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Port Royal Island


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Port royal island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that forms part of the St. John’s Metropolitan Area in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The island is situated about 8 km off the northeast coast of Trinity Bay, Newfoundland.

The island was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. The name Port Royal is derived from the Spanish name Puerto de Santa Cruz, meaning “Port of the Holy Cross”.

Port Royal Island


The first Europeans to sight the island were Spanish explorers in 1501, but it was not until Jean de Bédard’s voyage of 1605–06 that European settlers landed.

In 1610 Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville arrived with French settlers and established Port Royal as a permanent settlement. The colony prospered because of its favourable location, being on the shortest route between New France (present-day Quebec) and England. By 1713 there were 25 houses on the island; by 1759 there were 300 inhabitants comprising 70 families.

In January 17 62, the crew and passengers of the vessel “Royal James”, Captain Thomas Harvey, and almost 200 others from Bermuda arrived at Port Royal.

Most were taken into custody by Bernard Joyce (Baron de Botetourt) who came on his own ship with Antigua leading settlers to settle in Virginia Colony.

The first record of freed slaves settling at Port Royal is dated shortly after 1700; however little is known about life for these early African American settlers as soldiers stationed there during times of war such as those against France are not recorded further than 1747 in military records kept by officers posted elsewhere during these conflicts.

These early settlers were primarily from the Eastern Shore of Maryland who, after fighting in the French and Indian War against New France, moved together to Port Royal following other free African Americans whom had previously gone to Virginia Colony or Lord Baltimore’s settlement among Indians for several different reasons such as contracts with local tribes signed by Lord Baltimore himself that allowed freedom along with families being sent over here under indentured servitude between 1749 and 1850 due mostly because they couldn’t recruit enough settlers at all upon resettlement within their new colony formerly known as “Gloria” which was begun on a later date.

Climate of Port Royal Island


The climate of Port Royal Island is mostly tropical with a rainy season from late May to early November and a dry season from early November to late May.

The island experiences two peaks in temperature, one in the summer months of July and August and the other during winter which varies depending on how close the island gets to hurricanes that cross over from Northern Hemisphere oceans.

Winters can be quite cold, especially if there are strong northeasters passing through at this time of year.


Government services

The governance of Port Royal Island is vested in the governor, legislature and judiciary of Maryland.



The economy of Port Royal Island is primarily based on tourism with a small agricultural sector as well as fishing. Other businesses that have been established in recent years include financial services and maritime services.


dance culture

The culture of Port Royal Island is based on African American heritage with influences from various other cultures that have been brought to the island over the years. There is a strong music and dance culture  here that is generally enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.



The politics of Port Royal Island are generally based on U.S. state and federal elections as well as local voting matters. Interested citizens are usually encouraged to participate in these elections.

Government services

Government services

The government services available to residents of Port Royal Island include education, health care, transportation and utilities. Primary healthcare is provided at Washington Missionary Baptist Church while income tax and court cases are heard in the Maryland State’s Office Building.



The main industry of Port Royal Island is tourism with visitors coming to enjoy the island’s rich culture and natural attractions. There are a variety of activities that can be enjoyed by tourists, including shopping at local merchants, exploring the ruins of historic homes and churches or taking in a show at one of the many casinos on the island.



Transport on Port Royal Island is generally based on foot or bicycle as there are no vehicular roads. However, a ferry service operates between the island and mainland Maryland providing transit for tourists and residents.



There are a number of establishments for the media on Port Royal Island. Most publications and internet sites that provide local news originate from here with some of them providing their material to other areas as well.



Most restaurants in Port Royal Island serve local fare with a number of fast food outlets and full service restaurants also operating on the island. Among other cuisines, Native American cuisine is served by reservation at The Wood land Restaurant while Italian cuisine can be found in Saratoga Bay Tavern & Grill or Marcella’s Ristorante. Patio dining can be enjoyed during cool evenings at Lighthouse Landing Cafe, Country Club Bar-B-Que and Joplin Resort – Beach House Inns & Bistros “Bar”.


Looking for a getaway? If so, take a look at Port Royal Island. This 69-acre island is located in the middle of the Stuart River, just off the coast of Beaufort, North Carolina. The island has been owned and operated by the same family since 1755, and it offers a serene atmosphere with stunning views. Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or want to explore the diverse landscapes, Port Royal Island is perfect for you.


1.Are There Any Required Vaccinations For Port Royal Island?

Ans. No vaccines are required for access to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, please consult with a physician if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

2.What Are The Currency Options For Port Royal Island?

Ans. The island operates on Canadian dollars. However, American dollars can also be used at some of the shops and restaurants.

3.Are There Any Hotels On Port Royal Island?

Ans. There are no hotels on the island, but you can stay in nearby Beaufort.

4.What Are The Transportation Options For Port Royal Island?

Ans. There is no public transportation on Port Royal Island, but you can rent bicycles or boats to explore the island.

5.Can I Bring My Pet On Port Royal Island?

Ans. While you are welcome to bring your pet with you on the island, please note that there is no boarding facility for pets. You will need to leave your pet at home if you wish to visit the island.

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