diverse and dense on Earth. Petit-Polyte island also boasts two rivers that flow north to south: The Porompattya River (pronounced “porumpa tai”), a less important one with little opportunity for agriculture; Sanjeevni river or Banganali (Bangani).



The island’s culture is very similar to that of neighbouring Thailand, with a heavy emphasis on Buddhism. The island has more than 30 temples and shrines, giving it the appearance of a religious mecca. Each year, in January or February, large festivals are held in honour of the island’s most popular deity: Phra Buddha Sihing (The Lords Bless Buddha).

In addition to traditional Thai cuisine such as curries and pad thai, there are also many local specialties including banana leaves stuffed with pork or chicken curry sauce. Common local fish dishes include “ikan selanga” (red snapper) with a peanut sauce, and pork fried in banana leaves.

Most of the island was ecolodged prior to 1990’s but new found land are still being ecoloded to give place for future free growth potentials through green field projects like ethanol production plant etc.

This island is good size island been from 3 furlongs,and every third person belong onto thai nationality( read mother tongue Thais),and very few French or Dutch people living on this all depends about geographical locationself can go island tour and asking on Thai people about general information,and can go island attractions as like a visiting point within local or visit this ecoloded totally green island.



The island is a member of Lao PDR. It has been governed by a body called the Council of Ministers since 1975. The current Prime Minister is Thongsing Thammavong and the Deputy Prime Minister is Somsak Khaosan. Animal life Hawks, eagles and owls can be found on the island. White-cheeked gibbons inhabit such forests as Ban Baban, Sanayaoipokkasooleakool (Thong Ruyadiang) and many other areas of Nopparatthara Island.

The island does not have large land mammals however a small population of Rats exist in some burrows throughout the island which are important for top dressing new charcoal fields planted with coconut trees to prevent erosion from wind blowing materials from burning over time; it is believed that they bury their feces in new land excavated for charcoal production.

Government services


The island has a post office, police station and hospital. Transportation island is located in the eletrific area, can be reached by rubber boats reaching at 06:30 am / 09:00 pm. Can go island tour and ask on Thai people about general information, boat trip making (soft or concrete) through ecolodged partsas per interest or personal choices.



Nopparatthara Island is a popular tourist destination, and there are a number of tour operators that can offer island tours. Many visitors also rent bicycles to explore the island’s natural trails. Note that motorized boats can only be chartered by appointment, and one must bring along a responsible local guide.

Foot versus bicycle tours of Nopparatthara island are popular with visitors who want an authentic experience in the ecolodges region of the island very close to villages where Tai migrants still live mostly practicing their centuries old traditional ways. Few tourists use private vehicles for transportation on the island (and other parts of Phang Nga).


Located in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River, Petit Polyte Island is an untouched piece of nature that welcomes tourists. With lush green forests and crystal-clear lakes, this small island is perfect for a day out. Seeing the island from a distance, it’s hard to believe that it is just a 10-minute drive from the city. Once you’re there, explore the many trails that crisscross the island. In the evening, take a stroll by the lake and listen to the sounds of nature.


1. What Is The Island’s Population?

Ans: There are a wide range of animals and plants on Petit Polyte Island, including lemurs, tarsiers, and gibbons. The island has a sizeable deer and langur monkey population as well.

2.Can I Visit Petit Polyte Island During The Rainy Season?

Ans: Yes, you can visit the island during any time of year. However, note that it can be more difficult to access some trails in wet conditions.

3.Is There Accommodation Available On The Island?

Ans: Yes, there is accommodationavailable on the island, including hotels, guesthouses, and cabins.

4.What Is The Climate Like On Petit Polyte Island?

Ans: The island has a warm temperate climate with a wet season and a dry season.

5.Is There Food Available On Petit Polyte Island?

Ans: Yes, there are several restaurants and cafes located on the island that offer local cuisine as well as international options.

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