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Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island


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Pamanzi Island is a small island in the Comoros archipelago that is known for its luxury resorts. The island has been developed as a luxury tourist destination since the early 2000s and has since attracted a number of high-profile celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West.

The island’s popularity as a tourist destination has led to growing concerns over the impacts of mass tourism on the environment and social fabric of the island communities.

Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island


The history of Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island can be traced back to the 9th century when a group of settlers from the Seychelles islands discovered it. The island was named after Chief Pamanzi, who was believed to be the first person to set foot on it. Pamanzi Island has been under French, British and Dutch rule before being ceded to Mauritius in 1814. In 1965, it became a part of the Republic of Mauritius.

Today, Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island is renowned for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It also hosts one of the world’s most important seabird colonies, which includes more than 250,000 nesting pairs of seabirds. The island is home to various types of plants and animals, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

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The climate on Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island is classified as a tropical monsoon climate. This means that there is a pronounced rainy season, which usually lasts from May to October, and a dry season, which usually lasts from November to April. The average annual precipitation on the island is around 1,600 mm.



Pamanzi is a small island located in the middle of the Comoros archipelago. It is a relatively new island, having been settled only in the last century by Muslims from mainland Africa. The traditional Comorian culture is based on subsistence farming and fishing, with a strong emphasis on communalism and respect for nature. The people of Pamanzi Island are proud of their culture and traditions, and are eager to share them with visitors.

The main traditional activities on Pamanzi Island include fishing, hunting, farming, and gathering. Fishermen use nets to capture a variety of fish, including tuna, mackerel, bonito, and barracuda. Farmers grow cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, coconuts, and beans. Gatherers collect fruits and vegetables such as bananas, mangoes, coconuts, papaya, pineapples etc. from the forests and gardens.

Visitors can enjoy traditional Comorian dances such as the kalimba (a two-stringed instrument), the njira (a drum), the ndjira-mbira (a double-headed drum), and the banjo-mbira. They can also watch traditional healers perform traditional ceremonies such as curing snakebites or removing evil spirits from people.



Pamanzi is a small uninhabited island located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 130 kilometers northeast of Saint Lucia. The island is part of the nation of Saint Lucia and is administered as a constituency under the jurisdiction of the Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure, Transport and Culture. The island has a population of about 60 people and its economy is based on tourism.

The Politics of Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island can be broadly divided into two main categories – governance and development. Governance concerns the internal political processes and structures that are in place to manage the day-to-day affairs of the island, while development refers to initiatives and projects that aim to improve living conditions on the island or increase its economic potential.

To date, there have been few developments or initiatives related to Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island’s governance or development. In 2014, a feasibility study was conducted to assess the potential for developing the island as a tourist destination. However, no concrete plans have been put in place since then.

Government services

Government Services

Thank you for your question! Below you will find a list of the various services that are available through the Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island Government. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

  1. Municipal Services

-Road maintenance

-Water and sewerage services

-Garbage collection and disposal

-Parking enforcement

-Fishing licenses and permits

-Building permits

  1. Tourist services

-Information on local attractions and tourist spots

  1. Health and medical services


  1. Education and training

-Schools on island

  1. Financial assistance programs



Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island is a popular tourist destination for visitors who want to experience the island’s natural beauty and prehistoric ruins. There are several local attractions that attract tourists, such as the Moa Pinnacle, which offers stunning views of the island’s coastline, and La Folie Cave, which contains an interesting collection of ancient earthenware pots.

In addition to these off-the-beaten-path sites, there are also well known tourist spots on Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island, such as Kalou Beach and Grande An se Beach.

Overall, the island’s tourism sector is growing steadily and continues to attract new visitors each year. Tourism on Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island provides important income for the island’s residents, especially since it is a relatively affordable destination that doesn’t require too much time or effort to explore.

There are currently no developments or initiatives related to tourism development on Petite-Terre (Pamanzi) Island, but this could change in the future as plans are made to better capitalize on this important sector of the island’s economy.


Pamanzi Island is a small and uninhabited island located in the Mozambican Channel, 4 miles off of Inhambane Island. It is part of the Zambezi Delta National Park and is known for its wildlife, including lions, leopards, hippopotamuses, impalas, warthogs, and elephants. The island’s vegetation is dominated by medium-sized trees and shrubs, with a variety of groundcover including bokashi and sweet potatoes.


1 . What Is The Island’s Population?

There is no permanent population on Pamanzi Island, and it is currently uninhabited. The only people who visit the island are tourists.

  1. Who Developed Pamanzi Island As A Luxury Tourist Destination?

The island was first developed as a luxury tourist destination in the early 2000s by a group of private investors. Since then, it has been increasingly popular among celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West.

  1. What Are Some Of The Concerns Over Mass Tourism On Pamanzi Island?

Some Concerns over Mass Tourism on Pamanzi Island include the fact that the island is often overcrowded, and that it is having a significant impact on the environment and social fabric of the island communities.

4 . What Are The Island’s Main Attractions?

The main attraction on Pamanzi Island is its wildlife. There are a number of different species of animals that can be seen on the island, including lions, leopards, hippopotamuses, impalas, warthogs and elephants.

5 . What Are Some Tips For Visitors Who Want To See The Island’s Wildlife?

Some Tips for Visitors Who Want to See the Island’s Wildlife include being respectful of the animals, and not disturbing them. It is also important to stay on designated trails, and not enter private property without permission.

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