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Philpots Island


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Introducing Philpots Island, a paradise for nature-lovers that is located in Barbados. Blessed with an abundance of flora and fauna, the island is a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It boasts over 100 species of birds, 60 types of butterflies, and a wealth of flora that is both rare and endemic to the island. If you’re looking for an escape from the city, Philpots Island is the perfect place for you!

Philpots Island


Philpots Island is named in honor of Sir Hugh Philpotts, an Englishman who played a significant role in the establishment of Barbados. The island was originally discovered by Europeans in 1536, and it soon became a valuable source of food and resources for the settlers in Barbados.

Over time, however, the island’s natural riches attracted adventurers from around the world, and it now boasts a rich history that includes visits by pirates such as Blackbeard (1718–1721) and Goldenrod Stringham (18th century).

Escape to Paradise! Relax and unwind in the quiet, secluded paradise that is Philpots Island. Enjoy a variety of activities like horse-riding, snorkeling on our gorgeous coral reef, hiking through some picturesque rainforest trails or simply taking walks along the beach.



Philpots Island has a tropical climate that is moderated by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, there are generally mild temperatures year-round with little variation from day tonight. The island experiences only occasional high temps and does not experience any significant rainfall.

The island is mostly free from tropical storms that are common in some parts of the Caribbean, and while it does see occasional hurricanes to Barbados or Jamaica, there have been only one or two recorded on Philpots Island. There is an average of 21 days per year with sunshine, and there are only 2 months without any sunlight.

The Topography

Despite the quiet beaches and rainforests, Philpots Island still has some more rugged areas inland from these popular places where visitors could go to enjoy their time here on this small tropical island. Hiking through dense forests which offer a variety of beautiful trees can be very rewarding for those who love nature garden tours or for those who want to get away from the tourist crowds.

The island’s Chiricahua home of Philpots is located on Calypso Estate which means “Beautiful Waters“. On top of a beautiful beach where he could take in breathtaking views and relax as well, an impressive mansion with all modern amenities was built there which stands proud over everything else standing next to it on this interesting property.


The Culture And Food Around Ilak Island

Philpots Island offers visitors a glimpse into the culture of the islanders with their simple but colorful traditions. Visitors can witness traditional dances and music performances, or stroll through one of the many cottage neighborhoods to see how Islanders live and play.

On this small island, there are also plenty of opportunities for participants to learn about local ecology by touring nature preserves where they can see endemic plants and animals up close.

The people of Philpots Island are known for their friendly personalities and sweet natures. They are a very close-knit group who tend to be quick to help strangers in distress, so it is always best that travelers stay out of trouble when visiting them!

Among the excited throng which gathers around visitors during times like these, there can be many curious children or eager maids trying hard to know more about visitors’ notable pieces of clothing. Visitors will have to provide appropriate answers if they plan on visiting Philpots Island, especially during the daytime.



Philpots Island is a part of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The island has two representatives in the Parliament: one for Castries North, and one for Philpots East. Elections are held every four years on September 3rd.

Government services

Government services


The island is served by Philpots East Hospital, a public hospital. There are also several private clinics and pharmacies on the island. Veterinary services are provided by Benedict Veterinary Clinic.



As a popular tourist destination, Philpots Island is well-serviced by several tour operators. Some of the most popular activities available to visitors include hiking and biking trails, swimming in lovely crystal-clear waters.

Fishing at spots with plenty of fish, birdwatching tours (featuring both endemic and migratory species), visits to rural cottages for a taste of island life, tasting local cuisine in one of the many restaurants or looking for unique gifts and souvenirs.

Pony rides and boat trips are also popular ways to explore the immediate area of Philpots Island, as well as some offshore fishing tours along with mooring a boat for further exploration or beach-combing at the shores of nearby Philpots Bay, which lies in between the two islands.


There is limited transport available to and from the island. Visitors can take a connecting taxi ride, or charter a boat to get them there.

Fishing and fauna

Fishing and fauna

The local flora includes a species of rampion. Visitors to the island regularly report sightings of green and yellow honeybees, hawksbill turtles, hobias or leathering crabs as well as several varieties of sea turtles (stealing the spotlight from endangered pink long-necks). Philpots Island’s waters are teeming with fish which visitors can catch for food; lobsters, crayfish or even barracuda or sharks are not uncommon.

Visitors with good fishing skills can often catch much fish in one day, whereas those who prefer to dabble instead of competing in the sport may be able to get more successful over longer periods of time.


The beauty of Philpots Island is in its naturalism and immersive environment. Visitors will be able to find peace, tranquility and plenty of opportunities for relaxation without having to leave the island. Whether visitors are novice fishermen or birdwatchers keen on spotting endemic species, there’s something available for everyone who visits this captivating destination.


1.Do I Need To Bring Anything With Me?

Ans. No, you don’t need to bring anything with you. The island is fully equipped with all the amenities that visitors may require.

2.What Are The Hours Of Operation?

Ans. The island opens at 07:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm, but it’s advisable to contact Philpots Island Resort before going in order to confirm if they’re open on any given day as their hours of operations vary from time to time.

3.Where Can I Buy Food And Drinks?

Ans. There’s a bar on the island that sells various snacks, fresh fruit juices, ice blocks (costing around AUD 25), and other refreshments; roundtrip cabs are also available at an additional cost.

4.What Are My Transport/Parking Options Coming To The Venue?

Ans. The island is accessible by taxi which costs around AUD 25 per person, or visitors can take a ferry for an additional cost.

5.What Is Your Nearest Airport Or Train Station?

Ans. The nearest airport is Melbourne Airport, which is around 75 kilometers from the island. The island can also be reached by train – however, it’s advisable to contact Philpots Island Resort before traveling in order to confirm their current schedule and fare information.

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